P is a illegal pill that induces a vibrant hallucinatory state, often erroneously thought to stand for Pleasure but occasionally understood by its darker and perhaps truer moniker of Pestilence.

It’s intended to be used in conjunction with a black market neural interface, and promotes a state of mind which can then be controlled much like a lucid dream via generic or custom scenario presets, enabling users to live out any number of fantasies. The drug provides the experience, and the headset the control, however it adjusts and reacts to the emotions of the user so no two experiences are exactly the same.

Used without such controls, and the effect is an utter roulette; the experience might be euphoric, or terrifying, or anything in between. In a worst case scenario the stimulus overloads the brain, and is fatal.

P is highly addictive, both for the viscerally blissful experiences it can offer, but also for the very real thrill of its dangers.

OOC notes for players: headsets are currently available through Rubik Room’s invitation only secret levels. The pill is primarily marketed through Ezekiel, though you may come across it through NPC dealers attached to him. Currently NPC dealers are known to operate in the Devil’s Lair and Zaranitsa’s Dream nightclubs.

The neural interface itself looks like a VR headset. Using P with or without it resembles being in TAR (they are unrelated, but just for example of feel). While using P you will appear asleep to others. In the hallucination you are lucid and will have some control over your environment. Much like dreaming it doesn’t have to make sense or conform to the limitations of reality, though it can. Emotions and sensations are heightened.

WITH a headset, the script is set. It will unfold like a story according to what you chose, or via the choice of the person who set the program. It’s interactive. The drug reacts to the user, but is kept in check by the headset, making the experience itself safe. The drug is still highly addictive though. Keep in mind that access to RR and therefore the headsets is limited.

WITHOUT a headset what happens is entirely in reaction to the character, and the drug has nothing keeping it in check. The longer the hallucination, the more influence the drug exerts over you, the less control you have. Your ultimate fantasy can very quickly unravel to a nightmare. Part of the addiction is continually going back to achieve that “perfect” high. Some people just enjoy the thrill of its unpredictability — since you cannot get injured yourself, and can partake of any questionable illegal activity you choose under its influence, without consequence. Of course, the more stimulating the activity, the more chance the drug will overload your brain and kill you.



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