The only thing that sells better than pleasure, is fear

The Angel of the Undercity

Ezekiel is the self-styled Angel of the Undercity. It is said he will always listen to those who seek his favour, no matter who you are, and no matter what you ask. The rumour hastened by his own hand is that he cares more for the people of the Undercity than the Ascendancy himself.

Ezekiel’s calling card is a demon-faced coin, featuring a grinning face on one side, and one of abject terror on the other.

The coins might be presented as a message, summons, or invitation. Sometimes they are left as a lure.


There is a chameleonic nature to Zeke, who will often present himself how he deems the situation necessitates. His moods are mercurial and he is theatrical. He’s dark haired with big dark eyes. Tattoos cover most of his body, but do not have the cohesion of art. Notably he has a rose on the back of one hand, and an open mouthed skull on the other, which he uses to catch the flip of one of his coins. Despite living in the Undercity, he is very well connected and has access to cash and other assets.

Few know his real name, though it is no real secret. Call him Sandor at your own peril, though, unless you happen to be family.


Rubik Rooms

Live horror-themed excursion tours in the city’s tunnels. It is unclear whether Zeke is an employee or owns the business. Rumour has it presentation of a mysterious coin can open the door to secret lower levels.

Devil’s Lair

A nightclub owned by Ezekiel. It’s part abandoned subway, and part underground. The music is loud and the drugs flow free. Neon signs and graffiti change on a regular basis. It’s not unusual for visitors to go missing, and is a regular hunting spot for monsters.

Three Trinities Haven Church

An abandoned church currently home to various refugees displaced from the Undercity. Zeke organises soup kitchens, clothes and blankets, and often spends time there. He is a lauded figure amongst these people; a burgeoning cult leader.


Moscow’s underground fight club. Zeke does consultancy work for Helena Asquith.

Allies and Victims

With his Romany ties, Zeke has blood connections with the Carnival by Moscow’s river. Esper often works jobs at Rubik Rooms, and both she and his cousin Roza are often involved in Zeke’s schemes and games. Oriena is a business associate and sometimes friend. Zeke bought the debt she owed to Almaz, where he consults on pharmaceutical ways to enrage or sedate the fighters . He also supplies Ori with various drugs and narcotics, which she currently uses to control the Ijiraq in possession of her oath. Grisha Vasiliev is another contact through which Zeke peddles the drug P, obtained through his close tiles with Paragon CEO Ephraim Haart. Raffe is an old friend; it is unclear as yet whether Zeke truly desires to help, or has recently sent the other man down a very dark path. Cruz Vega recently found one of Ezekiel’s coins, and after a meeting where the two clashed, is currently (and unknowingly) embroiled in one of Zeke’s games.


Basic Stats

Real Name: Deveny Sándor
Age: 24
Origin: Hungary
Height: 5’11”
Reborn God: Pazuzu
Power Potential: 25
Talent: Working weather
Played By: Thal

Previous Lives:

3rd Age: Zahir, famed Gleeman and darkfriend

5th Age: Pazuzu, ancient demonic god



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