Jole Addam Messosin

Master Illusionist. Forsaken.

Appearing to be in his middle years, Jole is lithe and handsome with big, widely set eyes and dark hair. He would be found attractive; however, he had an odd habit of holding his head cocked as if looking at a conversant sideways.

During the Age of Legends, Jole Addam Messosin was the world’s most famous illusion-artist, revered for his talents and ability to manipulate the One Power through illusions, shapeshifting and invisibility. As an entertainer and composer, his shows toured the world. In addition to these massive talents, he was also a powerful channeler himself. For this prestige, he earned a third name but felt he did not get the credit he deserved. This was the worst insult he could imagine.

During the War of the Shadow, the newly named Ashtaroth was already disillusioned with the ruling Aes Sedai and their pious, hypocritical society. It was said he had a complicated relationship with Lews Therin Telamon and was at times fully against and other times sided with Lews Therin. That he was already known for his ambition and desire to be recognized around the world for his artistry, he was quite susceptible to the promises of the Dark One. The followers of the Dark One were promised positions of great power and influence in the new world that the Dark One wanted to create, and Ashtaroth was seduced by the prospect of being one of the most important figures in this new order. Most importantly, Ashtaroth was manipulated and deceived by the Dark One, who preyed on his prejudices and fears to turn him to the Shadow.

He served the Shadow as a capable, but not exceptional, governor during the war. He disliked the work believing it to be necessary evil until the world was reformed. While his administrations were not particularly brutal compared to the other Forsaken, Ashtaroth was noted for one signature atrocity: any illusionist whose work he had disapproved of before the war – especially those he considered his former rivals – was blinded and/or otherwise maimed. There was no other torture involved; Ashtaroth’s victims were simply rendered incapable of channeling their art and then released. In this way, he truly became the greatest illusion master in the world simply because his rivals were neutralized. Furthermore, he came to be known as “Heartseeker” and was feared for his ability to shapeshift into any form and infiltrate the heart of any institution as a trusted figure in order to destroy it from within.

He was captured deep in Shayol Ghul when the Hundred Companions sealed the bore with the 13 Forsaken still inside. He was blessedly unaware of the passage of time and emerged 3000 years later to discover the Age and indeed the whole world had changed. He had become known as “Ashtaroth” in that time.


Released in the 3rd Age, Ashtaroth aligned early with another Forsaken, but as always things were not what they seemed with him. He had little interest in serving the Dark One’s agenda anymore, and he wanted to dethrone the other Forsaken more than anything. He quickly tracked down the Dragon Reborn, following his movements to learn more about him and insert chaos along the way. For instance, he created the counterfeit dragon tattoos on Couladin’s arms to set him up as a rival to the reincarnated Dragon. While this alone gave him a sense of pleasure, it created enough chaos for him to reach Rhuidean in an attempt to steal powerful hordes of the Objects of the Power stored there, notably seeking the keys to Choedan Kal perhaps in an effort to challenge the remaining Forsaken himself.

In the ensuing battle against the Dragon Reborn, Ashtaroth was beaten by the Dragon’s additional strength in the Power. Evelara shielded him as he recovered from the battle and set him to the duty to be the reincarnated Dragons’ teacher. He didn’t seem to mind captivity, and willingly taught the Dragon how to channel once he was convinced he wouldn’t suddenly be killed, but he was a terrible and impatient instructor.

Despite this, he didn’t so much as even try to escape, and from time to time, he aided the Dragon Reborn’s cause. He anticipated the Forsaken’s movements, describing what he knew of them, and would even help deliver the wounded to healers for aid. He remains still a ‘captive’ of the Dragon Reborn to this day. Although shielded enough to prevent him from creating the master illusions he was known for, he rather enjoys himself as one of the Dragon’s ‘favored’ guests and all the perks it allows. A select group knows his true identity.


Filling the Days (Tear, 3rd Age)


1st Age – His soul is born Jaxen Marveet, youngest son of a steel industry tycoon and all around playboy.

2nd Age – His soul is born Jole Addam, a channeler who converts to the Shadow and is imprisoned in Shayol Ghul during the attack of the Hundred Companions. He is perfectly preserved deep inside Shayol Ghul and blessedly unaware of the passage of time.

3rd Age – He emerges from the prison of Shayol Ghul as Ashtaroth, one of the Forsaken. Yet while not overtly evil, he serves himself as an agent of chaos and moves against the other Forsaken more than the carrying out the agenda of the Dark One. Due to his chaos nature and general hatred of the other Forsaken, he aids Arikan in hunting them down.

4th Age – Although a member of the Forsaken, he survives the Last Battle and sees the 4th Age. When the Dark One is sealed in the Last Battle, the Dark One’s tethering to his soul is released. His is the only soul to see three ages as one rebirth.

6th Age – He is brought into the 6th Age by Odin, who was given the child Loki by the Aelfinn.



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