PARAGON: Build a Better You

Paragon CEO, Ephraim Haart

Paragon is a company specialising in cutting-edge nanotech, and human augmentation and enhancement. It lays its roots in reconstructive surgery, and pioneered the use of of bionic limbs.

In the early 30s, Paragon released the infamous Pleasure Implant in direct competition with ZEF drugs. For those who could afford the price tag, the implants were reputed to provide pleasure at the push of a button, but were recalled three years later amid safety concerns and accusations of addiction. These days cheap copy-cat implants can be found in the Underground via back-alley surgeons.

Paragon’s later forays into the competitive market include wallet-synced enhancements that stream health information direct to a device, and also provide live message alerts (usually by sound or sensation).

Its high-end products, for which it is best known, are offered at extortionate prices. It leads in lens warrior design, and offers experimental retinal implant procedures at a sky high price tag. Other highly experimental procedures are available. Paragon conducts frequent medical trials, and its insurance package for the recipients’ family is generous. The company also supports numerous war veteran charities.

Darker rumours also circulate from time to time; of underground experiments, and homeless victims forced to sign waivers (or signatures forged). These rumours have never been substantiated.

After the Ascendancy’s announcement in the summer of 2046, Paragon Group publicly announced details of its (before now secret) Ascendant division. Further details are awaited.

The company’s President and founder is Ephraim Haart

Employees: Xarles Marcil, Kaelan Müller


Its main building is in Moscow, and stands as an impressive, twisty skyscraper surrounded by gardens.

The reception is spacious and modern. Glass stands feature replica technologies, including one of the hand designed and gifted to important veteran Jacques Danjou. There is access to a holobank on the ground level if you wish to peruse other technologies or services.

A receptionist is always available, should the human touch to your visit be required. The main desk is flanked by two impressive glass staircases leading to a mezzanine above (disability access is also available). Above rolls a large projection of Paragon’s greatest achievements, glowing testimonials, as well as news related to new advancements and sneak peeks at future developments.

A neat bank of elevators can also be found here. Included in the public access is a visitors hall and museum.

Public areas at Paragon; Visitor’s Hall and Museum

The building is both cutting edge and incorporates green solutions. Paragon is passionate about giving back to the environment.

In addition to its main premises, Paragon has various smaller clinics and research centres about the city. Many of these are strictly appointment only, or completely non-public.

Genome Division

The Paragon Group Genome Division is a clinical and developmental stage genome editing laboratory focused on translating the power of the CRISPR/Cas9 and CRISPR/Cas12a genome editing systems into a robust pipeline of medicines for people living with serious diseases around the world. We are researching and developing both in vivo gene editing medicines, which edit genes inside the body, and ex vivo gene editing cell medicines, where editing occurs in cells outside the body and those edited cells are transferred into patients, cells, or embyros. Our division aims to discover, develop, manufacture, and commercialize transformative, durable, and precise genomic medicines for a broad class of diseases.

Senior Research Scientist
Dr. Kaelan Müller, Clearance Level IV



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