The only thing that sells better than pleasure, is fear

The Angel of the Undercity

Ezekiel is the self-styled Angel of the Undercity. It is said he will always listen to those who seek his favour, no matter who you are, and no matter what you ask. The rumour hastened by his own hand is that he cares more for the people of the Undercity than the Ascendancy himself.

Ezekiel’s calling card is a demon-faced coin, featuring a grinning face on one side, and one of abject terror on the other.

The coins might be presented as a message, summons, or invitation. Sometimes they are left as a lure.

Basic Stats

Real Name: Deveny Sándor
Age: 24
Origin: Hungary
Height: 5’11”
Reborn God: Pazuzu
Power Potential: 25
Talent: Working weather
Played By: Thal

Previous Lives:

3rd Age: Zahir

5th Age: Pazuzu



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