“Into the heart he thrusts his sword, into the heart, to hold their hearts. Who draws it out shall follow after. What hand can grasp that fearful blade?”


Sajir Nareth

Sajir was born and raised in Arafel. He had large, dark eyes and long, dark hair often worn with a braid or ornaments. He was son of a leatherworker and the oldest of four children. His mother died laboring in delivery of a fifth sibling, a brother, who also did not survive. As such, he saw himself as a surrogate parent to his younger siblings and was extremely protective of them. Meanwhile, he took to his father’s trade with complete focus and seriousness. 

“I was a cobbler’s son, and yet I was trained with the sword, spear, bow, axe and sling. Even before joining the Asha’man, I could best four out of five trained southern soldiers in a duel.” 

His ability to channel sparked during the Feast of Lights. Nobody knew how the fire caught, but it was Sajir who ran into a burning home, conquered the flames with saidin, and rescued those within. The next day, the dragon’s fang was scrawled on their door, and he made the bittersweet decision to depart. He sought out the man who had recently proclaimed himself the dragon and traveled west toward Saldaea. Mazrim Taim was captured before Sajir arrived, but he followed the man all the way to the Farm, joining him there for the Dragon’s amnesty.


Upon meeting Taim, he was struck by a vision of the man’s potential destinies yet he held his suspicions secret. Meanwhile, Sajir stood out among the others at the Farm as his strength in the One Power was quite high in this life, which further drew Taim’s attention. Sajir was generally serious and a fastidious student, as focused as he was while learning his previous trade, and although he did not necessarily make fast friends among the men at the Farm, he was respected. He also taught some weapon handling to the southerners. 

Having proved himself, Sajir became one of the select few chosen by the M’hael to rescue of the Dragon Reborn when he was captured by the Red Ajah, which would be the very first time he found himself face to face with the man. When he beheld the immensity of the Dragon Reborn’s influence on the Pattern, and the explosion of possible realities in which he might live, Sajir swore on soul to serve him. As a result, un the aftermath of the battle, Sajir stood guard over the Dragon when he met with the Aiel clan chiefs, the Sea Folk, and the Daughter of the Nine Moons. 


After proving his loyalty many times over, the Dragon Reborn entrusted Sajir alone with the task to retrieve callandor from the Stone of Tear prior to the cleansing of Saidin. After which, while the Dragon Reborn’s paranoia grew, Sajir remained steadfast in his faith, for he also knew the affects of the taint and believed that the Dragon must triumph. It was at this time that Sajir revealed his talent, and he used it to aid the Dragon Reborn as much as possible. It was his counsel that supported the Dragon accepting the service of Ashtaroth into his inner circle, for instance. In a final gesture of full trust in Sajir, he became the only Asha’man whom the Dragon taught the weaves for balefire — knowing full well that the consequences of such dangerous weaves were safe in his hands. 

Sajir closely watched Taim, and while he did reveal his talent to the Dragon Reborn, he never outright explained his suspicions regarding the M’Hael although this was the reason he stayed at the Farm on that very first day. He saw many alternate realities around Taim: his turning to the Dark, his saving the Dragon’s life, his wielding callandor against a foreign army, and his demise in a blind of white light. Yet the effects of the taint had led Sajir to question his gift, wondering now what were and what were not visions of paranoia rather than glimpses of the Pattern. He never revealed his suspicions, but in retrospect, if he had, he might have saved the lives of many brothers who fell the night Logain was rescued. This regret was formative. After the battle, he shared everything with the Dragon.

He supported the selection of the M’Hael’s various successors, and did not make the mistake to keep his visions to himself a second time. During those years, he was rarely in the Black Tower, remaining close to the Dragon as bodyguard, counselor, and messenger. The losses of Whiteraven, al’Mere, Tambrin, and recently, Larnair, have weighed on him though. He sees many a world where each man live a long and full life, and the burden of what might have been is a heavy one to bear. 

Echo Watching

Sajir has the prophetic ability to see echoes of reality otherwise known as mirror worlds. They manifest at uncontrollable moments but are usually connected to people or events important to the Pattern. He has only confessed this ability to one other individual: the Dragon Reborn himself. During the glimpses, he seems to stiffen and stare into space for 5-10 seconds. However, the effects of the taint have worsened his visions, twisting his own fears and biases into their content and at times, he is unsure what is and what is not real.


Asha’man Thayn was an old friend. Both of them old enough to remember the beginnings of the dragon’s amnesty, and the day that he was summoned to Tear, Sajir was there to greet him. He read the realities that might await Thayn’s fate upon offering him the mantle of leader, and shared his intuition with the Dragon.

When Devika Sedai pledged her loyalty and vows to the Dragon Reborn, Sajir assured the Dragon Reborn that accepting her service was in his best interest. What he saw regarding her future is unknown.

So also was Asha’man Orander an old acquaintance. Following his trial and veneration by the White Tower, he was summoned to present himself to the Dragon Reborn, and when he did, Sajir was present. 

Sajir has never married nor has he shared a bond with another. He’s rather introverted, prone to isolation and depression. He is a kind man but has a temper.


Sajir’s sacrifice in a previous life earned him status as Hero of the Horn.

The 1st Age – Matías Ángel Amengual

The 2nd Age – Orisen Kaelix

The 3rd Age – Sajir Nareth 

The 5th Age – Gabriel 

The 6th Age – Quetzalcoatl 



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