Basic Stats

Age: 35
D.O.B: May 6, 2010
Origin: Madrid, Spain
Current Location: Moscow
Height: 5’11”
Occupation: CCDPD Detective/Atharim Field Hunter
Alignment: Atharim
Loyalty: CCD
Played By: Aria

Psychological description

Dorian is practical and patient most of the time. He has been known to have a temper when he gets aggravated. He does not like to repeat himself. Dorian’s image is all about being the perfect son to his wealthy father. He puts on the air of perfect son, perfect husband, perfect father when in the company of his father’s peers and typically when he’s at home in Spain. However Dorian is far from the perfect image he portrays to most of the world, he is rebellious against his father’s views on life, mainly due to the fact that Dorian likes men. Dorian is charming and has expensive tastes even when he’s out hunting monsters. He is an experienced leader. Dorian is a minor technophobe – because of his father’s ventures in the technological field, Dorian avoids most of it.

Physical description

Dorian is 5’11”, his black hair cut close, almost always perfectly in its place. He dons a mustache and thin beard that he takes great pride in maintaining. His gray blue eyes are deep set and framed with a stunning pair of eye lashes. Dorian is always impeccably dressed, everything he owns is designer down to the socks on his feet and the boxers he wears. He even has his uniform custom made.
Dorian has a tribal flame tattoo that covers the left side of his body from shoulder to groin spanning both front and back and down his right arm to just above his wrist. With a proper long sleeved shirt there is no evidence of the large black tattoo that he got at 18. In the middle of the tribal tattoo on his left forearm, a tribal dragon oroborous with the Chinese symbol of son scribed in the middle of the circle the beast creates sit displaying his affiliation hidden in plain sight amongst his teenage rebellious times. Luckily the original tattoo was easily extended to encompass it.
Classically he wears a black Gucci watch decked out in the latest of wrist worn computers. The only thing out of place and out of his sophisticated look is the black leather cord around his neck tied to his gold wedding band.


