Paragon Group

Build a Better You.

A company specialising in cutting-edge nanotech, and human augmentation and enhancement.
Paragon lays its roots in reconstructive surgery, and pioneered the use of of bionic limbs.
In the early 30s, Paragon released the infamous Pleasure Implant in direct competition with ZEF drugs. For those who could afford the price tag, the implants were reputed to provide pleasure at the push of a button, but were recalled three years later amid safety concerns and accusations of addiction. These days cheap copy-cat implants can be found in the Underground via back-alley surgeons.
Paragon’s later forays into the competitive market include wallet-synced enhancements that stream health information direct to a device, and also provide live message alerts (usually by sound or sensation).
Its high-end products, for which it is best known, are offered at extortionate prices. It leads in lens warrior design, and offers experimental retinal implant procedures at a sky high price tag. Other highly experimental procedures are available. Paragon conducts frequent medical trials, and its insurance package for the recipients’ family is generous. The company also supports numerous war veteran charities.
Darker rumours also circulate from time to time; of underground experiments, and homeless victims forced to sign waivers (or signatures forged). These rumours have never been substantiated.
After the Ascendancy’s announcement in the summer of 2046, Paragon Group publicly announced details of its (before now secret) Ascendant division. Further details are awaited.



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