The 2nd Age Life of Alethea Sayre Maelsouvra

During the Age of Legends, Alethea Sayre was an Aes Sedai who began her professional career studying under the prestigious psychologist Kamarile Maradim Nindar. She was a curious and sharp minded woman, quick to laugh, and known to be sweetly natured. She was perhaps never quite liked by her ascetic mentor.

Alethea was a talented dreamer who often transformed her visions into beautiful paintings.

Later, she was admitted to the Collam Daan, where she became a researcher particularly interested in the nature of and connection between souls, dreams, and memories. She was a skilled creator of dreamshards and conducted much of her work in this manner.

She was considered an expert in the field of Tel’aran’rhiod, and spent many years studying the Horn of Valere and the way in which the Heroes were said to be bound to it, dwelling permanently in the Dreamworld. Wolfkin were not well known within the Age of Legends, being something that predated even the One Power, but their presence in the world of dreams also made them something that numbered among her specialisms.

“She said that some who talked to wolves lost themselves, that what was human was swallowed up by wolf. Some. Whether she meant one in ten, or five, or nine, I do not know. […] Mostly, she wrote of dreams. Dreams can be dangerous. […] According to her, wolves live partly in this world, and partly in a world of dreams.”

Moiraine, The Dragon Reborn

Althea’s work was held in high regard, leading to the bestowal of her honourable third name Maelsouvra, “hopeful mind.”

A failed experiment eventually led to the tethering of her soul to the Dreamworld, where she continues to exist between each rebirth. Until this experiment (which killed her), there is cohesion between her Waking and Dreaming self, and thus she remembers Dreams. It is the only life where this is the case.

Previous Lives

  • 1st Age: Thalia, a successful artist; current life
  • 3rd Age: Miraseia, Aes Sedai of the White Ajah
  • 5th Age: Sothis, Egyptian goddess
  • 6th Age: Lethe, Greek goddess


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