Once upon a time there was a girl who loved the night, and the night loved her back. It watched from the shadows of closets, or fondly caressed legs fallen from the protection of bedsheets.

As she grew, it followed her into the deepest depths of the earth, vigilant as the fever burned the weakness from her body.

It sat on her chest, and waited.

And when she finally left that place, it followed once more.

When not playing a role, Nhysa is generally a quiet individual — though by no means shy. She likes broken things, and has a penchant for finding the good in even the most repulsive individuals (though this apparent empathy doesn’t seem to affect her doing her job). For those she feels kinship she is protective, almost motherly. But she is a dark soul, inured to violence and possessed of a decidedly odd moral compass.

A constellation of freckles marks her face and dusts her body, the most distinguishing of her features and thus usually covered. Naturally she is dark-eyed and haired, the tilt of her eyes suggesting a mixed parentage, though she knows nothing of her origins and considers DI home. It’s difficult to determine her age, but depending on dress and manner she appears somewhere between mid to late twenties. A particularly nasty scar slices up her belly, with various others less obvious about her body. She has various piercings, including nose, lip, and septum, but no tattoos.



“Nyx had begun to shroud the sunlight in her dewy pall, and had cast over the earth her dark shadow.”

Little is known about Nhysa, or her life. She has been known to fight at the club Almaz, and despite her small stature is among the fiercest of fighters — rarely losing. Pain does not appear to register to her.

In her down time it’s also not unusual to find her in particularly insalubrious places such as the Devil’s Lair.


Nhysa herself does not remember her birth name or where she came from. Her earliest memories are of the Custody’s Facility, where she was a test subject. Upon release, she was funnelled into SPETs training, a vocation she excelled at. Later, she transferred to black ops. She is a highly skilled assassin, and also undertakes protection work at the Custody’s behest. Her “official” job is as one of Liniya Pervaya’s operatives.


Nhysa has only recently realised her channeling ability for what it is, and registered promptly (the record classified, of course). For now, she can only channel in darkness, or at night. Owing to her past life as the goddess Nyx, she has a natural connection to supernatural creatures, who are either attracted to her or terribly afraid of her presence. Many of the spirits she sees are invisible to others, but they are such an ingrained part of Nhysa’s life she thinks nothing of it. One such creature follows her constantly, a dola spirit.


As an assassin she is accustomed to creating and maintaining various identities. She prides herself on her ability to masquerade, and also on attention to detail. She enjoys getting to know her victims, and where possible, gives them a fitting death.

The best death’s were intimate, and where she could Nhysa took great care in tailoring her work to be a fitting celebration of the life to be lost. She liked to understand people, even the heinous ones – and admittedly, in that particular vein of her profession, they usually were. Her approach to bodyguard work was not so dissimilar. In fact the knowing part was usually more important, owing to the fact that someone somewhere decided said life was precious enough to protect. Given the interchangeable nature of either role Nhysa had no preferences in the jobs she took. Dead bodies were usually kind enough to stay where you put them, though.

Nhysa, In Case of Fire, Break Glass


  • After Jaxen Marveet publicly ridiculed the Ascendancy, Nhysa was part of the covert team to punish him. She seduced and drugged him, and ensured he watched the murder of his friend and owner of the cabaret that had foolishly staged the show.

Nhysa sighed. Emboldened by the dark, she felt her companion ghost along the back of the chair, its strangely warm weight soft against the bare skin of her arm. A hand lifted to skim along the flick of its tail. “This is why I prefer a clean kill,” she told it lightly as it hopped the back of the chair and began to pool along the floor. Nhysa followed, crouching by Jaxen’s body. His fingers dug and scratched, but he was helpless as a baby. Her hand smoothed through his hair like a mother’s touch. “Learn the lesson, dear one. Or learn to better play the game, I don’t care. That way you won’t have to see me again.” She stood, then stepped over him to retrieve the bottle of vodka. And then she left him in the dark, Boda’s lifeless remains the lullaby to sing him to sleep.

Nhysa, Tantalizing
  • Under the moniker “Toma” (the name Jaxen gave her, and she decided she liked) she has been hired as protection for Natalie Northbrook.

She did not particularly care where Natalie had gone or what she had been doing. The client asked for feedback on her activities now and then, but Nhysa was usually interpretative in what she chose to share. Natalie was restless as wild horses. If she felt even a whisper of the leash her family aimed about her neck, she would only rebel in ways that her history suggested would make Nhysa’s job more difficult. And, despite late-night sojourns to interesting parts of the city, ultimately Natalie seemed more than capable of looking after herself. Not that the Northbrooks didn’t have good reasons for the assignment. Nhysa had seen the file.

Nhysa, In Case of Fire, Break Glass


Tan Li

She remembered a sleeve of tattoos in the cavernous dark, and skin warmed by a sun that never reached this deep. He didn’t belong, not like some, and yet he always came back.

Nhysa, The City’s Dark Jewel

Though they had been peripherally aware of each other for years, it’s only recently they have deepened the acquaintance after Nhysa seduced him following a chance meeting at the Almaz. Nhysa is intense and highly sexual, and has visited him frequently since then. Part of the allure for her is the normality of the way they “date”. She is deeply obsessed, protective, and possessive of him.

Natalie Northbrook

There was a particular edge to the name that suggested it was one such lie, but Nhysa only shrugged the accusation off. Truthfully it didn’t matter what Natalie called her; all the names were fabrications of a moment, even the one she used most often. If Nhysa even had a birth name, she did not know it. And it was clearly not the crux of Natalie’s distress. Her face was unreadable, but her breathing had hitched like the control cost a toll she was not used to paying. […] The girl had demons. Fortunately Nhysa got along very well with those.

Nhysa, In Case of Fire, Break Glass

“Toma” was hired as protection for the Patron’s granddaughter following her return from America. Nhysa uses the moniker Toma less as a method of obscurity, and more because the name amuses her. Her manner with Natalie is somewhere between motherly and the sly teasing of an older sibling.

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The City's Dark Jewel
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Previous Lives

In the 5th and 6th Ages, she lived as the formidable Greek goddess Nyx



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