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Permanent Location: Moscow, south of the Red Light District near the river.

The Carnival set up a permanent location when Dominick started showing signs of the sickness. A female child also displayed the sickness around the same time. Both children got better, but they had already erected permanent brick and mortar tiny houses painted in extravagant colors for their personal lodgings. The Carnival is a series of several tents and open buildings sitting next to the River.

The Carnival employees comprised mostly those who traveled with the carnival before they made a permanent home in Moscow. They stay for reasons of their own entertaining the masses.

Side-Shows Available:

  • Strong man – Denes Vas
  • Tarot cards/Fortunes – Renáta Vas
  • Snake Charmer – Viktoria Vas
  • Magic show (Dominick Vas & female channeler)
  • “The Veil’s Embrace,” haunted attraction – Sámiel Pekelniak
  • Silversmith
  • Candy maker
  • Basket Weaving
  • Palm Reader/Fortunes (rival to the Vas family)
  • The Dance Circle (theater/singing/dancing)
  • A Petting Zoo
  • Several Games of Chance
  • Various others

Long rows of tapestries sequestered the domicile buildings to separate the carnival from their homes. Meant to keep prying eyes from their private accommodations more than to keep people out.

The camp houses about 5 different Romani families, for at least six generations or more. Romani families arrange marriages with other families outside their carnival to keep the blood fresh. The elders encourage young Romani women to foster relations at an appropriate age with outsiders to bring in new blood without ties.

Most children remain with the carnival but a few move away or come home, eventually.

The Vas Family

  • Renáta Vas (Carnival Leader/Fortuneteller) – mother “false prophet” (note: Sister to Zeke’s mother)
  • Denes Vas (Strong Man) – father
  • Kada Vas (Animal handler) – younger brother 15
  • Albert Vas (runner) – youngest brother 10
  • Dominik Vas (magic show) – eldest brother 26
  • Viktoria Vas (snake charmer) oldest sister 23
  • Nusa Vas – baby sister (3 years old)
  • Roza Vas – age 19
  • Esper – age 18




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