Samóch, Dirge of Despair

Originally a student of Alinur Sarin Drenai’s existential philosophy, Samóch accepted the inevitability of futility in contrast to his mentor who sought oblivion. Rather than be plagued by existential anguish, he was driven to revel in the suffering of others. He saw existence as inherently meaningless, leading him to derive purpose and pleasure from inflicting pain and chaos upon the world. Subconsciously, he chases the spirits that promise to provide meaning to it all in effort to find one with ‘the answers.’

He turned to the Shadow early in the War of Power and was afforded a great deal of responsibility as a governor, general and administrator of the newly established realm of authority. Alas, under his despotic reign, the lands under his dominion were irrevocably marred by the harbingers of agony, destitution, the abhorrent spectacle of blood-sport, and the pervasive shroud of terror. Regrettably, his tenure as a ruler proved to be an embodiment of paucity and sadism, inflicting untold suffering upon the very people entrusted to his care.

His actions or alliances since being released from Shayol Ghul are unknown.

Other Lives

1st Age: Sámiel Pekelniak

5th Age: Samyaza

6th Age: Samhain



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