He needs to know what she knows, even if it is lies, and though he holds the price he is willing to pay close to his chest, the curve of her smile suggests she knows the answer. Anything.

Sören Lindgren

An itinerant wanderer, Sören makes his living dealing in art and artefacts, despite an inheritance that does not leave him bereft of finance. He nurtures no ties from his childhood, and most associations are kept in order to further his goals.

A prophecy received as a boy, detailing the manner of his death, has shaped much of his life.

Basic Stats

Age: 33
Origin: Stockholm, DVI
Height: 6’4”
Occupation: Freelance Art Dealer
Reborn God: Odin
Power Potential: 38
Talent: Dreamwalker
Played By: Thal

The Network 

Sören first encountered the network as a boy, through his dreamwalking abilities. When he later sparked as a channeler, he fed this information freely to them, allowing them to study the progression of his Sickness, and subsequently how he first seized successfully upon the power.

During his extensive travels, he has helped many others to avoid or cure the Sickness, and uses this work to discover those he considers of use to him.


Sören’s understanding of his channeling ability is wrapped up in his belief in runes, first discovered at a reading he had when still a boy, though it was not until his final experience with the Sickness that he associated the two together.

In order to seize the power, he physically must close the grip of his right (scarred) hand. The block persists despite Zhenya’s efforts to rid him of it.

In order to actually channel, he interprets the runes — originally aided by their inked inscription on his forearm. He is particularly masterful at intricacy; things like wards, or anything he has had the time to prepare. He has experimented vastly, and learns new things voraciously.

Tattoos and Scars

The rune eihwaz marks his right hand as a pale white scar, and the runes of the elder futhark ink his forearm in simple black script. Over the years he has collected various other tattoos, mostly ones pertaining to protection.

Sören lost his eye in India during In Due Course, and has since had it replaced with a high tech, experimental version via Paragon.

What is the point of making a better world if I will not be here to see it


Unique Possessions

Sören covets anything which rings with the resonance of the power, and will go to great lengths to uncover such artefacts — and to keep them for himself.

  • Indian Amulet.

Gifted to Sören and Declan Gregory to help thwart the mythical guardian at Roopkund lake. Its original purpose and origins are unknown, however the elder believed that only those with the powers of gods could make use of it. Indeed, it appeared to hide Sören from the creature’s senses. Sören wears it still.

“He reached under his shirt and pulled out a long, metal chain that to Declan appeared to be crafted from bronze alloys. But dangling from the chain was the Saṃsāra, an Indian symbol of reincarnation that Declan knew better as the Endless Knot. “Ancient souls use it. The Ancient soul who wakes guardian of lake.”

In Due Course
  • Strange Shard

Discovered in the shrine beneath Roopkund lake, embedded into an altar-like structure. Its use and purpose is unknown, however it resonates with the power.

“Something like an altar – empty of crowning glory – thrust from the ground. Stylised waves worshipped its base, tenderly carved sea creatures arching out from the waters. Sören’s hand groped the cool marble. Searching. Until the brush of his touch met something that made the rune sing.

He bent and with a wrench he released the shard. Its edges, still sharp, bit a warning into the palm of his flesh; would draw blood with a squeeze. At its base it grew jagged, as though once larger. This first study was rough; brief by necessity. Sören eased it into the confines of his coat with barely a pause, and finally felt his soul eased.”

In Due Course

Known Associations

  • Ephraim Haart: a fellow member of the Network
  • Oleander Haart: an acquaintance with a similar passion for prophecy, but vastly different ideas on the responsibility of its burden. Ephraim’s niece.
  • Declan Gregory (deceased): an associate and friend from the British Museum. Lost his life during their exploration of the tomb beneath Roopkund lake.
  • Seven: a channeler Sören taught to use the power safely when his aid was sought via the network.
  • Zhenya Disir: a channeler Sören encountered via the network, originally tasked to cure her of the Sickness. They have a complicated and extensive history.
  • Bastian Völsung: a channeler referred for help by Seven. Sören was reluctant when her saw the man’s tattoo, but changed his mind when he paid for the service with an object of power
  • Thalia Milton: a young artist Sören has nurtured due to her prophetic pieces.
  • Alistair Grey: a fellow member of the network with whom Sören has worked with and for often.
  • Natalie Northbrook: a channeler Sören encountered via the network, the daughter of Alistair Grey.
  • Morven Kinnaird: a channeler Sören encountered via the network, which at the time wished to study both her wolfkin sister and her unusual healing ability.
  • Elias Donavan: a young channeler to whom Sören has accepted the job of tracking down a water creature thought to dwell in the Moskva river.
  • Kemala: a channeler met in Siberia, who he convinced to take him out on lake Baikal in search of Elias’s water monster.

RP History

Previous Lives

3rd Age: Born the Asha’man Auden Thayn

6th Age: Lived as the Norse god, Odin



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