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What Not to Do (Kallisti)
[[ anyone is welcome to join. I'll let you deal with timelines I know mine Smile ]]

Nox sat in his former room spraying Lily with water to clean the dust from her petals and leaves. Probably was fine, but he wanted a mundane task to keep him busy. His normal distraction when he was nervous wasn’t there — nor had he heard from him in a while. He tried not to think about Raffe, but it was hard not to. ”I hope he’s okay.” Nox said to his flower.

A voice in the back of his head said. Maybe you should get used to wondering. He’s done with you anyway. That was his father speaking. He heard the sneer in his voice and the hatred of what he’d become. His father would have hated him dancing at Kallisti. It was a good thing he was dead.

Nox shook his hands to shake out the anxiety. Center of attention — that wasn’t hard. Center of the spot light — that’s different. He’d danced once for people and it went well. A second time should be no different. Except he had invited people. And Raffe wasn’t there. There was no pretending he was dancing just for him. Though he knew he’d do that, anyway. That’s where his courage came from. And he was okay with that.

The lounge was busy, the show itself was still setting up and he’d made his final preparations for the illusions and had to get into his first costume.

Mandy and Mae had fun putting together the greek roaring 20s outfit he wore now. The hat was his favorite bit — it neatly covered the flaming blue hair he now wore — sans the glitter the girls wanted to throw about his person. I think not!

Nox smiled at his reflection. The toga like trousers would be removed for the second act in lieu of the shorter version that would be more prominent in the greek gods era. It was a classy mobster suit if you were a Greek god mobster. He rather liked the look. The girls loved it. Juls’ Zeus costume for the first act was beautify the white and golds were perfect.

Now he only had to wait for show time. Yeah, he wasn’t nervous. He kept telling himself that.

[[ I'm done with my speed posting.  I'll wait for a good bit if ya'll need to finish something up and want to join let me know and I can hold off.  I'm not in a rush -- but Nox is, but we have other things to do write to entertain the muse. ]]
[[continued from Vice or Virtue]]

From the bottom of the steps, Visha stared up at the grand building. Spot-lights flared upwards, so that shadows picked out every decadent detail of the frontage. Kallisti. She absorbed it all with a frightful amount of wonder, the intensity of her dark gaze so focused it was almost predatory. Raffe’s stories marched through her head. She pressed her tongue to the tip of a tooth. A small smile flickered.

The dress she’d stolen from the boutique was a deep and electric blue, highly structured in the bodice like form-fitted armour before it swept from the hips. Matching gloves covered all the way past her elbows. In contrast the skin left to show was creamy pale, and its exposure made her feel half-way naked; she was so accustomed to being covered completely. Silvery strands of hair fell loose about her shoulders. Diamonds had been a harder theft. Nonetheless some glinted in her ears. She meant to look utterly perfect.

A line snaked from the doors, containing all manner of beautifully dressed people. Visha could hear the faint promise of music already within, and a shiver tingled. She did not entirely know what to expect. Actually, she’d never been around so many people. But no touching; that was what Raffe had said.

Visha climbed the steps with confidence, utterly sure of herself. She moved with a soundless sort of grace, acutely aware of the eyes that watched her ascent. Delight flushed her through; she realised almost immediately that she enjoyed the attention. Only at the top a man in ugly black barred her way. She was innocent in surprise, a genuine reaction, but it narrowed almost immediately to annoyance.

"I want to come in," she told him. Was that not obvious?

[Image: vishablue.jpg]
One of the pair of eyes that watched the beautiful people ascend the steps was Danika Zayed. This was her second party night in a few days, and her productivity in the lab had been absolute rubbish lately as a result. Things were really tense also in the facility. Godric and Marie were speaking, but they both shunned Danika like she was being blamed for the drama at the Almaz club. Danika only noticed when she walked up to Godric’s desk to ask if he had the figures she’d requested. It was probably a bad idea to blow off your boss, but Danika didn’t mind. He needed some time to process the threat of being beat up by Nox.

She never would have gone out again if it wasn’t for the spontaneous message that flooded her devices. Nox invited her to another club as a sort of making amends for not bringing a diet coke back. She thought the gesture to be really disproportionate to the offense, and Danika took no offense. He wasn’t her personal waiter! Plus she did eventually go order a diet coke for herself.

That was how Danika found herself standing outside the club on a work night. She was wearing the exact same outfit as what she wore to Almaz because let’s be honest, that’s the only outfit like that she owned. It was a blue silk dress with feathers wrapping around the waist. She seriously considered taking a saw to the black heels and lower them a few inches, but after studying the numbers decided that it would corrupt the walking integrity and opted against it. Then she thought to go shopping for an alternate pair, but she ran out of time and had to wear them or show up barefoot.
Aiden’s right leg bounced almost uncontrollably. Having Sage nestled closely with him in the backseat of the limo did surprisingly little to curb his anxiety. Tonight was supposed to be fun, a break from the monotony of work and experimentation. Aiden was a man that relished in such opportunities, but for the first time in his life he had found it to be a challenge. His mind kept going back to the Spear.

