Patron of DVII

As a young man Edward began his political career in the heart of London. Born of old blood and hounded by an aristocratic legacy that painted him at odds with the everyday British people, he nonetheless pierced the core of public consciousness and held it in the palm of his hand. The iron fist closed. During a time the country leaned towards becoming insular, threatening to break away from the EU – let alone subjugating itself to the ASU – Edward paved the way for annexation to the newly structured CCD, and in doing so secured his position as DVII Patron, a title he has held now over twenty years. He is very well connected, including a friendship with Tobias Volthström.

Edward is tall and imposing, with starkly patrician features. Red-blonde hair has mostly retreated to grey; it is kept cropped close, as is his beard. He has forged a career on stark honesty, bluntness, and getting things done, and has the demeanour of one who brooks no nonsense. Despite such a seemingly sharp edge, he has the charisma of a man you can trust, and trust the people do. His smile is a hard earned prize, and his disappointment a devastating blow. Edward is known to be a family man. His daughter, Eleanor, is the soft counterpart to the Northbrook name.


Money and Lives



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