Formation and Beliefs

In the aftermath of the natural disasters and the subsequent economic turmoil that unhinged the world, a new religious movement known as the Brotherhood of Ascension emerged within the Central Custody of Dominion (CCD). This cult-like group believes that the Ascendancy is not merely a political figure but a divine entity, a new-age god sent to guide humanity through its darkest times. The Brotherhood holds that the Ascendancy’s ability to channel magic is proof of his godhood, and they worship him as the ultimate savior and herald of a new world. In the wake of a leaked footage showing the Ascendancy miraculously recovering from severe burns and near death, the Brotherhood of Ascension has seen a surge in membership and fervor. This footage, coupled with the official narrative that the Ascendancy personally halted a nuclear bomb from obliterating the city, has solidified the belief in his divinity among his followers. They now regard him as an immortal protector and a messianic figure whose presence guarantees the survival and prosperity of humanity.


The core tenets of the Brotherhood of Ascension have evolved to emphasize the Ascendancy’s supposed immortality and his divine protection over the people in his custody. The ultimate goal of any member of the brotherhood is to share in the Ascendancy’s power.

Divine Immortality: The Ascendancy is believed to be an immortal being, capable of surviving any injury and commanding death itself. This immortality is seen as the ultimate proof of his godhood.

Savior of Humanity: The Brotherhood teaches that the Ascendancy’s act of stopping the nuclear bomb was a divine intervention to protect his chosen people. This narrative reinforces his role as humanity’s savior.

Unbreakable Faith: Followers are encouraged to have absolute faith in the Ascendancy’s power and benevolence, believing that as long as they remain loyal, they too will be protected from harm.

Divine Sacrifice: The Brotherhood preaches that the Ascendancy’s suffering and subsequent healing were acts of divine sacrifice, meant to cleanse and purify the world. This reinforces the idea that followers must be willing to make personal sacrifices for the greater good.

Hierarchy and Structure

The Brotherhood of Ascension maintains a strict hierarchical structure, with each level more deeply integrated into the mysteries of the Ascendancy’s power:


  • Role: The Luminar is the highest-ranking member, acting as the supreme spiritual leader who interprets the Ascendancy’s divine will. 
  • Duties: Guiding the Brotherhood’s overall direction, performing the most sacred rituals, and maintaining direct communication with the Ascendancy.

Current Luminar:


  • Role: Veilwardens are the second-highest rank, serving as the direct lieutenants to the Luminar. They oversee the major regional sanctuaries and ensure the doctrines are followed precisely. Veilwardens must be able to channel.
  • Duties: Leading major ceremonies, administering regional groups, and acting as the voice of the Luminar in their territories.

Current Veilwardens: Quillon Hawke


  • Role: Aethermancers are devoted followers who have demonstrated exceptional faith. They are believed to represent the Ascendancy’s power in protective rituals. This is the highest rank a non-channeler may achieve.
  • Duties: Performing rituals, assisting Veilwardens in ceremonies, and training new members in the ways of the Brotherhood.


  • Role: Novam are newly initiated members who are in the process of being fully indoctrinated into the Brotherhood. They are undergoing rigorous training and spiritual purification.
  • Duties: Participating in initiation rites, learning the histories, and performing basic duties to support the sanctuaries.


  • Role: Embers are the grassroots followers of the Brotherhood, forming the backbone of the organization. They are fully committed to the Ascendancy and his divine mission.
  • Duties: Attending daily devotionals, spreading the faith, and participating in public demonstrations of loyalty and faith.


  • Role: Seekers are prospective members who are exploring the teachings of the Brotherhood. They have not yet committed fully but are undergoing the initial stages of conversion.
  • Duties: Attending introductory sessions, engaging in community service, and beginning their journey towards full membership.

Rituals and Practices

The Brotherhood’s rituals have become more dramatic and centered around the themes of sacrifice, resurrection, and divine protection:

Miracle Reenactments: Regular public reenactments of the Ascendancy’s miraculous healing are performed, with actors depicting his sacrifice, suffering and recovery. These events are designed to inspire awe and reinforce belief in his immortality.

Divine Sacrifice Ceremonies: Followers participate in ceremonies where they symbolically offer their own sacrifices, such as fasting or donating possessions, in honor of the Ascendancy’s sacrifice.

Protection Rites: Aethermancers conduct rites to invoke the Ascendancy’s protection over their congregations, using rituals and incantations believed to ward off harm and bring divine favor.

Healing Rituals: The Brotherhood claims to possess rejuvenation powers granted by the Ascendancy. During these rituals, Veilwardens perform elaborate ceremonies to cure illnesses, imbue blessings, or ward off evil. 

Influence and Control

The Brotherhood’s influence within the CCD has grown significantly in the past few months, as the narrative of the Ascendancy’s godhood provides a powerful tool for social control and cohesion. They work closely with the CCD, ensuring that the populace remains loyal and compliant. The Brotherhood’s social programs, now framed as acts of divine charity, further solidify their hold over the people. 

