Basic Stats

Age: 23
D.O.B: 25th February, 2022
Origin: Moscow
Current Location: Moscow
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 115lbs
Occupation: Proprietor of Kallisti
Reborn God: Eris
Power: 10/37
Ability: Adept
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Loyalty: Herself (Neutral)
Played By: Thal

“Most people thought of burlesque as the art of striptease, and Kallisti embraced that whole-heartedly, but it found its earliest roots in parody. Travesty. Sly and subversive mockery. When Ori surveyed this decadent kingdom, that was what she saw. ”

From Kings of the Castle

Owner of Kallisti, House of Burlesque – the “not-a-strip-club” on the edge of Moscow’s red light district. Despite wealth, Oriena still lives in a modest house on the outskirts of Zamoskvoreche; what she does with the majority of her income is unknown. Although adept in use of the power, she still suffers a block.

Oriena’s record is littered with minor infractions. Digging deeper into her past throws up wiped records – particularly in relation to her association with name omitted. Someone particularly stubborn might even trace the trail of the money originally used to open the club.

Ori is not precious about her business. She pays Carmen to take care of the day-to-day running, and glances from time to time at the paperwork and accounts that come her way. Most would not even know she was the proprietor, unless they were privy to the name on the lease.

However of late her interest has changed, and someone with the right abilities might discover a number of new employees, all of them gifted with the power of the gods.

Psychological description

Uncompromising, stubborn, and wedded to a front of apathy. Though still young, Ori’s a world-weary soul. She generally finds the company of other people lacking in both intelligence and interest, and views most of her relationships as a means to an end. As such, she’s free with money, though this should not be mistaken for generosity; she’s largely indifferent to its elitist value, and has an inherent understanding of using it to get what she wants; in the CCD, money means respect.

She’s charming when she wants to be, though her idea of banter occasionally cuts close to the quick, and particularly when bored or disinterested by her company she pushes to get a reaction. She’s the type to take risks just to see what will happen. Natural charisma gets her out of most scrapes, though when it doesn’t she’s hard pressed to step down from a challenge.

Difficult to read at the best of times, her sense of humour errs towards the satirical, and her temper is generally even. She has the façade of someone pretty difficult to ruffle, though in reality it’s just a slow burn; once sparked, her temper comes without warning, often disproportionate to the insult. Her trust, once earned, is usually pretty firm; there are plenty who think they have it, though, and don’t – they shouldn’t be surprised by her betrayal, but they generally are; she marks that down to being a good actress. Those who cross either her or someone she has a reason to look out for can expect retribution; forgiveness comes rarely, if at all.

She has little respect for authority, and despite being Russian-born dislikes the totalitarianism of the CCD. Her record is littered with minor infractions, usually of the disorderly kind, but she has little interest in actual crime; she just bends the rules to either suit her purposes or in knee-jerk reaction to the idea of being ordered about.

Her opinion of the nouveau riche, despite forming a proportionate number of her clientele, is very low; most of them are the sort of imbeciles who’ve never done an honest day’s hard work in their lives. And yes, she revels in the hypocrisy of that judgement, since she didn’t exactly do much to earn the basis of her own wealth.

Likewise, her view of CCD officials is poor, though since these people have generally earned their positions via merit, she treats this on a case by case basis.

She does love her cat, though.

Physical description

Of average height, with slender build and frame. She has dark hair, naturally straight to her shoulder-blades, and blue eyes. There’s usually something quite sardonic to her expression, though she is capable of sincerity. Casual confidence marks her demeanour, pushing towards the boundaries of haughty arrogance at times. Ori manipulates her femininity with ease and is certainly not shy, but she rails against the idea of being eye-candy. Despite the nature of business she’s in, her tastes in fashion and make-up err towards the understated classic; of an evening, she’s good at balancing elegant with provocative. During the day it’s not unusual to find her without make-up at all.

RP History



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