Basic Stats

Age: Unknown
Origin: Unknown
Current Location: Unknown
Occupation: Unknown
Reborn God: Nyx
Power Potential: 38
Loyalty: CCD
Played By: Thal

“Nyx had begun to shroud the sunlight in her dewy pall, and had cast over the earth her dark shadow.”


When not playing a role, Nhysa is generally a quiet individual — though by no means shy. She likes broken things, and has a penchant for finding the good in even the most repulsive individuals (though this apparent empathy doesn’t seem to affect her doing her job). For those she feels kinship she is protective, almost motherly. But she is a dark soul, inured to violence and possessed of a decidedly odd moral compass. She is a Custody loyalist.

A constellation of freckles marks her face and dusts her body, the most distinguishing of her features and thus usually covered. Naturally she is dark-eyed and haired, the tilt of her eyes suggesting a mixed parentage, though she knows nothing of her origins and considers DI home. It’s difficult to determine her age, but depending on dress and manner she appears somewhere between mid to late twenties. A particularly nasty scar slices up her belly, with various others less obvious about her body. She has various piercings, but no tattoos.

RP History



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