Mother of Natalie and two other girls. Eleanor is a prominent patron of the International Red Cross, and a well-known and much loved humanitarian, particularly renowned in DVII. Her father is DVII’s Patron, Edward Northbrook. The two are often pictured together, and the Northbrook family is cited as being close.

She was once married to Alistair Grey, this being perhaps the only public mark against her character. The romance was a whirlwind of first love, and though few might remember, at the time was not blessed by her father. They were wed in a small ceremony in 2021, three years after they had met.

Three children and almost twenty years later Alistair was arrested, and in 2042 successfully convicted of embezzlement and aiding terrorist activities in America. Eleanor severed all ties with him immediately. The divorce papers were never made public, but it was presumed to have happened after she dropped the “Grey” from her name.

A mature woman in her forties, with chin-length blonde hair and blue eyes. Always well dressed and manicured, she has a polished and carefully managed public image. Demure, but not distant. Even dressed casually and without make-up there is something serene, stoic and trustworthy in her manner: another deliberately managed aspect of her public profile. Any internet search will throw up hundreds of images: public functions, charity galas, speeches; leaked family retreat shots, work abroad (she will often spearhead crisis campaigns). Photographs featuring Alistair mostly appear to have been wiped, unless one digs for them purposefully.

Kind and firm sums up her reputation, but a sharp mind ticks beneath.



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