Basic Stats

Age: 33
D.O.B: 08/01/2013
Origin: Dublin, Ireland
Raised In: New Orleans, LA, USA
Current Location: Old Arbatskaya, Moscow, Russia
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 150 lbs.
Titles: The White Eye of the Khylsty, The Voodoo Queen of Greater Moscow (formerly)
 Proprietess of The Bottom of the Cup Cafe, Voodoo High Priestess, Rootworker, Tarot Card Reader (previously a Primary School Teacher, and, briefly, an amatuer fashion model)
Reborn God: Brigid
Power: 18/38
Ability: Adept
Talent: Prophet, Channeler
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Loyalty: Channeler, Undecided
Current Relationships: Aiden Finnegan (Twin Brother,) Siobhan West (Friend)
Past Lives: Viviane Accylon (3rd Age,) Brigid Dé Danann (5th & 6th Age)
Played By: Aiden_Finnegan

Psychological description

Warm, yet cautious. Rowan calculates every move she makes, never letting anyone think anything about her she didn’t personally intend. Driven by the desire to be valued, Rowan often finds herself playing ‘second-fiddle’ to other people’s schemes in her pursuit for acceptance (despite her need for individuality.) She almost always has a smile on her face, unless she’s having a bad day; nothing can make her smile then.

A very organized and calculating woman, Rowan has a tendency to act motherly towards those around her. She genuinely has a big heart, but sometimes these affections are just a performance; Rowan almost always has something up her sleeve. Very good memory, Rowan does her research and typically knows more about people than she lets on.

Very protective of her family and friends, the rest of the world can burn so long as her circle is taken care of. Is not above bribery to get things done. Has been known to work with all different types of people, except bigots. She hates bigots. Rowan forgives but never forgets.

In relationships, Rowan is loyal, loving, romantic, and submissive. She prefers monogamy and serious relationships, rarely indulging in one night stands.

Rowan is very earthy, enjoys long meditation sessions, and spends most of her free time in her garden or in the kitchen.

Physical description

5’10”, 150 lbs. Lean-muscular build. Irish and French ethnicity. Hazel eyes and dirty-blonde hair, lightly curled, long, and thick; worn loosely. Slim, arched eyebrows accompanied by angular, sharp facial features; very attractive. Dresses in monochromatic shades of black and multiple layers. Her style is often described as ‘American Witch.’ Often wears light makeup, preferring to highlight her natural beauty over heavily-painted illusions. Typically wears jewelry containing the remains of animals (feathers, teeth, claws, etc.) and natural materials (crystals, clay beads, leather cord, etc.)

Rowan’s preferred fragrance is a touch of amber and orange peel essential oil. High, yet raspy voice; shares the same strange Louisiana-British accent as her twin brother. Has a tattoo on the small of her lower back depicting the Veve of Papa Legba interlocked with the Veve of Erzulie, all in shades of black, red, and pink. Although her appearance looks slapped together and accidental, she takes great care in crafting the persona; she shares her brother’s outlook that appearance is everything.


Born in Dublin, Ireland during a violent thunderstorm on 08/01/2013 (Leo. Blood Type: O Negative) and raised in New Orleans, LA, USA. Rowan had an older twin brother, Aiden. Their father, Seamus Finnegan, came from a long line of architects and their Mother, Marie Brown, was the product of a torrid love affair between a vivacious French-man and a rebellious Irish-Catholic girl. Marie would grow up to become a very level-headed Judge, finding notoriety in the criminal justice system. The pair met at Trinity College in Dublin, during the year 2003; they quickly hit it off and married shortly after graduation. Aiden and Rowan were born a few years later and the small family moved to the States. Seamus bought a parcel of land in Metairie and began building a house for the family; although almost a decade later this modest dwelling would be expanded to five times its size, rivaling any of the older plantation mansions in the area.

