The Vasiliev Family

The Vasilievs are a rich and prestigious crime family in Moscow who maintain the veneer of respectability. Their boom to power and affluence was sped by the collapse of the Soviet Union, when organised crime in Russia reached a fever pitch of strength and influence due to an unstable government.

In particular they are known for money laundering, money lending, gambling, fraud, drugs, and racketeering. Upon the birth of the ASU in 2023 the family was poised to open the city’s first casino since such venues had been made illegal in 2009. Nebesa’s Gate is a lucrative, luxurious den of iniquity, and remains at the forefront of the modern gambling scene in Moscow.

Konstantin Vasiliev

To those who know him personally he is Kostya. Most would find the Vasiliev patriarch quiet and affable, but power exudes; the sort that is so self-assured, it does not need to be loud. He is often unsmiling, but not necessarily stern. He has a marvellous poker-face.

The ethos of family first has been instilled in all his children from the cradle. He has old fashioned views when it comes to the family unit and believes women and children ought to be protected and provided for. Kostya loves all his children, but he indulges the whims of his daughters more than his sons, who are naturally held to different standards.

He is lucky enough to love Edita deeply, but considers marriage a partnership as important as any business deal, and one that should be made according to value not feeling. Family is its own empire, after all.

These days he has time to indulge hobbies. He enjoys gardening, and collects exotic animals.

Connections: Myshelov Arkadiy Tarasovich, Valentin Sulteev, Scion Marveet, Kōta.

Edita Vasilieva

Konstantin’s wife, and the youngest niece of Valentin Sulteev, the current Privilege of DI. She has been married to Konstantin for almost forty years.

Connections: Valentin Sulteev

Pavel Konstantinovich Vasiliev

The eldest son, known as Pasha to his family. He is the quintessential heir. Quiet, methodical, and ruthless when he needs to be. Pavel spent his youth learning from the Derzhatel Obshchaka, and is excellent with money. Though not violent by nature, he has no moral problem with it either. He won’t issue orders he would not be prepared to carry out himself. Indeed, if Pavel turns up, the matter is serious, or it is something he believes should be handled personally.

He has been married for more than a decade, and he and his wife share a number of children. They make a formidable partnership, fiercely loyal to one another, but rarely show affection in public. Their roles are largely traditional; she cares for the family, and he keeps his business life entirely separate.

In true oldest brother fashion he feels responsible for his younger siblings, looking out for them in a way that can sometimes err on patronising. This includes his brother-in-law Maksim, who he accepts solely because of Alina’s adoration. Privately he has doubts over the man’s ability to protect her should shit ever hit the fan.

Connections: Kristian Osterhagen


Dmitri Konstantinovich Vasiliev

Usually goes by Dima. He coordinates the nightclub and bars at the casino, and enjoys the flashy high life and celebrity that goes with it. Business comes first, but it’s all fun after that. His temper can run hot, and he’s protective in particular of both little sisters – something Sofia uses to judicious advantage when it suits her. It took him a while to accept Alina’s husband into the family. He likes the guy, but not for his sister.

Dima’s a regular at the high-end establishments in the Red Light District, and sometimes develops obsessions with the women there. One in particular he considers to be the one who got away.

Connections: Noémi Jourdain,

Alina Konstantinovna Marveet

Alina loves the opulence and privilege of her life, and has always turned a blind eye to the manner in which her family’s copious wealth is earned, quite happy to be sheltered and protected by her father and brothers. In public she’s an appropriate mix of fun-loving and demure, a diamond of the socialite scene.

Maksim Marveet charmed her from almost the moment she met him. He was utterly different from the men who normally chased her, and she was quickly enamoured of the way others loved him rather than feared him. Daddy was not quite so impressed, given the great swathes of money he plied into Nebesa on a regular basis. Courting a Vasiliev daughter is no easy business. They were on and off again for years.

Her family’s approval is important to her, but ultimately Alina is stubborn when it comes to the things she wants, and she persisted until she had their blessing.

They married in 2044, and the wedding was the biggest event in Moscow that year, hosting more than a thousand guests. Maksim’s mother Irina dropped a cool $10 Million on just flowers alone.

Alina is a devoted wife and Maksim’s tireless champion. It is one of the few ways she displays the Vasiliev edge.

Connections: Maksim Marveet,


Grigori Konstantinovich Vasiliev

Grisha, the baby brother, forthcoming

Connections: Ezekiel, Oriena Rusayev

Sofia Konstantinovna Vasilieva

See: Sofia Vasilieva

Family Estate

The Vasilievs own a vast estate just outside of western Moscow, in the prestigious Rublevka, one of the most expensive residential areas in the world. The district borders along the well-forested bank of the Moscow River, and is coveted for its clean air, water and the absence of any large industrial enterprises threatening the area with pollution. It is around 40 minutes from the city, and favoured by many of the world’s rich, elite, and famous.



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