• Mutant Angel (video as Adam Turner)
  • Stop Forever (video as Methos)
  • Add Water and Stir (Jan 13, 2016) – tribute to David Bowie (rock heavy electronic synthesizer usage)
  • Mechanically Plundering Album (emo punk rock)
  • Sound Of Lost Minds Album (electronic jazz and blues)
  • Possessive Underground Album
  • Fertile Anomaly Album (double platinum) – Ballads (soft slow but still very Methos) – the touts it as an album you can make love to.
  • The Great Hits
  • Eternal Sensationalism Album (free) ’37 (techno/electronica )
  • Relaxation Satisfaction Album (last one) (techno reggae blend)

Basic Stats

Age: 46
D.O.B: Feb 15, 2000
Origin: Baton Rouge, LA, USA
Current Location: Moscow
‘Occupation: Singer/Songwriter
Played By: Nox



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