Ascendant Soviet Union


In 2020, Nikolai Brandon was elected President of the Russian Federation. That first year, the charming but stern face of a new Russia embarked on his first world political tour.  President Brandon was not only interested in reforming relationships with heads of state, but also with the populous of the world he dreamed of converting to a new order. 

Later that year, a record-breaking earthquake a kilometer beneath the Pacific shoved walls of water east and west.  Tsunamis slammed into the California and Japanese coasts.  The damage cost in the trillions of dollars, but the countless lives which were lost sent the countries to their knees.  This was only the beginning.  More was to follow.  Earthquakes crumbled the bedrock upon which perched oceanic drills off the Alaskan coast.  Refineries and power plants cracked in two beneath tectonic forces in the Middle East.  Pipelines plunging south from the Canadian arctic split beyond repair and shipyards housing the fleet of the North Sea Oil cracked apart the Baltic.  

When two solid years of natural disasters finally came to an end, Russia alone remained unaffected. North and South America bled money and soon plumped fat with grotesque inflation.  Europe begged for relief.  The new wealth of the Middle East and the delicate economies of the Far East crumpled beneath their own weight.  In such a climate, reforming the structure of the old Soviet Union was unhindered, and the first annexation into the new empire was viewed as salvation by the desperate billion that President Brandon vowed to lead with a fair and just hand.  


The first nation to be reconsolidated was Belarus, but the others quickly followed. Within months, all the former nations of the Soviet Union were recollected under President Brandon.

By 2023, when the nations of the Far East Asia (excluding China) were annexed next, the time had come to restructure Russia into the ASU. When the Russian Federation was legally dissolved, President Brandon retitled himself Ascendancy.

In 2025, the positions of the Russian Prime Minster and Cabinet were was dissolved. The empire was reformed into the Central Custody of Dominion, with Nikolai Brandon as the autocratic head of state, head of government, and head of military.



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