Public Perception

Public perception of the Brotherhood is polarized. Many view them as the rightful spiritual leaders, their belief in the Ascendancy’s divinity providing hope and stability in a fractured world. Others remain skeptical, or at least neutral. Despite this, the Brotherhood’s influence continues to expand, their vision of a world united under the immortal rule of the Ascendancy becoming an increasingly dominant narrative.

Expansion and Prophecy

The Brotherhood of Ascension also promotes a prophecy that under the Ascendancy’s eternal leadership, the CCD will bring about a new golden age, where all of humanity will be united and prosper. This prophecy motivates followers to actively support the CCD’s expansionist policies, seeing them as part of a divine plan. 

The Sanctuary of the Ascendant Flame

The Sanctuary of the Ascendant Flame is built around the Monument to the Conquerors of Space in Moscow, a former site dedicated to the cosmonauts of old. This iconic Soviet-era structure, a towering titanium spire soaring into the sky with a rocket at its peak, now serves as the central symbol and spiritual heart of the Brotherhood of Ascension. The spire, representing humanity’s reach for the heavens, perfectly encapsulates the Brotherhood’s vision of transcending earthly bounds under the Ascendancy’s divine guidance. 

The Grand Concourse

  • Description: The entrance to the sanctuary is a wide, sweeping plaza that leads up to the Monument. The concourse is lined with statues and plaques commemorating the Ascendancy’s miracles and the Brotherhood’s founding members.
  • Features: Reflective pools and carefully manicured gardens create a serene environment, encouraging contemplation as followers approach the sanctuary.

Hall of Stars

  • Description: The base of the Monument has been transformed into the Hall of Stars, an expansive hall used for gatherings and ceremonies. The original Soviet design, featuring space exploration themes, has been preserved and integrated into the Brotherhood’s narrative.
  • Features: A state-of-the-art holographic system projects celestial images onto the domed ceiling, creating an immersive experience that symbolizes the reach of the Ascendancy. The walls are adorned with murals depicting the Ascendancy’s miracles and the Luminar’s vision.

The Luminar’s Atrium

  • Description: Directly beneath the towering spire is the Luminar’s Atrium, a sacred space where the Luminar meditates and performs the most sacred rites. This atrium is accessible only to the highest-ranking members.
  • Features: The atrium contains an intricate mosaic floor depicting the journey of the Ascendancy, a map of the CCD, and the founding of the Brotherhood. A large, transparent dome at the center allows natural light to flood the space, creating an otherworldly ambiance.

Celestial Garden

  • Description: Surrounding the Monument is the Celestial Garden, an open-air sanctuary filled with rare and mystical plants believed to have healing properties. This garden serves as a place for meditation, healing rituals, and smaller ceremonies.
  • Features: Pathways wind through the garden, leading to secluded meditation alcoves and reflecting pools that glow softly at night. The centerpiece is a large, crystalline fountain fixed with a bronze statue of the Ascendancy.

The Vault

  • Description: The subterranean levels of the Monument house the Vault, where artifacts, important documents, and significant offerings are stored. This area is accessible only to the Brotherhood’s elite.
  • Features: The vault is divided into multiple chambers, each dedicated to different aspects of the Brotherhood’s faith and history. Advanced security systems ensure the protection of these valuable items.

The Chamber of Echoes

  • Description: Adjacent to the Hall of Stars is the Chamber of Echoes, a space designed for private meditation and smaller, intimate ceremonies. This chamber is renowned for its unique acoustic properties, allowing whispered prayers to resonate powerfully.
  • Features: The chamber’s walls are covered in acoustic panels shaped like constellations, enhancing the mystical experience. A central altar, adorned with candles and crystals, serves as the focal point for meditation.

Sanctum of Reflection

  • Description: An area dedicated to personal reflection and study, the Sanctum of Reflection is a library and archive where followers can read the Celestial Codex and other sacred texts.
  • Features: Shelves filled with scrolls and books line the walls, while reading nooks and study tables provide quiet spaces for contemplation. A large stained-glass window depicting the Ascendancy’s miracles bathes the room in a kaleidoscope of colors.

Sources of Funding

Donations and Tithes: The Brotherhood relies heavily on the financial support of its followers. Embers and Seekers are encouraged to donate regularly, with many believing that their contributions bring them closer to the Ascendancy’s favor.

Miracle Offerings: Rituals and protection rites performed by Aethermancers often attract wealthy individuals seeking miraculous cures, protection or luck. These services are offered in exchange for substantial donations.

Merchandise and Literature: The Brotherhood sells artifacts, enchanted items, and copies of the Celestial Codex. These items are marketed as having been blessed by the Ascendancy, thus holding significant spiritual value.

Investments: Some high-ranking members, particularly Veilwardens, manage the Brotherhood’s investments in various sectors, including energy, technology, and real estate, ensuring a steady income stream.

Support from Loyalists: Wealthy patrons and influential figures who believe in the Brotherhood’s mission often provide financial backing. These patrons see their support as a way to gain favor and influence within the growing religious movement.

Undisclosed sources: Periodically, a large sum of money is transferred to the Brotherhood’s account. Only the Luminar and the highest, most trusted Veilwardens are aware the source is the Patron of DI, who funnels funds paid to Iāson for his healing services into the Brotherhood.



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