Basic Stats

Age: 22
Origin: DVII, London
Height: 5’3”
Occupation: Red Cross aid worker
Loyalty: Neutral
Played By: Thal

Granddaughter of DVII’s Patron, Edward Northbrook, and daughter to well-known and much loved philanthropist Eleanor Northbrook-Grey. Her father, Alistair Grey, was convicted of funding terrorist groups in America in 2042, and is currently serving his sentence in Moscow. She has two sisters.

Officially the Northbrooks have renounced all association with Alistair Grey, and Eleanor has reverted to her unmarried name. Legally, Natalie’s surname remains unchanged, but the Grey is most often dropped.

While in Africa, to differentiate herself from her Northbrook legacy in a country that had little care for who she is — and perhaps to make some silent point — she used the surname Grey.

Psychological description

Natalie has never had a great media presence, so little is known – though there is plenty of speculation. Photographs taken during Alistair Grey’s trial often show her as unsmiling and intense, supporting her portrayal as cold and distant, a father’s daughter. Accounts that she was either involved or complicit in her father’s crimes were quashed at the time, but her reputation as a shining daughter of the Northbrook family has never recovered, partly aided by her silence. She has never given a public interview concerning her father. Her aid work overseas is usually considered exile, though there is debate over whether it is self-inflicted from guilt, or imposed by her family.

Physical description

Pale blonde hair, light green-blue eyes. Fair skin, average tall and of petite frame. She has the grace and poise afforded by her privileged upbringing, and her accent is enunciated and crisp, advertising clearly where she is from. The intensity of her pale stare is sometimes mistaken for haughtiness. Certainly the media paints her as cold.


Natalie’s past blends seamlessly with the Northbrook legacy, until 2040 — when she was seventeen — and her father Alistair Grey was arrested for funding American terrorists. In the aftermath of the fire that destroyed their house — and much of the evidence against her father — the tabloids picked apart her childhood, but found little the Northbrooks did not yield willingly. Her early years were privileged and rosy, one of three cherubic daughters born to much loved philanthropist Eleanor Northbrook-Grey. There was little to distinguish her from her sisters.

During the trial, Natalie was noted for her dogged attendance, leading to additional speculation that she was aware of or complicit in her father’s activities. No evidence was ever brought against her, and she has never spoken out about her father. Though Edward Northbrook’s reputation suffered from the scandal, the Northbrooks rallied quickly, and the furore around Natalie died. These days rumours exist only in conspiracy theorist circles, and mainstream media attention on the Northbrooks rarely places its eye on Natalie. She is considered the family’s wayward daughter, their black sheep, but out of sight is out of mind; other than the stale old question of why she chose to leave London, there is precious little in the way of intrigue to report.

As such little note was ever made of her decision to work overseas. The official public spin was of course lorded as a daughter following her mother’s example.

She spent some time working at a women’s shelter in Tanzania before, due to undisclosed reasons, she moved to Masiaka in Sierra Leone, where she taught at St. James school. Following civil unrest and a visitation order from her father, Natalie returned to the Custody in 2046.

Past Lives

Though Natalie’s soul has lived before, she is not attached to the myths of any pantheon, and is indeed not born into every age. When she is reborn, it is in conjunction with another with whom her life always tangles. In the 3rd Age she lived as Nythadri Vanditera.

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