Pervaya protects people, not things or property, and has a well-earned reputation for being the best private security firm one can hire.

It’s name in Russian quite literally means First Line.

They are publicly known to employ ex-military exclusively, predominately of countries that have fallen under CCD influence, and some of their members are known in the right circles to have particularly interesting skill blocks.

They currently have around only thirty operators, valuing quality over quantity, for they only employ the best. In addition to a whole host of support personnel and office staff, they make liberal use of the very best lawyers the Dominance has to offer. This alongside its very influential clientele base allows the employees of Pervaya to shirk the law quite blatantly at times.

They have a reputation for being proactive rather than reactive in order to provide the very best service.

CEO: Zhenya Disir

Known operatives: John White, Nhysa

Notable Associations: Paragon Group, Seven, Warder Inc.



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