Dijiraq is a newly created entity/creature who prey upon unsuspecting users of the Virtual Network. They target mostly children and young adults who are less predetermined against their unique presence in the virtual world. But no one is immune to the Dijiraq’s tastes.


The Dijiraq was once an Ijraq — a mist form assassin created by the gods. One particular creature fed upon a boy who was in the Virtual Network and channeling in the real world for surreal effects for his friends sitting in the room watching. The children present screamed as the Ijiraq fed upon the boy’s power. A brave soul threw an iron ball at the feeding Ijiraq and it fled the boy but not without leaving traces of itself in the electronic network of the Virtual Reality system as the electrical impulses passed through its mist form upon escape.

The pieces left behind were innocuous at first until it grew hungry. The boy’s head peice being its home, when he used it next the peices fed. Fed like it had never before, connecting to the impulses of the boys brain and draining him of his life force. With the life it took it gained new knowledge — new sentience. And it learned it could leave the headset and roam the Network.

As it did it left traces of itself behind. The intelligence grew, the more it fed the more it knew. The more it left behind to create more of itself — replicating throughout the network, unstopable.


The new creature met a man. He used the Virtual Network and unlike the the others it choose to feed upon, this man accepted his fate and let the Dijiraq feed upon him. The Dijiraq was taken aback by the generosity that it stopped and conversed with the man. Their conversation lasted only moments as the Dijiraq had left a piece of itself inside the man. The creature fed upon the man from time to time never taking more than a little of his life but renewing its connection to the man.

The man brought him others like him. Others willing to allow a small measure of their intelligence for the gifts it left behind. They came to call themselves m’Antinomian an anagram for the Latin word innominatam which means nameless.



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