Wayward father of Natalie and her sisters, and once the husband of the much loved humanitarian and daughter of DVII’s current patron, Eleanor Northbrook.

Alistair and Eleanor’s romance was a whirlwind of first love, and though few might remember, at the time was not blessed by Eleanor’s father. They were wed in a small ceremony in 2021, three years after they had met.

Three children and almost twenty years later Alistair was arrested, and in 2042 successfully convicted of embezzlement and aiding terrorist activities in America. Eleanor severed all ties with him immediately. The divorce papers were never made public, but it was presumed to have happened after she dropped the “Grey” from her name.
He has never spoken about his conviction, nor received visits from any family members, including the daughter thought to be a co-conspirator to his crimes.

Little is known about him. An internet search brings up only the articles on his trial. It is believed by most that he is vehemently opposed to the Ascendancy’s rule.

Alistair is in his early 50s. Once blonde hair has now silvered and is kept short and manicured. He has a severe face, often unsmiling, particularly in photographs. Ice-pale eyes mark the most disturbing of his features; his glare is a force to be reckoned with, and does little for his cold reputation. Carefully maintained silver stubbles his cheeks. He is a quiet man, disinterested in small talk and the inanities of most people. His reputation as an eccentric billionaire of inherited wealth never garnered him favour with the public, who viewed him as cold and unfeeling and an ill for for his philanthropist wife. This, of course, never appeared to bother him.



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