Being the only son of a wealthy family had both its ups and downs. Dorian Vega was the only son, the only child of Emilio Vega, CEO and owner of Jivana, a technology company that focused on providing the world the most cutting edge electronics for the betterment of man kind. In other words, Jivana, provided the best technology available for hospitals, doctors as well as a few consumer products that monitored your health and fitness.
Emilio had married young, his wife Dolores, and Dorian was born shortly there after. Emilio was the son of the original CEO and owner, it was after all the family business. Dorian was to be groomed for the position himself. But Dorian had other thoughts on that. By the age of 5 he knew he was different. His first kiss at the age of 10 had proved that, the boy he’d kissed punched Dorian in the face afterwards. It was rather humorous, after the fact. Dorian learned how to keep his preferences quiet. His father had lectured him on it, no, it wasn’t a lecture it was yelling.
Despite the fact that Dorian was not interested in the girls his age, he was quiet the charmer. He had a few girlfriends before his wife, Anastasia, but he loved none, and it really was all for show. Since the punch in the face Dorian put on a new show. He dressed exactly like he was expected to. Dorian loved to have the finest things around him, his clothes were no different. The expensive silks and fine accessories. It was his cover for things, everything was perfect. His clothes, his hair, his attitude. He was charming yet intelligent.
But he still rebelled in little ways, and in those moments of rebellion Dorian concocted a plan, it was devious, and it was mean, but it would work, and it DID work. Dorian was pandering at the time to the heiress of some fashionista, he feigned his interest well. Well enough to sleep with her. It had probably been the hardest thing in his life to do considering women were just not his thing, but he managed through it all, he even enjoyed himself, more than once with Anastasia. He insured there would be an accident, and sure enough at the age of 16 Anastasia became pregnant.
Upon hearing the news Dolores impressed upon Dorian the proper Catholic upbringing she held, and that no grandchild of hers would be born to an unwed underage couple. So with the consent of Anastasia’s family, they were married in secret, and their son, Cruz, born 3 months later in wedlock. The perfect little family except a few years too early. The whole thing was kept quiet until Dorian turned 18 when he came into his inheritance. The house his parents lived in were his, they moved to live by the Spaniard coast in a much smaller house.
His father expected him to start working for the company business but Dorian had other plans, he went to University in Moscow instead studying business, as per his perfect image demanded. Finally away from his father and his perfect view of his life, Dorian was able to be free.
Dorian’s first boyfriend was an adrenaline junkie, he liked to jump out of planes, bungee jump off bridges and over cliffs. His latest acts were in the fighting rings well beneath the streets of Moscow. Dorian had started to pick up a few things with his new beau, he started working out hard core, started learning various martial arts, pretty much anything anyone would teach him.
His boyfriend became disinterested in Dorian when Dorian started showing him up in the ring. But Dorian had persuaded him to tell him where he was getting his rush from, he did better than that, he showed Dorian the door, and left him standing at the entrance as he stalked off with another man – a man far less pretty than Dorian was, and a lot weaker.
Dorian didn’t like the perception that he’d been a weak person before now. Maybe he was, maybe he wasn’t, but he was certainly glad he wasn’t now. Dorian despite his attire easily walked into the fight club and was surprised when no one commented on his wish to enter into a match.
Dorian came to find out that the matches were against so-called monsters. The man he was to fight looked almost zombie like. He smelled of death though, and Dorian knew that something was off. His opponent had inhuman speed and strength and Dorian had to quickly adjust his thinking. This wasn’t a sparring match, the thing nearly bit him twice and tried to rip his head off more than once.
It was the hardest fight Dorian had ever been in, but it was the most satisfying one too. By the end, his opponent lay crumpled on the ground gasping for air as Dorian had crushed its wind pipe with his fist. He hadn’t meant to do it and no one seemed to care really as the man, creature, thing lay lying on the ground dying.
Blood covered his hands, he felt every ache and pain in his body, but it felt wonderful. A man came up to him with a smile. He was a few years older than he was, probably 10 or so. His Russian accent was harsh on Dorian’s ears, “That was some fight. You ever seen one of them before?”
Dorian shrugged and headed towards the bathroom to clean up. “No, my first fight. I don’t think it’s even human, if you can believe that.”
The man laughed, “It’s not. It’s called a Rougarou.”
Dorian stopped in the bathroom doorway and turned towards the man. “A what?”
The man laughed again and held out his hand. “Martin Borovsky, I’d like to tell you more about that and maybe offer you some training and a job if you like what you hear. Few men can do what you just did on their first match. And I’ve been watching this place for a while.”
Dorian shrugged, “Sure why not.” He knew his father wouldn’t approve, which made it all the better. The man handed Dorian a card with information on it, date, time and place to meet him. Dorian took it with a smile, but before he could say another word the man was gone, almost like he’d slipped into thin air.
Dorian met the man at some sports bar in the heart of Moscow. It was designed rather well, but the taste in wine and beer was god awful. It was something he was going to have to deal with. He ordered their finest beer and a burger, the wine was too far below his standards he didn’t even want to risk it.
Martin Borovsky showed up just as Dorian’s food arrived, he laughed, “Good eating?”
Dorian frowned, “Not really, but I’m starving. So what’s your offer?”
Another laugh from Martin brought a smile to Dorian’s face, “Right to the point. I like that. I told you the name of the beast you fought. There is an entire world outside of what you know, full of myth and legend which the stories told only scratch the surface. Your fight showed me you have what it takes to get this job done, but I need a man in the CCDPD. I want to train you in what I know, what my organization knows while you take on the joys of being an officer of the law.”
Dorian laughed, “You think I’m cop material?”
“No. But I need someone young to go through their training. I need someone I trust to do the work they do. Train here in Moscow. You can go back to your homeland once your training is done. We’ll see to it that you are assigned there. We have pull in high places.”
Dorian left that day with a number to call with his answer. He gave it serious thought, did he want to fill the role specifically required. It wasn’t just hunting so-called monsters. It was turning his life into something he knew he wasn’t. In the end, he called the number and left his answer. “I’m in.”
Three days after that he was removed from the roster at Moscow University and enrolled in what went for the CCDPD police academy. His education was enlightening. His father called once and yelled at him. Dorian hung the phone over the top of it and had an entirely different conversation with another new recruit while it went on. He hadn’t heard a word of it. At the end his father swore at him, and told him to come home, to which Dorian politely said NO.
During those two years any remaining down time he had he spent was with Martin. They became friends through it all, talking monsters and weapons. And of all the things Martin insisted Dorian learn it was the sword. He said it was something that all his recruits learned, it was a matter of his pride, and nothing else.
After the academy Dorian was stationed in Moscow for another 2 years while he trained with Martin and other recruits of the Atharim. He had even hunted a few monsters mostly rougarou and chupacabra, but a few others. A dreyken was the last fight he had with Martin before he was transferred back to Spain to keep a watchful on strange cases.
Dorian hunted on his down time, his vacations tended towards monster hunts. And he had a few strange cases on his roster. Of course he never could tell the whole truth about those, but the Atharim were good at cover stories, and they were believable too.
For 12 years Dorian gained a reputation for solving weird cases. They were almost always some monster or another and there had always been some cover story created to make the civilian population happy. No monsters in Spain, at least not in Madrid on his watch.
His son started University and was becoming a chip off his grandfather’s block. Emilio Vega was a proud grandfather, and was insistent upon letting Cruz join Jivana as soon as he graduated with his Masters in Computer Engineering. The masters was required in order to be VP of RnD after all. But that was still years away.
Anastasia lived happily with her husband, even though they did not share the same sleeping space. Dorian’s preferences having come to light early on in their marriage. But they lived happily on the outside as well as inside their home. Ana was kept happy with another man who knew all to well the game they played to keep Dorian’s parents in the dark. One wrong move and their tightly knit world could come crashing down.
The downside to being good at your job was that you gained reputation, and that reputation pulled Dorian back to Moscow, to the now heart of the Atharim and to a new task force that was doing exactly what the Atharim did. Martin hadn’t even had to pull any strings, he was asked out and out by the leader of this new task force, a transfer he could hardly refuse, the prestige was too good and his father would be so furious with him.
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