Basic Stats

Age: 23
Origin: Iowa, America
Occupation: Rod of Dominion | Legionnaire 1e Classe, Légion Première
Power Potential: 27
Talent: Channeler
Loyalty: CCD | Légion Première
Played By: Jaxen



Good, average height, Jay has a lean build consistent with strict military (and his own) PT standards. He’s quick to grin, but cool headed and difficult to provoke, unless touching upon the few things he holds dearest in this world, such as threatening those he feels he has a duty to protect, then he has a bit of a problem keeping his cool. Otherwise, he’s a red-blooded American country boy, with hay-colored hair and cornflower blue eyes.


Inner bicep: Winged skull with crossed paddle and knife behind it. Three bullet holes in the forehead of the skull. {significance: Force recon 2/8 marines, remembering 3 fallen brothers}. black/gray/white shading.

Left shoulder blade: Black and white Eagle, globe and anchor (oldest, smallest tattoo) {significance: earned after completed basic training}

Right calf: a purple kitten, teeth bared, eyes red-slits, head turned to look out over its shoulder with claws dragging down red-filled, shredded skin from where it’s hanging on. {significance: represents legion company hellcats and the kitten that Jay found in Freetown}

Military service

National Archives and Records Administration


  • United States Marine Corps
  • United States Marines Corps Forces Special Operations Command

Duty Stations/Assignments

  • Force Reconnaissance: 2d Battalion, 8th Marines
    o Panama
    o Polynesia
    o South Africa
    o Uganda
  • United States Marines Corps Forces Special Operations Command (MARSOC)
    o [redacted]
    o [redacted]
    o [redacted]
    o [redacted]

Awards and Medals

  • Silver Star – A silver star is the nation’s third highest personal combat award (behind the Medal of Honor and Distinguished Service Cross). It is awarded “for gallantry in action against an armed enemy of the United States.” This award to a mere Corporal incited a high degree of controversy as it is much more often awarded to higher officers despite its rarity. For comparison, usually ~3 Silver Stars are awarded to Marine Corps members in a given year. They are earned only for heroic achievement under fire.
  • Navy/Marine Corps Achievement Medal
  • Marine Corps Good Conduct Medal
  • Combat Action Ribbon
  • Certificate of Commendation for exceptional level of professionalism and expertise while participating in operation readiness exercise

Disciplinary Actions

Nonjudicial punishment (NJP) for disciplinary infarction while deployed. NJP appeal was denied.

Administrative Remarks

Discharged, Other than Honorable

Report of Separation

      • Place of entry into active duty
        o MCRD San Diego, CA
      • Place of release from active duty
        o 3rd Marine Raider Regiment (3dMRB), Camp Lejune, North Carolina

        • MARSOC Raiders are a Special Operations Force tasked by USSOCOM to conduct special operations
          missions, some of which may be covert.
        • The 1st and 2nd Battalions are designated DASR (Direct Action Special Reconnaissance), which are
          essentially tasked with direct action, foreign internal defense, counter-terrorism, and special
          reconnaissance. The 4th Battalion is a support battalion, not actually composed of Marine Raiders. 3rd battalion, however… everything they do is highly classified. The marines who are in the 3rd battalion are NEVER allowed to talk about what they do, who they work with, or where they go. All anyone not of that group knows it that they are a small group and some of the most elite fighters in the world. Their deployments are short (1-3 months) but frequent (2 or more per year)
      • Last duty assignment and rank
        o Critical Skills Operator (CSO)
        o Corporal
        o Fox Company, 3dMRB
    • Military job specialty
      o Rifleman
    • Military education
      o School of Infantry
      o Special Operations Training Course
      o CSO Individual Training Course

            • Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape
            • Tactical Combat Critical Care
            • Advanced Communications
            • Fire support, small boat operations, demolitions, crew weapon
            • Special Reconnaissance Skills
            • Close quarters combat (CQB) tactics, techniques, demolitions, and urban combat
            • Combat marksmanship
            • Irregular warfare

          o Marine Special Operations School (MSOS)
          o SCUBA Combatant Diver
          o CQB Level II
          o Helicopter Rope Suspension Training

      Past Lives

      He’s no reborn god, unless you consider his own soul to be a god, which he probably does. But if he were around in the 5th or 6th Ages, he was nobody famous. Any life before that is long lost to the histories, but he was there, and he fought with all his heart for the Light, to his dying day. In the 3rd Age he lived as Jai Asad Kojima

      RP History



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