Lady of the Evening Shadows



In terms of Evelara’s personality, her defining feature was a keen lust for power. Her desire was such that she desired to overthrow both the Dark One and the Creator using the Choedan Kal, believing that raw power would be all such a task required. Many of those who she interacted with, including the other Forsaken, have expressed how she had a vastly overinflated opinion of herself. 

She was proud, arrogant, presumptuous, and self-absorbed, actively betraying both her allies and her master in order to gain more power for herself. She had a particularly strong rivalry with Eshamir until his resurrection as Mordred, to whom she is somewhat more subservient, though the rivalry appeared to have been almost completely one-sided on her part. She was also extremely manipulative, and had absolutely no qualms about lying to, or using, virtually anyone to get what she wanted. Additionally, she appeared to have no loyalties except to herself.

Elowen Merena 

In the Age of Legends, Elowen was a researcher at Collam Daam. She was a dreamwalker and explorer of other realms. She was naturally talented in dreamwalking, and came to claim dominion over the realm as her personal playground. 

As a young student, she was Asristin Kyrineas Somneus’ lover. Though she was about as strong in the Power as a woman could be, she never distinguished herself enough to earn a third name despite coveting this celebrity-status level of prestige. Instead, she poured her power-hungry efforts into attaching herself more and more to Asristin’s accomplishments. He eventually left her to further pursue his own works and to dismiss her leech-like presence for good. 

Afterward, she next set her sights on an even greater conquest: that of the Dragon himself. She played her role better this time, seeming to genuinely love and support him. Yet again her true nature was revealed, that she loved the prestige of being his girlfriend more than loving the man himself. She was left a second time when the Dragon fell in love with someone else, a woman that he eventually married. It was at this second turn of rejection that Elowen decided she was going to pursue power for herself, rather than attach herself to a powerful man.

She turned to the Shadow on this promise, and she renamed herself Evelara, meaning Lady of the Evening Shadows, the only Chosen to select her own name. 

The forsaken, evelara

Upon her release in the Third Age, she sought out the reborn souls of her two greatest lovers in order to subject them to the same level of humiliation she previously endured. She never found Asristin, and believed him to not be alive during this time, but she did find the Dragon, certainly because the Shadow was seeking him. 

She wasn’t alone in the Aiel Waste when she finally found him and convinced him that he was her ally and friend even as she seduced him. She was impatient, though, that he was not living up to his potential power, and continued to shirk all that he should become. When he and Ashtaroth battled over claiming the keys to Choedan Kal, she intervened by capturing Ashtaroth, shielding him, and delivering him to the Dragon. This served to be a gesture of good faith in that the Dragon believed she was on his side, but also one of practicality. She forced Ashtaroth to be the Dragon’s teacher in the One Power, and left him indefinitely.

She remained the Dragon’s lover for some time until once again, he discovered her true nature and left her for another woman. Enraged all over again, she has since determined to see him destroyed. It was about this time that she discovered the reborn Asristin…

Other lives

1st Age: Spectra Lin

5th Age: Maleficent

7th Age: The Lady of Shallott



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