Within the depths of this hallowed eve,
Where fears converge and nightmares weave,
The essence of darkness, fears untamed,
Samhain’s dominion is now unchained.

Sámiel draws followers and enthusiasts who are captivated by the macabre and seek to explore the boundaries of fear and fascination. They eagerly seek out his immersive experiences, drawn to the thrill and terror he weaves. Sámiel manipulates atmospheric elements, conjures realistic illusions, and summons spectral entities to enhance the immersive nature of his creations.

For the Carnival, he designs haunted attractions and eerie experiences that tap into the collective fascination with the supernatural and the unknown. His haunted mazes, immersive theater productions, and interactive experiences are infused with a malevolent energy, leaving visitors trembling with both fear and excitement by delving into the darkest corners of the human psyche, manifesting fears, phobias, and anxieties to provoke spine-chilling terror in those who dare to enter his creations.


Born into the Pekelniak family with a long lineage of mystics and storytellers, Sámiel was destined to inherit the ancient traditions and dark secrets of his people. From a young age, he displayed an uncanny affinity for the macabre and an intuitive understanding of the power of fear.

Growing up within the tight-knit Romani community, Sámiel was immersed in the rich tapestry of folklore and traditions that permeated his everyday life. He became captivated by the stories of vengeful spirits, haunted places, and the delicate balance between the seen and the unseen realms.

As he delved deeper into the mystical arts and the dark corners of Romani folklore, Sámiel discovered his unique ability to tap into the primal fears and hidden desires of individuals. His innate talent for weaving tales of terror and invoking visceral responses set him apart as a master of fear.

Embracing his role as a custodian of the family’s traditions, Sámiel has opened multiple themed attractions at The Carnival. Drawing upon ancient rituals, arcane knowledge, and the Romani belief in the power of storytelling, he created captivating and immersive experiences that transports visitors into the depths of their deepest haunts, ensuring that every step visitors took within the carnival grounds heightened their sense of dread and anticipation.


Through ritual, chanting, and seance, Sámiel can channel. His early powers can control atmospheric elements such as extending or darkening shadows, creating mists or fog, flickering lights, and changing the temperature of the air.

As a mystic (prophet), he can read wrongness with a strong affinity for aberrations in the Pattern, whether they be unnatural monsters, spirits past or future, and knots, tangles or breaks in the pattern as though sensing one of his own. He can commune with spirits of those tied to the Wheel and existing dormant between rebirths, though we only know these individuals as generic spirits of the dead. He can summon and control weakling souls of the departed, harnessing their energies for his own purposes, whether they are tied to the wheel or not. These powers are at their peak only on one night of the year, October 31.

When channeling he can access the ability to read people’s fears like a prophet through a corrupted form of compulsion. In doing so, he manipulates their minds into feeling terror, project terrifying illusions, tap into deep-seated phobias, or instill paralyzing dread in his victims according to his current desires. He interprets dreams, reads omens, and recognizes hexes. Someday he will be able to introduce a soul to tales of its past lives.

As his divination power grows, he will be able to emanate an aura of despair and hopelessness, enveloping those around him in a cloud of desolation by his mere presence. This aura will drain the life force and morale of others, weakening their resolve and leaving them vulnerable to his influence or the influence of Sentients. In the future he would be able to Shadowwalk, traversing through shadows, using them as portals to move swiftly between different locations or dimensions. This ability will grant him the element of surprise and facilitate his manipulation of events unseen.


23 years old, Sámiel is 5’11” and 155 lbs. He has medium-length brown hair worn in a great variety of styles. He has a number of seemingly unrelated tattoos on his chest, arms and back, the center most of which is a serpent. He challenges gender expectations with his appearance, clothes and makeup. He identifies as male (he/him) and as straight but curious. He likes to drink and sources illegal drugs from Ezekiel. When he consumes P, he revels in the terrors that follow. He harbors an affinity for other underworld and death gods and as such considers the soul of a desert demon a friend. On the weeks his exhibitions are closed for transition or maintenance, he descends to the Rubik’s Rooms for camaraderie, inspiration or sheer sport.


Chaotic, macabre, morbid. He relishes in dark comedy, and frequently uses clown and other childish imageries to unsettle others. He loves to dance wild rebellion, imbibing in debauchery and lording control over others in similar vulnerable states. He fears large fires. He is not unkind to those he favors. His enigmatic presence would both captivate and unsettle those who encounter him, leaving them simultaneously fascinated and unnerved by his mysterious nature. He exudes an air of confidence and authority, effortlessly commanding the attention and uncertainty of those around him.


Roza Vas – A virtuosic maestro of the violin, she graces the ranks of the Carnival with her mellifluous melodies. Amidst the ethereal ambiance, Sámiel, is enthralled by the enchanting allure of music, persistently teases and beseeches her to summon forth dolorous elegies and age-old harmonies.

Esper – A theatrical performer in the Carnival. Sámiel has frequently graced Esper’s side as they venture forth to partake in the company of the enigmatic Ezekiel.

Ezekiel – Cousin of Roza, they befriended one another following the Anchoring in Moscow. Sámiel and Ezekiel frequently imbibe together, lounging away the darkness to their own revelry. Notably, Sámiel actively engages in Ezekiel’s Rubik Room encounters and lends his artistic ingenuity to their design. However, it must be acknowledged that Sámiel exhibits a palpable indifference towards the plight of refugees.

Raffe – The purveyor of libations at Kallisti, though their initial encounter transpired outside the confines of the Burlesque House. Their paths fortuitously intertwined through the auspices of a mutual acquaintance, Ezekiel, laying the foundation for a burgeoning kinship. Remarkably receptive to Sámiel’s idiosyncratic disposition and his nonconformity with traditional gender norms, Raffe effortlessly embraced his distinctive essence, thereby solidifying a bond of camaraderie. Notably, Sámiel ceaselessly provokes and entices Raffe to fully embrace the man’s darker side, the side that has surely known madness and festival.

Jaxen Marveet – Sámiel was in attendance at the notorious Cabaret. Utterly spellbound and captivated by Jaxen’s enthralling performance, Sámiel found himself irresistibly drawn to emulate certain mesmerizing illusions crafted by the maestro. Moreover, Sámiel held in high regard Jaxen’s distinctive flair and commendable sartorial choices, recognizing the inherent artistry in his style. In a delightful turn of events, Jaxen graciously extended a promise to grace the Carnival with his presence, thus kindling the anticipation of an eagerly awaited rendezvous.

Rowan Finnegan – An enchanting presence, she serendipitously crossed paths with Sámiel within the warm glow of the Bottom of the Cup Cafe. Prompted by playful goading, Sámiel, intrigued by the mysteries that entwined her like dark silk, embarked upon the task of divining Rowan’s fortune, reciprocating an earlier exchange. In the throes of an ardent pursuit, Sámiel endeavored to court her with intense fervor, seeking to ignite the flames of a passionate and profound romance. However, destiny unfolded its enigmatic script, as Rowan vanished from his grasp, leaving behind a trail of ephemeral memories and unanswered questions.

Other Lives

1st Age: Sámiel Pekelniak

2nd Age: Samóch

3rd Age: Samóch

5th Age: Samyaza

6th Age: Samhain



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