Légion Première

In the months before mainland Europe decided to join the CCD, the French Foreign Legion and it’s benefactors played an expensive and dangerous gambit. Over the course of six months, an entire regiment of the Legion was misplaced, written off, retired, and honorably discharged. Soldiers and equipment were stationed in a French military dockyard in Casablanca, Morocco, and systematically forgotten. By the time France joined the CCD, the 1st Regiment of the Foreign Legion no longer existed on the books.
A week later, Légion Première registered itself as a private security firm specializing in larger-scale operations. Over the past 20 years, most of the original Legionnaires have retired or passed on, but the traditions of the Legion remain strong, making Légion Première an unusually professional mercenary group, with it’s soldiers highly sought after by oil, energy, and mining companies all over Africa.
At first glance, Légion Première is a business. Without good profit margins, the company would have gone defunct years ago, unable to keep it’s expensive equipment operational or to pay it’s employees. However, at it’s core, it’s a professional military force with long and deep-routed traditions. ‘The Legion dies; it does not surrender.’ A mentality that has set it apart from similar private security companies, whose members are often drafted from various militaries and are usually hot-shots and glory hounds. Légion Première takes the contracts most other companies deem too dangerous, and it’s fees are exorbitant by comparison to others. But, as they say, you get what you pay for.


Previous Guy

date – 2041

Jacques Danjou

2041 – Current

Notable Contracts

How Jacques became CEO, Nigeria stuff from bio

past, link to post

Samantha Brown and the women’s college, from bio

past, link to post


summary of job

summary of job

  • Money and Lives
  • No Russian
  • Wounds
  • Sierra Leone

    summary of job

    Notable Companies

    Hell Cats

    “Hell Cats”

    The company is based at their Sierra Leone HQ in Freetown. Their assignment in Africa is to Hexagon Metrology Heavy Industries, best known as a supplier of heavy equipment and machinery, and active throughout Africa, South America, North America, China, and Australia. HMHI were formerly active in the CCD, but as an American based business, that washed out.
    The Legionnaires are on task for escorting VIPs to/from the HQ or other executive locations for meetings, and for escorting maintenance crews to various work sites around the country to do repairs on equipment. Since the eruption of civil war, the Hell Cats, veterans of life in Africa, have already begun evacuating their non-indigenous personnel, and any Sierra Leoneans working at their office have been left behind to fend for themselves. Mostly American specialists and management types have been evacuated thus far.

    Organization within Légion Première
    • 1st Battalion (2nd Battalion only recently stood up for the CCD contracts),
    • 1st Company (North Africa contracts),
    • 2nd Platoon, 2 Section.
    • Fireteam alpha and Fireteam Beta

    Call sign is 12C (One Two Charlie). Unofficially: Callsign Hell Cat (patch: deep purple cat with red slit eyes on a field of olive green).
    Reports to: Capitaine Gordon Antić, senior-most Legionnaire on the ground in Sierra Leone. Croation man, fit and professional.

    Notable Members

    Fireteam Alpha

    • Corporal Contee – French African descent
    • Pavlov – mess of hair, looks like a mangy mutt
    • Kofi “Friday” Ihejirka – alpha driver.

    Fireteam Beta

  • Picard – Driver. Has been in the Legion the longest. which is why new guy Jay was on his team. And was pleasantly surprised at how easily Jay repeated the legion Motto. Bald.
  • Smitty – has a gold tooth, looks like a pirate
  • Jay – Hollywood cause he has the swagger.
  • Other Companies

    Organization within Légion Première
    Notable Members

    : Organizations



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