Bastian Völsung

The Völsung

Amongst the Atharim it’s said the Völsungs had been great heroes during the godwars and in the times after; that they had been the caretakers of a legendary god-killing blade, in fact, though the weapon had long since been lost to the turn of time.

But it’s also alleged their line was cursed by the same gods they had helped to end.

The stories are old, dissected and interpreted a hundred times by Atharim scholars, but it does seem as though the Völsung bloodline is beset by an unusual amount of tragedy. Bastian himself grew under the shadow of a much older brother, both loved and venerated among the Atharim until the day he suddenly snapped. Athrian’s name is blacked from the histories now, despite his prowess as a hunter and the list of his kills. Tarred by his memory, Bastian has always known he was not a child wanted by his parents, but instead one needed in a desperate bid to continue the sparsity of their prophesied bloodline. A literal Plan B.

For it seems there are only two paths for a Völsung to take. Hero, or monster.

At thirteen, as tradition dictated, he was sent to the Vatican Historical Society for training. He was assigned into the care of Father Dimitri, who would be his teacher, protector, and jailer for the next five years of his life.

when he first arrived he was surprised to discover he was not the Father’s only ward. At first Bastian eyed Aria with the suspicion of rivalry, presuming his dedication was to be tested from the very start. But the truth was far worse. Soon enough he heard the rumours she had killed a boy by accident, and realised at once why they had been partnered under the same guardian.

It was because neither of them could be fully trusted.

Their life was an ascetic one filled with endless drills and study and weapons. Years later, at eighteen, Bastian was finally permitted to take his vows. It marked his freedom and was a rare moment of satisfaction for him, but it faded quickly in favour of focusing on the next goal. His tattoo is in the shape of a knotted snake, draconic in its design.


Bastian spent many years as a field hunter for the Atharim, an avid blend of both warrior and scholar. Despite his youth he was calm under pressure, and adept at his work. A keen tactician’s mind soon brought him to the attention of Martin Borovský, who recognised promise and took him under wing. He learned much from the older man, who was ex-military and similarly ambitious to climb the Atharim’s ranks. Bastian’s own goals grew – he truly believed he was destined for great things, and perhaps to even someday lead the Atharim himself.

He travelled the Custody, seeking scraps of myth and prophecy between each job. The hunts always came first, but he rarely let the opportunity for discovery slip him by, especially when visiting a new city. He’s visited the world’s most renown libraries and museums, always with an eye and ear attuned to evidence of the sort of relics he sought. It was on one such chase he first encountered Seven, who confirmed for Bastian that had been duped by a supposed ancient artefact. Later it was Seven again who saved Bastian’s life, when the path of Völsung finally split, and it became apparent Bastian would be shoved down the fork of monster.

He was a channeler.


In 2045 he travelled to Moscow for the Atharim Convocation. After the spectacle of Father Stone, the Regus announced the return of the gods and the creation of the Order of the Archangels to combat the threat they presented. Bastian watched on in stoic calculation. He knew himself to be the perfect weapon, albeit for reasons he could never share. But his reputation alone ought to have spoken for itself. He’d learned under Borovský himself. His place was surely assured.

But when he was not invited to join the Archangels’ exclusive and secretive number, Bastian finally realised that his blood would always hold him back from rising amongst the Atharim. He would always be the Völsung, their sharpest weapon, but never a man they would follow.

For the first time he acknowledged resentment churned in place of dedication.


When the Custody offered amnesty to Atharim who signed the Magic Registration list, Bastian took the opportunity without hesitation.

He never looked back, and he did not consider it a betrayal. The interview with the Custody agents was a strange experience, for all Atharim spent their lives in the very shadows, and took their secret society to their deaths. Nonetheless Bastian was forthright in his ambition, and in fact requested an audience with the Ascendancy himself, though it was not granted. Not with the snake on his forearm. So instead he asked for the opportunity to prove both his worth and loyalty, and was finally brought before Commander Vellas.

It was how he found himself shipped to Africa in the charge of two Rods of Dominion. An IT expert and a surgeon, Bastian eyed them with nothing short of scepticism, though he said nothing. The Dominions were augmentation to support Légion Première, a mercenary company newly allied with the Custody to free Africa from the tyranny of Al Janyar. Not the sort of thing he had direct experience in, but no less so than the Dominions, upon whom he quickly decided he had the edge.

For the first time, the blood of a Völsung was not a weight he must carry.

After proving his capabilities, a commendation from Jacques Danjou, and the unfortunate death of the Dominion Anthony Petrovic, Bastian returned to Moscow to accept a Dominion pin.

These days he’s rarely out of uniform, or if he is, he generally sticks to dark colours and smart suits he feels befits the station. He always wears the pin, even off duty.

He also wears a thick silver ring inlaid with the image of a sword – for though he will not let it hold him back, neither will he forget what he might become.


Bastian is 6ft and well-muscled in the way of one who relies on peak physical fitness. Though trained in an array of weaponry, he has a fondness for the sword – though he’d never admit why. He’s an excellent swordsman, and practises frequently, often combining with meditation as a way to keep himself steady. He prides himself on his ability to silence his emotions. As such Bastian is stoic and excellent in a crisis. Not much punctures his shell. He’s a keen observer with a great mind for strategy, sharp reflexes, and a tendency towards calculated risks.

Bastian has a tactician’s mind, and it’s probably his formative attribute. As a former Atharim hunter, he also possesses a wealth of supernatural lore, with a particular interest in tales concerning mythical weaponry.

Currently his aptitude with the power is centred on offence and defence, and he has no block. He will be a channeler of exceptional strength, perhaps enough to one day challenge Commander Vellas himself.

For Bastian is nothing if not ambitious.




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