Basic Stats

Age: 46
D.O.B: Feb 15, 2000
Origin: Baton Rouge, LA, USA
Current Location: Moscow
‘Occupation: Singer/Songwriter
Played By: Aria

Psychological description

Adam is tyically quiet and reserved, when he is alone and with his family you would never beleive he was Methos. Methos was everything Adam wasn’t. He was outgoing, charismatic. He had confidence and stood out in a crowd. But Methos was a take it or leave kinda guy. You either hated him, or you loved him. Methos likes to party hard, but he was not one of those smash up your hotel types, nor did he ever dabble in anything stronger than pot despite what the rumors may have said. One rumor had him snorting coke on a daily basis with his husband – all of which were lies created by rivals trying to make Methos look bad. Methos was flamboyouant in his attire. You never knew what he’d wear or who’d he’d be. He thrives on surprising you with every turn.

Physical description

Methos lives to dazzle and surprise you. His natural hair color is jet black, his eyes are the color of dark chocolate. But Methos’ hair has not been straight black since he was 16 years old. It is typically dyed multiple colors, sprinkled with glitter and styled with gel. He wears guyliner and lipstick among other make products to enhance whatever look he’s going for at the moment. His attire is never the same, Methos prides himself on only wearing an outfit once. Each outfit he wears he then auctions off and gives the proceeds to his favorite charity of the moment. Methos has many tattoos, most of which have very sentimental reasons but he never shares those reasons with anyone outside his most inner circle and family.
He is 5’10” and approximately 180lbs.


Born to Bobby and Netti Turner of Baton Rouge, Adam was the third son, fifth child of eight children of course Netti and Bobby had children before theys got married. Only the last four youngins was theirs. Adam had 2 older half brothers and 2 half sister and 2 younger sisters and a baby brother. Adam would have been classified as one of them good ol’ boys but he wasn’t a foot ball player or any super athletic types nor was he super smart. He skated by in school and really only excelled in music.
He was rocking on the guitar at the age of 8 and that carried him into several other instruaments, but it wasn’t until he bought himself a keyboard that could synthesize music that Adam’s music started to really peak his interest.
At 15 created his own music video and dropped it on youtube and it became a hit sensation. This propelled Adam into stardom in highschool as well as across the internet. He was famous…
Adam followed the credo that David Bowie started. “I always had a repulsive need to be something more than human. I felt very puny as a human. I thought, ‘Fuck that. I want to be a superhuman.”
Two months after the first video Adam created his Methos persona and dropped another video on another account.
After the millionth hit in days he was picked up by 13th Planet record label and two months after that released his first album dedicated to David Bowie his inspiration entitled “Add Water and Stir”. Three days later Bowie passed.
Methos put out new videos for each of his songs on his new album over the next two years. When he was 18 he went on tour for the first time.
Being on tour was the greatest thing in the world. He got to explore who he really was. Adam had always known he liked other boys, but he kept it to himself. Now that he was Methos he could be whoever, do whatever and see whoever he wanted and no one judeged him. And that is how he met Bradley Whitehurst. Bradley was a groupie and a roadie for a summer. They didn’t hook up then, but they would years later after Bradley finished college and Methos ran into a bit of an accounting problem with his accountant. Bradley fixed the problem and they have been togethere ever since (started dating in 23)
By 22 he had released three more albums and had toured the world four times. Changing his look and sound for each album
From 24 to 26 Methos switched labels three times before settling on his own. Believing he could do better than anyone else. And he was right. His next album went double platinum in two weeks.
The next decade he toured “The Greatest Hits”. Each city displayed one of several personas. You never knew who you were going to get.
In 37 Methos changed his look adding yet another persona to his rotation and released a smash album – free to anyone who wanted it. In each city the album toured Methos played in a local dance club unannounced.
Also in 37 Methos married his long time boyfriend Bradley Whitehurst, a forensic accountant he met on tour.
When Methos turned 40 he stayed home with his husband and son who they had adopted at the age of 3.
In 44 Methos took up the stage again releasing another album and is currently touring that album with “The Greatest Hits.” Methos still drops into local clubs and plays unannounced in every city he tours in.


Mutant Angel (video as Adam Turner)
Stop Forever (video as Methos)
Add Water and Stir (Jan 13, 2016) – tribute to David Bowie (rock heavy electronic synthesizer usage)
Mechanically Plundering Album (emo punk rock)
Sound Of Lost Minds Album (electronic jazz and blues)
Possessive Underground Album
Fertile Anomaly Album (double platinum) – Ballads (soft slow but still very Methos) – the touts it as an album you can make love to.
The Great Hits
Eternal Sensationalism Album (free) ’37 (techno/electronica )
Relaxation Satisfaction Album (last one) (techno reggae blend)



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