Basic Stats

Age: 33
Origin: Stockholm, DVI
Height: 6’3”
Occupation: Freelance Art Dealer
Reborn God: Odin
Power: 9/38
Ability: Adept
Loyalty: Neutral
Played By: Thal

Psychological description

Quiet, watchful, patient, stoic. Reflective, perhaps to the point of obsession. He has an endless thirst and passion for knowledge, often for its own sake; it is his driving motivation. Interests include the occult and cutting edge technology. Generally he is of amenable disposition, but when pushed displays a ruthless edge. Lies come unaccountably easy, though usually have no discernible advantage to him. He dislikes feeling out of control. Very much.

Physical description

Short light brown-blondish hair, and generally sporting a close cropped goatee beard. Inoffensive brown eyes, intense and brooding, sit above sloping cheekbones; there’s often something slightly gaunt to his features, like a man settled right on the edge of contentment. He has height enough to shadow most men but does not dominate in his presence. Speaks accented english. His state of dress depends entirely on circumstance – he is a consummate wanderer – but in official capacity is immaculately turned out. He has a tattoo on his left inner forearm, the Elder Futhark. A very faint scar presses on his right palm, like a jagged S

Channeling Abilities

Sören’s understanding of his channeling ability is wrapped up in his belief in runes, first solidified at a reading he had when still a boy, though it was not until his final experience with the Sickness that he associated the two together.
In order to seize the power, he physically must close the grip of his right (scarred) hand.
In order to actually channel, he interprets the runes – aided by their inked inscription on his forearm. This method severely limits his reactive abilities, as he usually needs time to “write” the weaves; it’s unlikely he would be able to stop a bullet, for instance. Conversely, he is masterful at intricacy; things like wards, or anything he has had the time to prepare. He has experimented vastly.

Unique Possessions

  • Indian Amulet.

Gifted to Sören and Declan Gregory to help thwart the mythical guardian at Roopkund lake. Its original purpose and origins are unknown, however the elder believed that only those with the powers of gods could make use of it. Indeed, it appeared to hide Sören from the creature’s senses. Sören wears it still.

“He reached under his shirt and pulled out a long, metal chain that to Declan appeared to be crafted from bronze alloys. But dangling from the chain was the Saṃsāra, an Indian symbol of reincarnation that Declan knew better as the Endless Knot. “Ancient souls use it. The Ancient soul who wakes guardian of lake.”

  • Strange Shard

Discovered in the shrine beneath Roopkund lake, embedded into an altar-like structure. Its use and purpose is unknown, however it resonates with the power.

“Something like an altar – empty of crowning glory – thrust from the ground. Stylised waves worshipped its base, tenderly carved sea creatures arching out from the waters. Sören’s hand groped the cool marble. Searching. Until the brush of his touch met something that made the rune sing.
He bent and with a wrench he released the shard. Its edges, still sharp, bit a warning into the palm of his flesh; would draw blood with a squeeze. At its base it grew jagged, as though once larger. This first study was rough; brief by necessity. Sören eased it into the confines of his coat with barely a pause, and finally felt his soul eased.”

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