Nimeda is the name given to Thalia‘s dream-self by Jon Little Bird during Glimmers of a Dream.

She is the amalgamation of all previous lives, but has no specific memories of any – even her current life. Memories may surface when something is put to her directly – enabling her thoughts to channel in a specific way – but she cannot come to these conclusions on her own. She retains some sort of cohesion between visits to the Dreamworld, though often she is very vague after she has just ‘awoken’, and she does have the capacity to learn. While always starting out innocent, her progression is dictated by those she meets and befriends.

Every rebirth resets this process.

Her personality closely relates to the core traits of her reborn soul (see:Lethe). She trusts freely, and is somewhat childlike in her enthusiasm – though it is underpinned by something ancient. Innocent as she appears, she is no lost child. Even lacking memory her mastery of the dreamworld is formidable, however, for now, she lacks purpose and is mostly benign.

She’s naturally attracted to the dreams of reborn gods, but has to have met them either in the waking or dream world first.

Thalia remembers nothing of Nimeda when she wakes.



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