Dimitri, Sage, and Cooper had all seemingly ganged up to convince him that it would be overly conspicuous to walk into Nox’s show with a large weapon. They were right, of course, but Aiden would not hear their arguments for days. Sage was the one to finally get through to him. Aiden eventually broke down and they had all settled upon keeping it locked up safe in the trunk of Cooper’s limo. It still did not sit well with Aiden. Anyone could break into the trunk if they had half a mind to, but then Cooper would be with it the entire time. If Aiden couldn’t trust Cooper, then who could he trust?

Cooper is no God. If the Atharim have even the slightest whiff of this… Aiden thought to himself before shaking his head and taking another pull from his chilled whiskey. He had eased up on the drinking as of late, but his nerves depended upon it tonight. He almost lit another cigarette, but his coterie had been bearing down upon him with that as well. It wouldn’t do well to start chain smoking now. Better to wait until he had a few more whiskeys. Instead, he pulled Sage a little closer and let his leg slow to a halt. Aiden exhaled as Dimitri looked up from his oversized Wallet.

“We’re confirmed for the VIP guest list – not that I had any doubts. What is your relation to this… Nox?” Dimitri asked before taking a sip of his red wine. It was rare to see the man so relaxed, but Aiden had to admit it looked good on Dimitri. He was sporting a white suit coat with golden lapels, black button up dress shirt opened slightly at the neck, and shiny wingtip shoes; Aiden had obviously dressed the man.

Aiden was wearing a similar outfit, although his colors were strictly red and black. There was no dress shirt to be seen beneath Aiden’s two button dress coat and he donned a pair of fine leather boots in place of the wingtips. A thin gold chain rested across his collar bone, playing off the light and complimenting the dusting of gold glitter that he had sprinkled through his swept back coiffure. Ruby ear studs pulled the entire outfit together into something that said punk-rocker-goes-to-the-Grammys.

“I met him through Sage. He’s the man that helped guide me through my budding ‘Godhood,’” Aiden replied casually, squeezing Sage’s shoulder at the mention of his name – if only to prevent that same hand from lighting another menthol.

Dimitri nodded thoughtfully and let his gaze drift to the passing traffic. He let the Wallet slip onto the seat next to him and began drinking more regularly from his fluted glass. Aiden checked the map on his Wallet as a silence descended between them. Five more minutes and Cooper would be pulling the limo up to the Kallisti. Aiden finished off his whiskey and poured a splash more into his glass before turning his attention to Sage.

“Babe, I just don’t understand how Nox found himself getting into this. What has gotten into him that he is dancing on a stage?” Aiden asked. He was not one to judge. If anything, he was mildly irritated that Nox had not reached out to him. Aiden was an ex-rock star. Who better to talk to than a man who had toured the continents and sold-out stadiums? He let the irritation pass, “Last we spoke, he was worried about the Snakes… Isn’t this a little exposed for him?”

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Aiden and Dimitri were decked out to the nines. Sage didn't feel awkward but he wasn't nearly so extravagant. He wore a dark blue button down and black trousers. His shoes were a pair of canvas chucks. He rarely wore anything else. And he knew Nox would get a kick out of the dressed downed footwear.

He was in and out of the conversation in the limo until Aiden said his name. Sage quirked a knowing smile about how he and Nox and met. It wasn't a lie, but it was definitely a lot more to things than that. Aidan turned the conversation to what was going on with Nox. He knew the answer, but he didn't want to share

"He's always worried about them. But he's got the backing of the Ascendancy now too. He goes missing someone's gonna notice now. This is his second show." Sage said with a shrug. "He's been dancing since he was a kid. His mom was a dance teacher. Seems like a good way to make some money. Not like he's taking off his clothes at a strip club." He chuckled.

The club's lights came into view and the limo pulled up to the front. Sage would have been fine taking the train, but that wasn't Aiden's game. "I don't think this is going to be like Jaxen's show." That had been a fun night.

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The weeks upon his return to Moscow, prize in custody, Jaxen was hardly to be seen, holed up in the posh prison that was his condo. Then, most of those hours were passed in the bunker that was his tech room. The inquiries led to little success, but laying low worked out. If Scion knew he was back, he hadn’t heard anything about it. No snakes, either. It was good to be left alone for once.

That left his research turned upon the sword itself. It did little more than glow when the ancient power touched it. Don’t get him wrong. The sword’s light was magnificent. Plenty of hours passed staring into it. Into himself.

