In the months before mainland Europe decided to join the CCD, the French Foreign Legion and it’s benefactors played an expensive and dangerous gambit. Over the course of six months, an entire regiment of the Legion was misplaced, written off, retired, and honorably discharged. Soldiers and equipment were stationed in a French military dockyard in Casablanca, Morocco, and systematically forgotten. By the time France joined the CCD, the 1st Regiment of the Foreign Legion no longer existed on the books.

A week later, Légion Première registered itself as a private security firm specializing in larger-scale operations. Over the past 20 years, most of the original Legionnaires have retired or passed on, but the traditions of the Legion remain strong, making Légion Première an unusually professional mercenary group, with it’s soldiers highly sought after by oil, energy, and mining companies all over Africa.

At first glance, Légion Première is a business. Without good profit margins, the company would have gone defunct years ago, unable to keep its expensive equipment operational or to pay it’s employees. However, at it’s core, it’s a professional military force with long and deep-routed traditions. ‘The Legion dies; it does not surrender.’ A mentality that has set it apart from similar private security companies, whose members are often drafted from various militaries and are usually hot-shots and glory hounds. Légion Première takes the contracts most other companies deem too dangerous, and it’s fees are exorbitant by comparison to others. But, as they say, you get what you pay for.


Legion recruit training facility: Sidi Bel Abbès, Algeria

Headquarters: Casablanca, Morocco

Offices in Moscow at Igumnov House (former French Embassy)

PC Legionnaires, Associates, and Allies

Jacques Danjou – CEO and commander

Lieutenant Jared Vanders

Lieutenant Jay Carpenter – Transferred to CCD after he was incarcerated in the Facility.

Eleanor Northbrook – Red Cross Member and philanthropist who hired the Legion to extract her daughter, Natalie Northbrook, from danger

Julie Reed – CCD spy following Nicholas Trano through DV and was at the Battle of Jeddah

Nicholas Trano – American reporter present for the Battle of Jeddah

Ascendancy – Offers financial and other support for ongoing efforts in Africa aligned with CCD interests

Battles & Contracts


[Forthcoming – from Jacques Bio]

Samantha Brown and the Women’s College

[Forthcoming – from Jacques Bio]

The Battle of Freetown

The battle of Freetown, Sierra Leone was the opening battle of a rebellion between local forces uprising against the government of Sierra Leone, led by General Wallace Johnson, who named himself Interim President afterward. Legion Premiere was present for the battle on a mission to rescue a VIP named Natalie Northbrook-Grey, whose mother hired them to extract her.

Operation Rien N’Empêche

This operation retook Sierra Leone from General-President Wallace Johnson’s forces. With General Wallace-Johnson’s forces being over run across the city by the Legion, city police, and their associated allies, and the Legionnaires themselves embroiled in the task of retaking the city, there were no forces in place to sortie against the shelling, even if they knew where exactly it was coming from.

This was taking place at the same time as Operation Gauntlet.

Operation Gauntlet

This operation took place in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Jacques had been captured by President-General Wallace-Johnson’s forces and taken back to their command center to be held for ransom. Kitted with F3LIN power-armored suits, a team of Legionnaires were tasked with reaching the parliament building where Jacques was held to rescue him.

The Battle of Jeddah


CCD Alliance

Following the battle of Jeddah, Danjou arrived in Moscow with a group of Legionnaires to acquire key resources. They were given the property of former home of the French ambassador, the building was only 4kms from the Red Square, situated in the historic Yakimanka District to use while their presence remained in Moscow. The building had been re-purposed for a time as a government office during a lengthy renovation project in one of the Kremlin’s many administrative buildings, and had while considered a heritage site, it had seen little use since.

“We need to intervene, Jacques. It’s time. You’ve already begun. All the things you suggested would do nothing but help the region, but manufacturing, jobs, trade and safety will not come until the corruption is rooted out, the in-fighting ceased, and the land unified. 

“You can do all that but not without help. You need strike fighters, attack helicopters, surveillance and drones, ammunition. You said you’re not in the CCD to ask for such things, but you’re sitting in front of me now, and I am telling you I am willing to see you acquire what you need.

“I only ask for allegiance in return.”

Ascendancy, The Proverbial Choice

The first of their allegiance resulted in the Grand Ball, a massive fundraiser at the Kremlin where tickets were sold for CCD$10 M per person. This resulted in approximately a CCD$3 B donation to Legion Premiere. Afterward, the Ascendancy dispatched Commander Vellas to embed within Legion Premiere to teach his channelers how to control their power.


Field uniform

Dress uniform

While traditional in appearance, keeping to the almond-green fabric, blue sash, and white Kepi cap, the winter dress uniforms are made of modern materials: slash-resistant cloth, concealed soft-weave body armour. Military grade Land warriors were standard issue, as were hard-case Wallets.

Important NPCs

Provost Boipelo – Legion Panhard Convoy, near Freetown
Sergeant Jackson – American, Legion Panhard Convoy, near Freetown
Bombardier Iweala – Freetown, Sierra Leone
Sapper Aberash – Freetown, Sierra Leone – Deceased
Capitan Pék, Hungarian – Sidi Bel Abbès, Algeria
Lieutenant Purnama, Indonesian – Legion Panhard Convoy, near Freetown
Sergent Potenza, African – Freetown, Sierra Leone
Toubib Afolayan, African, medic – Legion Panhard Convoy, near Freetown

Captain Espen Pedersen – Swiss, Ex-CCD infantry officer – Moscow, CCD
Caporale Chander Iyer, Indian – Moscow, CCD

Caporal Ime – deceased, DV riot while protecting Julie Reed
Legionnaire 1er Classe Sanna, South African, Jeddah – Deceased
Legionnaire 1er Classe Smit, South African, Jeddah – Deceased
Caporale Novax, Angolan, Jeddah – Deceased
Legionnaire Desta Sizwe, South African, Jeddah – Deceased
Capitaine Henning, Egyptian, Jeddah – Deceased
Legionnaire 2e Classe Lesław, Polish, Sierra Leone
Legionnaire 1er Classe Bartoš, Slovakian, Sierra Leone

Commandant Tuff, British, Legion officer, senior staff at Legion HQ
Lieutenant Afolayan – Freetown, Sierra Leone – Deceased
Capitaine Gordon Antić – Freetown, Sierra Leone
Lieutenant Aaron Kamenashi, Moroccan, near Masiaka – Deceased

Lieutenant Colonel Romanov, CCD officer, prison warden
Mr Dangote – Nigerian, corporate CEO
Mademoiselle Samantha Brown – American, Red Cross

Ambassador Oluwaseun Stankic, Moroccan Ambassador to Sierra Leone
Esi Knezevic, President’s wife – Sierra Leone

General Wallace-Johnson, Sierra Leonean officer, Mende faction leader</del> – killed by Legionnaire Jay Carpenter
Colonel Doe, Sierra Leonean officer, Mende – MIA
Lieutenant Folami, Sierra Leonean officer, Mende – Deceased near Masiaka<

General Katlego, Sierra Leonean officer, Temne faction leader
Major Jengo Abrams, Sierra Leonean officer, Temne faction Artillery officer – killed defending M777 battery

Lieutenant-Colonel Ndidi Daugherty, Sierra Leonean Officer, Loyalist -Deceased in Kenema</del>

Zhou Ah Sung, Chinese arms dealer active in Africa


  • F3LIN power-armored suits
  • Type 99 MTBs (tanks)
  • BMPT Terminators (tanks)
  • Patria AMVs (tanks)


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