Spectra Lin’s birthname was Lola Fatima Cruz, the daughter of a middle-powered lord in the Gulf Cartel based in Havana and a sultry, Egyptian heiress from Cairo. 

Date of birth: 2020

Place of birth: Havana, Cuba

Lineage: Cuban and Egyptian

Languages: Spanish and English

Profession: Adult industry and model, American informer

Channeler: With an innate ability to kill, probably also to Heal.

Aura: Her colors are red, black, and purple.


Spectra has the shape of a supermodel. Tall with legs that run for a mile. Her sensuality is physical, but it is also carnal. She is confident and direct, and entertains no possibility of rivals vying for another’s attention. She has been betrayed too many times to trust anyone but herself, but that is not to say her loyalty cannot be bought; in fact, it has been. With sultry cinnamon hair, coppery skin and mint green eyes that pierce the clouds,, she is easily the most beautiful woman in the room. But it is a mysterious elegance that she adorns like a diadem. She is a celebrity only to those exposed to the underworld of seduction: video, print, and the runway. To everyone else, Spectra Lin is a face to shame them into subservience. She has a larger than life smile and volcanic personality. Her laugh is infectious, though often aimed at others. She moves with all the heat and passion of a Latina born, but also with the languid, cat-like tease of which her Egyptian ancestors once worshipped. To them, Spectra would have been a queen, a goddess, worshipped by the Pharaohs and Kings of old. 


Many tales over the ages speak of a woman scorned who has her terrible revenge in one form or another. This is the idea of a great beauty twisted by hatred and spoiled by evil, and is thus diminished for it. These women are often known as queens of darkness, terrifying sorceresses, miscreant fairies, or evil witches. They often have a female rival, these women, and a man who has wronged her, broken a promise, or discarded her for another. The stories of these women cross time and culture, but reflect the same horrid virtue: a lust for power, and in the history of womankind, power is born from beauty.

A witch in the Arthurian legend known as Hellawes was one such woman. She died of a broken heart after being rejected by Lancelot’s love. In Hebrew mythology, the first wife of Adam, Lilith, claimed to be his equal and when they quarreled she left in a rage, eventually spawning innumerable demons which continue to plague mankind to this day.  But what passes as history into legend and legend into myth, eventually fades to nothing more than mere fairy tale, all linked by the same characteristics. A vengeful lust for power, a quest to be the fairest in the land, and the wielding of dark magic. The story of the princess Fiorimonde was one about the daughter of a king who used an evil witch to turn herself into the fairest woman in all the land. This princess used a magical artifact, a necklace, to maintain her ascension over others. Through the use of witchcraft, a queen sometimes known as Grimhilde, lusts to slay the beauteous rival which was prophesied to unseat her power. The fairy tale was based on the ancient celtic tale of Gold-Tree and Silver-Tree, but in the germanic tale, a magical artifact, a mirror, aids the queen’s magic. There are some fairy tales, however, so old that even the names of the women involved shift, fade, or have been lost forever.

One ancient fairy tale, perhaps the most fantastical of them all, is the tale of seven fairies invited to be godmothers to an infant princess. However, an eighth wicked fairy, overlooked and forgotten by the king and queen, curses the child princess, known as Talia, d’Aurora, or Briar Rose, with prophetic death at her sixteenth year of age. The wicked fairy has come to be known as “the Mistress of all Evil,” but her true name was long ago lost to the turning of time. In the folklore of modern storytelling, her identity was assigned the following name, a portmanteau of her greatest characteristics: malevolent and magnificent, and thus, is only known to us as the figure, Maleficent.


A very early figure from the Age of Gods, the 5th Age, and instrumental in channelers arising over non-channelers as rulers, with a particular hatred of her chief rival in both beauty, strength, and charm. Her associated figure is a dragon.


Spectra has been channeling since the age of eighteen. It began shortly after the betrayal by those whom she trusted which left her homeless and desperate. The first time it happened, she was afraid, tired, and angry. All the emotions which left her to duck from shadow to shadow, half afraid to be seen and half hoping to land a good enough job to eat the next day, boiled into this one moment. She couldn’t take it anymore: his sweaty gut; his vice-like grip; the stink of his cock. His heart stopped then and there, his filthy body crumpled to a bulbous shape at her feet, and Spectra stood calm and thoughtful, cringing at the stink collapsed before her, and fully aware of what she’d done – after all, she’d felt his heart throbbing hard in her mind as that which he pressed against her legs. She rearranged her dress afterward and rummaged for the cash he’d promised her. Of course he had none, and Spectra spit away the blood in her mouth in disgust. A week later, she huddled feverish and sick in her hole, but there was nobody to check on her, nobody to report her, nobody to care. Not until the Americans came, and by then, she was well-adept at squeezing the life out of a man when she wanted. They put her to good use. She worked as an informer for American special agents for a year before she was properly repaid for her services.


She was suddenly ‘discovered;’ by a New York talent recruiter. Headhunters for the modeling industry on location in the jungles of Colombia. The coppery skinned, dark haired, green eyed jungle beauty was flown into a whole new world after that. Spectra sold herself once more, but to the adoring eyes of fans not to the hands of vicious customers. Her career took on rapid momentum, and within a year she was walking the streets of Moscow – the pinnacle for any such career. Every so often she is continually contacted by those same American agents, only one of which is from the original team that purchased her loyalty – thin as it is, the other, she was told died in Dominance V. 

The scope of her ambition has certainly grown. Spectra Lin has access to the most privileged of circles. She comes from a mysterious past, which all assume blossomed since her career began in New York. She otherwise has no birth certificate, no identity, and no genetic past. She was an orphan as far as anyone knows, an orphan which survived hell, and is determined to never surrender to it again. 

She continues to model, or dance, or star in adult film, though for world-class fees. On nights she graces the live stage, the theater sells out. Her company is never turned down, and she has been seen on the arm of the CCD elite, dating the city’s nouveau riche, and rumored to have been invited to the Kremlin itself; although that last is pure speculation. There is something deep and ancient to Spectra – who rather than labelled as a slut, porn star, or escort, her elegance and poise comes from somewhere within, somewhere magnificent.


Spectra has had two notable affairs with John “Hood” White and Damien Oakland.


1st Age – Spectra Lin, a model, actress and celebrity.

2nd AgeElowen Merena, Aes Sedai who turns to the Shadow

3rd Age – The Forsaken, Evelara

5th Age – the legendary figure known today only as “Maleficent

7th Age – The Lady of Shalott, who was a rival to Queen Guinevere for Sir Lancelot’s love



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