Jared Vanders

Age: 30
Birthday: 1 August 2015

Origin: Roswell, New Mexico – Previously – Sierra Leone – Currently – Moscow

Occupation/Skills: Soldier/Mercenary – A reconnaissance expert and good at collecting information from computer systems – 2nd Dan Black Belt in Aikido (Nidan); Lieutenant in Légion Première.

Psychological Description: Jared enjoys having a good time and getting to know new people. Due to experience, he responds well in crisis situations and is able to keep his head and make good choices. He is willing to do potentially bad things in order for the good of all believing that often times, the end justifies the means. He has a strong love for his brothers and sisters in arms as they are his family.

Physical Description: He stands 6 feet tall and weighs 180 pounds. His hair and eyes are both dark. He is strong, but not overly muscular.

  • Powers: Channeler
  • Talent: Minor Healing
  • Current Strength Level: 15
  • Potential Strength Level: 38
  • Experience Level: Adept
  • Reborn God: Osiris
  • Engaged to Shale International CEO, Emily Shale


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