Nebesa’s Gate Casino

A prestigious casino located on New Arbat Street, a major artery in Moscow City. Its name translates to “Heaven’s Gate” in English. After the birth of the ASU it was one of the first to open its doors after gambling was re-legalised in Russia. Previously, such venues had been banned from all but four government appointed districts. After more than twenty years, Nebesa remains at the forefront of the gambling scene in Moscow. It’s popular with tourists hoping to catch a glimpse of the many celebrities said to frequent its walls.

The casino consists of four game halls, a nightclub (Zaranitsa’s Dream), several restaurants (among them the 5* Elysian), a theatre, and several bars, the most popular of which is known as Empyrean. American roulette, Black Jack, Poker, Baccarat, Crystal Craps and other games are available. Drinks and the taxi rank outside are complimentary. Slot rooms are available for the casual tourist, and VIP suites for the more distinguished guest.

Zaranitsa’s Dream

A night club with a celestial theme. Zaranitsa is one of the epithets of a Slavic folklore figure, and personification of dawn. The lights are dreamy and evocative of the night sky. Promises of a transcendental experience may be fuelled by the rumour that it is one of the places cult drug P is circulated.

Elysian Restaurant

A 5* restaurant that purports to offer a taste of paradise.


The Empyrean bar is reminiscent of a classic Gentleman’s club with sumptuous seating areas and bottle service. It is decorated in lavish gold tones and boasts an air of sophistication and refinement, where one can relax like a king. The music is often live piano, and there is also a small stage, which on occasion plays host to famous names. Empyrean offers the paradise of a bygone era.

The Vasiliev Family

The casino is owned by the Vasilievs, a prominent crime family in Moscow. Rumours of nefarious goings on are, of course, unsubstantiated.



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