The horn itself has had many names over the Ages, including the Gjallarhorn and the Horn of Valere.

  • 1st Age: Unknown
  • 2nd Age: A mythical antique that spent years in Paaran Disen’s museum, before it was studied by the Aes Sedai Alethea Sayre. As part of her discoveries, she added the horn’s Old Tongue inscription: Tia mi aven Moridin isainde vadin or “The grave is no bar to my call.”
  • 3rd Age: Known as the Horn of Valere. Used at the Last Battle
  • 4th Age: Unknown
  • 5th Age: In the possession of the Archangel Gabriel, who used it to prevent Ahriman springing open the prison Sheol.
  • 6th Age: In the latter half of the Age it was in the possession of Heimdallr, and known as Gjallarhorn. It was used at Ragnarok.

The Heroes

Those who perform heroic deeds in their lifetime may be bound to the horn, and are summoned when it is blown. Only dead souls heed the call. Between lives they exist in Tel’aran’rhiod, but appear to be forbidden from communicating with dreamwalkers.

Souls bound to the Horn

(Kiyohito Korii)

Gabriel; lived in the 5th Age, earned his place for his valour and sacrifice protecting the prison of Sheol



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