When the twins were 7 years old, many disasters struck the globe. The United States was not spared these tragedies. As sad as it was, some good did come out of it; Seamus Finnegan’s construction company was kept busy during the years of the tragedies and the small family quickly saw their financial situation turn from dismal to golden (around this time is when the family home began its rapid expansion.) Seamus suddenly found himself taking on contracts with very wealthy individuals and even some high ranking government officials. With the new found wealth, the twins were quickly sent off to the finest schools money could buy and her young mind was allowed to flourish. Rowan was especially skilled with mathematics, history, and science; but she was often held back by her reputation. She was a troublesome child that often caused disturbances in the middle of her classes. Rowan would get a detention for every A+ she got on a test, and that happened very frequently.

By 18, Rowan had cleaned up her act after many threats from her Mother and Father. It was around this time that she began attending public Voodoo ceremonies in New Orleans. Her parents were worried once Rowan became a regular at these gatherings. What none of them knew was that during Rowan’s first ceremony something very strange happened.

As the high priestess invoked Papa Legba, and then Erzulie Dantor, a light appeared behind Rowan’s shoulder. That light poured into her as the drums were beating and the voodooists danced and writhed while the Loa rode their bodies. That light coursed through her and she felt the energies of the earth. Flowers sprung up all around the ceremony site, surprising everyone. Rowan knew it was because of the Voodoo and she knew she could wield it as no one else could. Every ceremony after that, something strange happened; whether it was flowers growing from the cement or the voices of dead relatives reverberating through the air.

Unfortunately for Rowan, after a few months, she developed a block. She didn’t know she had or even what a block was; but from then on, Rowan could only Channel when performing Voodoo rituals and later Hoodoo root working. She had not met another that could do the same since. Rumors started surrounding her as people noticed those strange things only happened when she attended the rituals. (A few years later, Rowan would begin a search for other Voodoo Practitioners that could do the same as her, but she would fail and give it up 14 months after starting the search.)

Before her 19th birthday, she was initiated into the religion and began studying under the local Voodoo Queen, Mama Jazmine. The older woman taught Rowan everything she could, and even started teaching her Hoodoo (American Folk Magic, many often confuse it with the Voodoo religion) and imparted upon her a love for gardening. After her apprenticeship was up, Rowan moved north to attend the University of Chicago; there she attained a degree for teaching.

After graduation, Rowan moved back to her family’s manor in Metairie. Her mother, Marie Finnegan, used a few connections to secure Rowan a position at one of the local schools. The first few years in the position went off relatively easy, but it wasn’t long before Rowan began to get bored with the daily monotony. She began practicing Voodoo again, which she had all but forgotten about once she enrolled in college. There was something about it that was calling her back again. She began having strange dreams and nightmares that often woke her in the middle of the night, sweaty and frightened.

After a time Rowan began to think she was psychic. As a Voodoo priestess in New Orleans, she was expected to perform divination, any form really. Rowan preferred Tarot cards. It was hard not to love the classics. She hadn’t touched the cards often, no one ever wanted a reading from her when she was younger. After the dreams started up, she sought out answers in her cards. Events would be spelled out to her in the cards and those events always unfolded within the week. It was due to her cards that her twin, Aiden, even thought of starting his punk band, Blarney Stoned; and that had launched him into the realm of superstars. Once word got out about that, countless citizens and tourists flocked to the Finnegan Manor, seeking Rowan and her famed cards.

Rowan left New Orleans for a time, and her steady career as a middle school teacher, going to her twin brother once his band split up. The band had split because Aiden was cheating on his boyfriend, the drummer of the band. Although he didn’t show it, Aiden was a wreck, and if he lost his best friend and boyfriend, Kyle, then Rowan knew she was the only person in the world that could comfort him. They spent the summer touring the Mediterranean on Aiden’s yacht. During that time, Rowan helped steer Aiden down a new path that ensured continuing success.

She returned to Louisianna the following October and met a man shortly after. His name was Barney Smith, a poet from California that had come to the South to find himself. It was love at first sight between the pair and he proclaimed Rowan his muse. They married a year later and Rowan found herself with child. Two months before her due date, Barney and Rowan found themselves hospitalized after a drunk driver slammed into their car. Barney passed away the day after the accident and Rowan’s suffered a miscarriage. Overcome with grief, Rowan spontaneously Channeled and the resulting weave killed almost everyone on her hospital floor. The official cause was said to be a ‘gas leak,’ the news proclaiming it a freak accident.

