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Anagram of the Latin word innominatam which means nameless in English

define: antinomian – relating to the view that Christians are released by grace from the obligation of observing the moral law.

m’Antinomiam is a collect of underworld hackers and criminals who provide illegal digital services to paying customers. They believe they are above the law and their actions are ordained by their god.

Their god is a Dijiraq or rather the hive mind of the Dijiraq who roam the internet seeking unsuspecting users upon which they can feed. Members of m’Antinomian are psychicly marked by the Dijiraq which allows the Dijiraq to identify friends and foes inside of the Network. This is similar to how regular Ijiraq possess human subjects and leave behind remnants of themselves. This connection allows the members of m’Antinomiam a small measure of the Dijriaq’s capabilities while using the Network including penetrating systems they would not otherwise be able to pass, and issuing commands with a thought (not dissimilar to what Sage does but not at the same computational level. More like they command the Dijiraq network to do the work they cannot allowing them access and connectivity they would not otherwise have.)

m’Antinomian members are strictly nameless to one another and the world around them. Most of them having multiple identities even within the Network.

Known Handles and Specializations

Zigzag – Expert in maintaining anonymity and covering tracks online, making it difficult for law enforcement to trace criminal activities.

Trixie – Specializes in reverse engineering software to uncover hidden functionalities or weaknesses for exploitation.

Sabretooth – Master of network manipulation and traffic interception, capable of rerouting data and eavesdropping on communications.

Oddity – Creates and distributes malicious software such as viruses, worms, and Trojans for disrupting systems and stealing information.

Poltergeist – Skilled in breaking through digital defenses and exploiting software vulnerabilities for unauthorized access.

Sphinx – Known for conducting sophisticated cyber attacks on financial institutions and cryptocurrency exchanges.

Nighthawk – Expert in stealthy infiltration techniques and covert data extraction from high-security systems.

Quirk – Specializes in cryptography and data encryption for secure communication channels in criminal networks.

Wrath – Specializes in creating authentic identities that are clean and untraceable, providing new personas for use in criminal activities without detection.

Haze – Operates within the dark web marketplace, facilitating illegal transactions and brokering deals for contraband goods and services.

Blitz – Trades in stolen data and digital goods on underground forums, leveraging a vast network of contacts to monetize stolen information.

Contacting m’Antinomian

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There are various methods in which a person can contact a member of the collective. For those in the know there is a message board on the Dark web where specific keywords and phrases are used to connect to specific members of the collective. These passphrases are shared only with repeat and reliable customers of the m’Antinomian.

Some collective members give their regulars a specific number, address or method of communicating with them to ease their repeat business.

For those who have never reached out to the collective before it is far more difficult to know if you are speaking to a member of the m’Antinomian. There are several collective members whose job it is to find and vet potential customers throughout the internet and dark web. Those who are willing to pay, who have a legitimate reason for using their services. These collectors also look for viable candidates for their ranks and also food for their gods.



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