Fucking maddening. But not so much as to make him give up. In a thousand years, never.

A haircut and shave painted the smirk back on Jaxen’s face. Social news was abuzz with the celebrities lining up outside a particular theatre. As soon as he read the headline, he knew exactly what his plans were going to be for the night. And when the elite gathered to party, Jaxen was sure to show up. He snugged on a fur coat plush with oil-sheened feathers around the collar. John Paul Gaultier couture vintage Fall 2011. The shirt beneath was a loose-knit green speckled with matching metal coins. Blooming pants threaded with sparkle were tucked into knee-high motoboots, billowing when he sauntered into the cold night air. His hair was coiffed high and chaotic, silver rimmed his eyelashes, and a spike of an earring dangled from one lobe. 

He left the sword at home, locked with the remainder of his treasures.

The car let him out at the door. Cameras and faces greeted Jaxen Marveet, but amused, he did not wave or bow to the crowd. He relished in the attention, but refused to give them more than the flash of conspiratorial eyes and a good look at the couture outfit.

But he wasn't the only one to arrive in style. The crowd recognized something he didn't, and mildly irritated with the outcome, their attention was pulled away. A limo rolled into place after his own car departed. And he watched to see who was going to spill out next.
"So?" said Loki impatiently.  "This isn't the first time the world has come to an end, and it won't be the last either."
Jaxen +
Loki +
+ Jole +
It transpired that the issue was there was a queue, but also that the man wanted money before she could be permitted inside. Visha’s gaze narrowed. If there were people stupid enough to wait for admittance rather than just ascending the steps as she had done, then that seemed a them problem. And as for the second; Visha had none. Ephraim purchased for her whatever she wanted, and everything else she simply took. Neither seemed an explanation likely to move the arms-folded mountain before her though.

“I know Raffe,” she finally declared like the flourish of a golden ticket. Determination armed her feet to the spot despite the frustrating obstacle; they weren’t getting rid of her. But a brilliant smile lit her up too. Visha was a far sweeter creature when she expected victory.  “He works here,” she added, assuming the qualification might be necessary. The man did not look very bright. “And he can’t be here tonight. For Nox. Sooo,” she gestured herself with gloved hands, fully aware of the encouraged sweep of her body. The dress was very beautiful, and it was very tight.

That last was a complete lie, in as much as Raffe has certainly not asked her to be here in his stead, but she was brazen with it, and very convincing. Her pleasure at her own stroke of genius made her own bright smile perfectly genuine. She bit the edge of her lip in anticipation. If he still denied her, it appeared it might just break her heart.
Nox paced around the back of the club. He could walk the floor like the girls, but his job wasn’t to entertain, at least not necessarily — he could, but right now he wasn’t exactly in the best mood. And he kept an eye on the feeds while he could. That was his job — security. Though most of the others were far bigger and far better at the job, his unique talents still made him ‘boss’ for now. For as long as Carmen wanted it that way, anyway.

He watched the small girl at the front door with Mike. He stood in her way and she looked perturbed. But not as perturbed as the people she’d cut in front of. Lines mattered unless you were VIPs. And there were a few of them that walked past the line.

A voice sounded in his ear. ”Hey boss. This girl says she’s here because Raffe can’t be here. For you.” While it wasn’t common knowledge he and Raffe were having troubles, there was a sort of tension where everyone knew exactly what was going on. It was a family, and they all cared. For both of them.

”Ever seen her before?”

”No. But I don’t keep track of every girl who comes and goes and likes you pretty boys.”

Nox smirked. ”Let her in, but take her name, like she’s on the list.”

Nox doubted Raffe would send anyone to support him if he couldn’t. He’d tell Carmen to relay the message, most likely. So this girl was up to a game, but she at least knew how to tug at all the right strings to make Nox want to meet her, even if it was to call her on her lie. Or maybe it meant what it was, but honestly, Nox didn’t think so, and Sage would have fun with a new name. And since he was coming here, all the better for the visual clues he might need.

Nox watched on the screen as the exchange happened. He took a quick picture with his wallet he held onto tightly while he waited. It was his lifeline, and he wasn’t about to let it go until he had to go on stage, but he had no pockets in his costume.

The girl looked even more annoyed. He checked her name off the list and jotted it down before he lifted the velvet rope for her to pass, even though she was on the wrong side of it.

”Boss only name I got is Visha.”


Nox sent the picture and her name to Sage.

What can you dig up on her? gave the name Visha.

Sage would do way more work just trying to figure out who she was. Nox was pretty sure Aurora used Sage on the downlow when they were kids. She was too good at information sometimes. Not that she wasn’t good at hacking — but Sage was far better.

