Ce Acatl Topiltzín Quetzalcoatl

The god of light, justice, mercy and the west wind

He was the god of intelligence, rebirth, and self-reflection, and a patron of priests opposed to human sacrifice venerated by other gods of his pantheon. His aura color is a royal purple that’s so bright it looks like cobalt blue. 

Quetzalcoatl was born in Aztlán, the ancestral home of the Nahua people, as one of four brothers. His older brother, Tezcatlipoca would come to rule the empire during the Age known as the 5th Sun. Quetzalcoatl was a prophet, who saw visions of mirror worlds and how events of lives may play out under different circumstances. As a result, he greatly feared dire endings or evil acts carried out by those otherwise considered the best people. This drive to understand these visions took him to places where he might physically visit alternate realities, which was how he came to visit Mictlān, known by the people as one of the nine levels of the underworld. There, he discovered the ability to journey to these mirror worlds. As these alternate realities may also be visited by dreamwalkers with the skill to explore the expanse that is the Gap of Infinity and are described by them as infinite stars in the night sky, Quetzalcoatl was remembered in myth as the son of the Milky Way and bestowed with the title, The Morning Star. 

The morning star

As the Morning Star, he was known by the name Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli, which tranlsates to “lord of the star of the dawn.”

According to the lore of his people, the world was periodically destroyed and rebuilt by the gods. Each Age of the world was referred to as a new sun, and they believed the world was on its 5th Sun, having been destroyed four times previously. Intrinsically aware of the infinite possibilities of how his empire may or may not end, Quetzalcoatl was an inventor of the calendar and tracking cycles of change. As was why he was known as the god of death, resurrection, and rebirth. 

He used his talents to protect the empire and was aware of their eventual demise as the ending of the 5th Age approached. Key was protecting a sister who also born with amazing talents such as her siblings Tezcatlipoca and Quetzalcoatl but with the potential to be incredibly more powerful. She was a Dreamweaver, one of the four rare souls with the ability to change and manipulate the pattern of the World of Dreams or end the pattern of reality itself. Having visions that she would bind herself to another Dreamweaver and together they would rend cataclysmic destruction upon reality, Quetzalcoatl never shared this knowledge out of fear of either inspiring her to turn to such destructive darkness or that she would be used by more nefarious individuals to their ends. He made sure that she was raised a virgin priestess, protected and isolated from all, and he looked over her from afar. 

We are, after all, assembled from the bones of four dead universes.

Betrayal and Sacrifice

For many years Quetzalcoatl, though never attempting to overthrow him, was fundamentally opposed to the rule of Tezcatlipoca. He was outspoken against the sacrifice of humans to the gods, for instance, though he accepted ritual warfare and other formal ceremonies. One day, upon visiting Mictlān, he was followed by Tezcatlipoca who desired to learn the secrets of his authority, foresight, and wisdom. During the ritual where Quetzalcoatl tapped into the Gap of Stars, Tezcatlipoca’s smoking mirror revealed the secrets that previously only Quetzalcoatl beheld. Tezcatlipoca snuck out of Mictlān unnoticed and made his plan to discover the priestess whose power he believed Quetzalcoatl coveted. 

The prophecy that was revealed to Tezcatlipoca that day was of the events that would trigger the end of the Age. Using his knowledge of divination and potions, Tezcatlipoca drugged his brother into a stupor that while under its influence, convinced him to visit the priestess, thus revealing her precise identity. Legend says that during this visit, Quetzalcoatl defiled the virgin priestess, but if only that was the end of the tale. Instead, Quetzalcoatl revealed her power to Tezcatlipoca, who intended to usurp her dreamweaving skills to command an army of tzitzimitl. Aware of the cataclysmic outcome, when Quetzalcoatl realized what he had done, he entered the world of dreams in the flesh, aware that he would be ensnared by Tezcatlipoca’s mastery. He used this chance to rescue the priestess, sending her someplace where Tezcatlipoca could not follow, but in retribution, was prevented from ever returning to the waking world, and he died alone, trapped. 

Hero of the Horn

Quetzalcoatl’s sacrifice in his previous life earned him status as Hero of the Horn.

The 1st Age – Matías Ángel Amengual

The 2nd Age – Orisen Kaelix

The 3rd Age – Sajir Nareth 

The 5th Age – Gabriel 

The 6th Age – Quetzalcoatl 



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