Birth name: Keith Alexander

Known name: John “Hood” White

Origin: Hartford, Connecticut.

Current Resident: Sea-can cabin, south-east city limits, old industrial park and train yards.


Ex-American Special Tasks operative.

Tentative asset for the Atharim.


Once upon a time, John was a charismatic teenager. The classic ‘Captain of the Football Team’ high school all star, coupled with a sharp mind had him as everyone’s bet for most likely to succeed. Seventeen years later, there’s little of the energetic and optimistic boy left. John has become introspective and quiet. The years have not been kind to him, and he has seen more then his fare share of the horrors the mundane world has to offer. And a few of the things of the not-so-mundane. He is a quiet man, hard working and rarely seen to actually relax. He never forms personal attachments, although he had a brief and intense affair with Spectra Lin.


John is exceptionally fit, although his usual attire doesn’t advertise it too openly. He often wears a shemagh, a type of traditional scarf that has been long adopted by combat arms troops the world over. There is an ever-present intensity to his stare, the sort that few are willing to meet for long.


Hood learned about the Atharim and what they did. Hunted monsters. Kept people safe. It was an easy sell. He never quite signed on the dotted line, never fully joined their ranks, but if they needed a heavy hitter, he was on call. He worked in Oman, and throughout District V for a year before the Atharim pulled some strings and got him moved to Moscow. Officially, he works as personal security for Pervaya-Iliniya Security.

Training and associated skills

Offensive driving, (numerous vehicle qualifications), foreign weapons handling, (myriad small specific weapons), advanced gunfighter, close quarters battle, marksman, various survival courses (jungle, desert, etc), advanced demolitions, boobytraps, urban combat and breaching, basic explosive ordnance disposal, para/halo jump, combat first aid, tccc (tactical combat casualty care).



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