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The limo came to a stop as Sage mentioned Jaxen. Aiden chuckled as he remembered that particular night. It had been a shame there had not been more like it. Aiden had picked up some new tricks from that gathering. The power to change one’s appearance was beyond useful and it had made Aiden contemplate further applications of the Light. If only experimentation had been less of a danger…

“I would be shocked if Nox’s show was anything like Jaxen’s. The man is insufferably flamboyant,” Aiden quickly said as he downed the last splash of whiskey. Cooper dutifully opened the rear door as Aiden set the glass down upon the vehicle’s wet bar. Aiden spotted the flashing cameras and the gaggle of paparazzi just beyond and he stifled a sigh. He had all but avoided the lime light since coming to the CCD. It was a shock to find them here. Was the Ascendancy himself backing this event? How had Nox – a relatively unknown persona on the world stage – garnered such attention?

Aiden slapped a charming smile on his face on rote and slid out of the limo first, pulling Sage behind him. Aiden’s grip on Sage’s hand was firm. He needed Sage to know that he was uncomfortable despite what the rest of his body language said. Cameras blinded him for an instant as Aiden posed casually and smiled for the world – not daring to blink for a second. Dimitri followed behind Sage and worked to clear a path for the ex-rockstar as the paparazzi swarmed in tightly to capture what they could.

“Aiden! Are Kyle Rice’s allegations true? Were orgies a regular occurrence at your after parties?”

“Aiden Finnegan! Why have you decided to delay your book release?”

“Mr. Finnegan! Who is the young man with you tonight? Is this your new lover?”

“Aiden! Can you issue a comment on-“

On and on the questions poured as nameless individuals tried to speak over one another. Dimitri all but shoved the sharks aside as Aiden finished up his posturing and made his was through the sea of bodies that lay before him. His grip on Sage’s hand only tightened as the barrage of questions kept pounding away.

“Ladies and gentlemen! I will not be commenting on anything other than my dear friend, Nox, and his performance tonight. If you wish to find me after the curtain call, I will be more than happy to speak with you then, but for now, please allow my boyfriend, my personal assistant, and myself to enter the venue for – what I am sure will be – an amazing and captivating night. Thank you,” Aiden announced to the assemblage in a magnanimous tone.

The paparazzi did nothing of the sort, of course. Dimitri was just as determined, however, and finally opened the rest of the way for Aiden and Sage to proceed unmolested. Aiden squeezed Sage’s hand once more and pecked him on the cheek as they finally came to a cleared space upon the red carpet.

Jaxen Marveet was standing directly in Aiden’s path. He couldn’t help but to laugh out loud.

“Speak of the devil and he doth appear,” Aiden said jovially, “Jaxen, my friend, how are you on this fine evening? Nice digs.”

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Join me for a show?

His message disappeared into the depths of technology. Sophia mentioned theater the night they met. Unfortunately, she had other plans already made. Seven smiled to himself when he expressed his playful jealousy for the other party. He was satisfied with the promise of watching live performances together at a tea bar in the Enlightenment district instead next weekend and summoned the second number. After a few moments, he learned Prisha was swamped with course work, apparently. A student at MSU, she had a pending due date that occupied the entire weekend. Seven sent along well-wishes, but it was without any sense of disappointment that he laid the wallet on the table and gazed around the quickly filling burlesque.

He may be without the company of either lady, but the three of them had a memorable time together after Jay passed out in his room. It would have been inhospitable to leave one behind, rude almost. Therefore, it was Seven's sure and polite duty to invite the suddenly dateless girl to join them. At the exit of another room, the next morning, the three parted with vague promises to see each other again. For Seven’s part, he had been sincere. Apparently that had been one-sided. Or, perhaps, two-sided.

About then, the server rounded in front of him. He occupied a raised area along the wall. He wanted a good view.

Vouvray Moelleux 'Goutte d'Or'?” she asked, French accent perfectly pronounced. A chilled bottle of white wine beaded sweat, captured expertly by a white towel, was perched in her arm.

He rose to examine it. Hair fell loose around his ears as he looked down.

“Lovely,” he said and retook his seat and crossed one leg over the other.

She laid out two glasses, but Seven’s hand hovered near one, blocking the second pour.

“It seems I have been stood up,” he smiled good-naturedly. With a sigh, he glanced at the stage beyond. He would still enjoy the show. The bill promised an interpretive performance sure to be quite moving, and Seven had always been fond of retellings of old stories. 

She looked him up and down. His tuxedo jacket beneath hung completely unbuttoned. The sheen of bare skin was shadowed by a sheer layer beneath. Decorated with a mosaic of metallic thread shaped like scales against the lay of his chest. Bracelets lay along one wrist. The other wore a vintage timepiece.

“Honey, I don’t think you’ll be alone for long,” she winked and left the second glass where it was.

“Not with you here,” his smile brightened, and he thought her amusement to be sincere as the lights flickered to signal the nearing of the show.

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