The set of glasses Hood wore in his bio are a special forces piece of kit, so a bit more advanced then what may be publicly available, or used by other ‘first world’ military forces. At it’s core, it would be comparable to Google Glass of today, but with 30 years of advancements and certainly far more durable.

The glasses are one full piece, and replaceable with other colors, with clear, dark, and yellow being the most common choices. The frame incorporates a micro computer of it’s own, and can wireless synch with Wallets or other similar technology (like Iphones, if those are still around), although military forces usually have their own dedicated computer unit.

Common features are GPS with mapping system, digital video camera, and a HUD system used through pre-determined eye movements. More advanced features are tactical Waypoint (on-screen representation of a intended route of travel to designated positions), facial recognition software or threat recognition (can spot and sometimes identify firearms within view of the camera), shared view (display what the camera of another wearer can see). A ‘Dead Reckoning Module’ functions to track location when GPS is not available.



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