By 30, Rowan found more heartache as her twin brother fell into a coma. The family grew closer than they ever had before, rushing to Aiden’s side. Rowan slept at the hospital more often than not. After losing her husband and unborn child, she worried that she might lose the only other person in the world that was important to her. Then there was the Channeling to deal with. She knew that’s what it was. The Ascendancy had talked all about it and the Sickness and the Atharim. She didn’t know what to do about it. The accident at the hospital was just that. An accident. She did not want to touch the magic, she couldn’t go through something like that alone. If Aiden didn’t pull through, Rowan might have ended her own life.

More dreams started coming to her, like the ones she experienced years ago. Rowan hadn’t touched her cards in months, not since her husband passed. Perhaps the two were connected. She picked them up again, usually reading them to kill time while she waited around in Aiden’s private hospital room. They told her many things. Aiden would pull through, he had a great destiny and a great past, she would find love again, she also had a great destiny, they had to go to Russia. Everything would be okay if they went to Russia… If they didn’t… Well, she never liked the Tower card. That one kept popping up every time she tried to figure out what would happen if they stayed in the states.

Aiden woke up on Christmas day of 2044, and the entire family had been gathered in his room. It was all too perfect, almost like a movie. There were many tears and laughter that day. Aiden was okay and all was right in the world.

Rowan spent the next year trying to convince Aiden to leave the states with her and relocate to Russia. He listened patiently as she divulged everything the cards had told her. He smiled and nodded, but didn’t believe her. Not completely. He went on to make his failure or a movie and ignored all of her advice. She chased the man all over the country as he promoted the movie, but he still wouldn’t listen. Then he became a recluse and she was turned away at the door to his mansion day after day. Finally, one day she came, determined to shove past the butler and make her brother see some sense; but that day, she arrived and had been admitted.

She was full of joy and relief until she learned that Aiden had fled the country.

“That little fucker is going to Russia. I just know it!” Rowan would exclaim to the butler before rushing back home to pack her suitcase. She was in Moscow the following day, but she found new trouble. No one knew where Aiden Finnegan was, or if he even was in the city. Her cards said he was though. Her cards and her dreams said he was close by… She just couldn’t pin down where exactly… And so she took off into the city, looking for answers, and more importantly, Aiden.

Notable Powers

Unnatural control over the elements Water and Earth. Both elements respond to her emotions and thoughts. Rain tends to manifest around her, even inside, although most would blame that on faulty plumbing.

She is a Prophet and can discern the future through vague dreams and her tarot cards. The information is rarely specific, however. Rowan is very good at figuring out the meaning of it all, but she is not always correct.
Animals follow her around and tend to listen to her if she makes a basic enough request that is not out of character for the animal. Cats especially tend to gather around Rowan.

Can heal minor injuries with her Hoodoo cures (gris-gris bags, candles, etc.) she is weaving when doing so but doesn’t realize it.

Keening’ – Death wail. Tied to an ability reputed to have originated with the Celtic Goddess, Brigid, Rowan discovered how to use the One Power to amplify one’s voice beyond bearable magnitude. Upon experiencing a miscarriage, Rowan accidentally gathered multiple threads of Air, Water, and Spirit to her, before releasing them in a loud shriek that killed all who listened to it. The Weave was accidental, but not forgotten; Rowan holds this knowledge in case she has cause to utilize it in the future. She has not been able to make it work again, however.


Rowan had a block in which she could only Channel when she was performing Rootwork or Voodoo related ceremonies or spells.

Unbeknownst to her for a time, Rowan has overcome this block when she unwittingly performed the previously mentioned ‘Keening’ weave. Rowan has no idea that Channelers can have blocks on their abilities; she truley believes that her abilities are a gift of the ancestral Voodoo spirits, the Loa. Although, as she meets other Channelers, she has begun to question that fact. Still. Rowan only performs her Channeling via Rootwork and Voodoo.

She noticed her lack of a Block during the initiation ceremony of the Khylsty; this was due in part to the fact that she was suffering from delerium and shock. Her twin, Aiden Finnegan, broke his Block at the exact moment that she realized her own was gone (although neither knows this fact.)




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