Gus, owner

No name swung above the door, the sign long since chipped and never replaced; colloquially it was most often referred to as the hole, when it was spoken about at all. It was a place thick with locals more than tourists, though from time to time it attracted those too; at least those brave or stupid enough to seek out an ‘authentic’ experience.

Not Terrible

The Hole is a dive bar in a poor, mostly residential district of Moscow. The door itself is plastered in shabby old flyers. It’s clean enough inside, with a pool table and a small kitchen serving greasy food and bar snacks.

It frequently plays host to criminal organisations like the Yakuza and Syndicate. The proprietor, Gus, doesn’t give a fuck so long as no one causes trouble.

Sometimes the room upstairs is rented out. Currently it is occupied by brother and sister Kōta and Eido.

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