Ragnarök was the final of all godwars between channelers and Atharim. This epic battle saw the ending of the Age of Gods and the downfall of the final channelers, whom would be completely absent throughout the next Age until the rebirth of Nikolai Brandon at the beginning of the First Age.

Given the importance of this war, many prophecies were laid in the years preceding it. Odin, ruler of the norse pantheon of gods, was particularly concerned about society’s survival in the aftermath, and did all he could to prevent the worst outcome. Ragnarök was triggered when Loki escaped banishment and returned to our world to seek his revenge. He and his three children were instrumental in the rising up of the Atharim against the ruling gods. Heimdallr, guardian of bïfrost and the Gjallarhorn, and Loki became locked in battle, delivered one another mortal wounds, and each died at the others’ hand.



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