Basic Stats

Name: Seven
Age: 28
Origin: Sweden
Talent: Channeler
Loyalty: CCD
Occupation: Consultant
Played By: Asc


Seven has worked for private entities across Europe for a number of years. He is usually called upon to verify authenticity of items being put up for sale or purchase. Likewise, he has saved a number of powerful people from embarrassment by halting the acquisition of some priceless artifact by outing it as a fake. As such, he has a long list of friends that weave throughout Europe and Asia’s rich and powerful. Only once was he asked to help falsify a counterfeit item. He refused, but neither did he stop the criminal activity. As such, he has earned the respect of some of the shadier sides of such goods.

He does not particularly need a career. He was born to privilege and wealth. The family has their own business that had he attended law school or some other institution of higher learning he may have contributed to their bottom line. Instead, he cut the cords that bound him to blood before he was even twenty, nor did he complete any sort of formal education. All self-taught through the sweat of the [golden] “street”, he only pursues tasks that are aligned with his direct interests, fulfill some sort of curiosity, or are in favor to someone he owes. As such, many of his services are obtained by word of mouth.


Seven came into his own place in the Network through his mother. She called upon their aide when he was under investigation for arson and wrongful death of six of his friends while they vacationed on a ski lodge in the Alps. The whole ordeal was buried deep and Seven was disassociated promptly from controversy. He feels he owes the network a great deal of debt, and therefore responds to their needs as requested.


He is an adept channeler, having never been put in any kind of situation where he had to channel under duress or pressure. His primary skills are delicate, nuanced work, leaving the brute strength to others. This aligns with his previous life as the god Freyr, who owned a sword that fought in battle by itself. Having given the sword to his servant who helped him win the woman he loved into marriage, he perished in battle at Ragnarök early on.

Freyr and Seven are both lords of fertility, light, sun and love. He is very passionate in his relationships, which flash hot and fast and shoulder and die shortly after. Freyr had a twin sister, Freyja, with whom he was very close. They were both traded during the Great War between the Vanir and Aesir as hostages, raised since infancy by their enemy. Such was their loveliness and charm, they were given great kingdoms as childhood gifts and intimately affiliated with the court of Odin. Similarly, Seven is charming, astonishingly beautiful, and loyal to those whom he is close.

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