Basic Stats

Age: 23
Origin: Iowa, America
Occupation: Rod of Dominion | Legionnaire 1e Classe, Légion Première
Power Potential: 27
Talent: Channeler
Loyalty: CCD | Légion Première
Played By: Jaxen


Good, average height, Jay has a lean build consistent with strict military (and his own) PT standards. He’s quick to grin, but cool headed and difficult to provoke, unless touching upon the few things he holds dearest in this world, such as threatening those he feels he has a duty to protect, then he has a bit of a problem keeping his cool. Otherwise, he’s a red-blooded American country boy, with hay-colored hair and cornflower blue eyes.


Past Lives

He’s no reborn god, unless you consider his own soul to be a god, which he probably does. But if he were around in the 5th or 6th Ages, he was nobody famous. Any life before that is long lost to the histories, but he was there, and he fought with all his heart for the Light, to his dying day. In the 3rd Age he lived as Jai Asad Kojima

RP History


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