Aria has been raised in Vatican City by the Atharim, her talents as a Furia coming in to find the most deadly of creatures before it’s too late. Aria’s parentage is in question. Who exactly were her mother and father? The more she finds out the more she begins to question her beliefs.

Basic Stats

Age: 29
D.O.B: July 10, 2016
Current Location: Moscow, Dominance I
Origin: Santa Lucia, Italy (just outside of Rome)
Height: 5 foot
Weight: 101lbs
Occupation: Field Hunter for the Atharim
Talent: Sentient
Alignment: Lawful Good
Loyalty: Atharim
Played By: Aria

Psychological description

Aria has a hard time getting to know people, she prefers to remain distant for fear of being overwhelmed. Aria takes pride in everything she does. Her moral compass does not always point in the direction of the law – she was after all taught how to kill monsters, regardless of their human appearance. Aria appears to be cold and distant but underneath she crave that human contact and a deep relationship, she just doesn’t know how to balance her ‘talents’ with real life.

Physical description

Aria has dark hair and green-blue eyes. She is small in stature, barely clearing 5 foot. Aria always cares two swords on her back and two guns holstered at her waist. Aria prefers close fitting clothes, jeans and t-shirts are her typical attire.


updated 2/3/2014 to explain Furia vs Sentient
Aria knows little about her birth. What she believes is she was born outside of Rome in the town of Santa Lucia, Aria was the daughter to one of the Vatican Historical Societies field hunters. His mistress gave birth to their daughter in secret. Once he found out he stormed their house and took the days old baby from her and left her alone in her grief until her last dying day. Aria was not given his as he was not proud of her birth but he accepted the role of mentor.
However there is little truth in what Aria believes. Aria’s mother was indeed a field hunter for the Atharim, she was Furia after all. Aria’s birth was controversial to say the least. Her mother had been assigned to go in under cover to hunt a sentient. He had been making trouble just outside of Rome itself. Unfortunately her mother was tricked by the sentient and fell in love with him. Knowing any future with him was not going to happen easily she decided to flee the Atharim, but he refused to leave with her. Soon afterwards Aria’s mother found out she was pregnant. Being on the run from the Atharim and pregnant soon lead to complications. She started back to Rome but never made it past Santa Lucia before she gave birth to a little girl.
It was only days later that the Atharim caught up to Aria’s mother. Her child, Aria, was taken from her and the Atharim shot her in the head for deserting. They had little feeling for Furia who would not be part of their legions.
The babe was given to the Vatican Historical Society to be trained and raised as Furia. As is tradition.
Aria was raised by Father Dimitri and was very close to the her as she grew up, but the older she became the distance grew profoundly.
The first time Aria left the Vatican when she was very young, she was overwhelmed with so many emotions Father Dimitri thought she was sick. The onslaught of despair from the global catastrophe and those seeking hope at the Holy City had been the cause, and that was when Aria started her Furia training.
From the days she could first remember Aria had been brought up to be nothing more than a living weapon. She trained day in and day out with weapons, with books. She could recite the bible nearly from memory. Father Dimitri drilled her in anything and everything the Atharim knew.
Aria’s favorite past time was practicing with varying weapons. Swords were her favorite. Father Dimitri told her it was anarchic and not enough to kill the monsters she was to hunt when she came of age. Aria practiced with everything but Swords still remained her favorite even as she grew to appreciate modern firearms. Aria carried two swords and two handguns, despite her father’s objections.
Aria learned to hone her extraordinary sense of emotion. But not well enough. Aria and one of the more junior Atharim in training started seeing much of each other, feelings and intimacy grew. Venturing their first kiss in the depths of the library Aria found herself not only feeling her own passion but his as well. The intense emotions they both felt were too much for Aria she passed out and fell to the floor. The boy thinking she was dead fled the scene. When Father Dimitri found her he realized what she was and that her training had been all wrong.
It was this mishap that made Father Dimitri realize Aria was not Furia. She was Sentient. Father Dimitri had started keeping Aria away from people. He had also only allowed those who could control their emotions around Aria to train her. Father Dimitri kept the fact that Aria was Sentient secret, she was a good enough Furia, far more effective in some cases than others of her supposed kind but at a disadvantage when it came to the world at large.
Father Dimitri never told Aria the truth, nor did he reveal his findings to any other. To be Sentient was to be hunted. And for whatever it was worth to Aria, he did care a great deal for the child he had come to know and raise as nearly one of his own.
It wasn’t a pretty life, nor was it a fun life, but it was all Aria knew until she came of age and was shipped off to Moscow to be a part of their new headquarters.

RP History


Aria arrives in Moscow. She loses control of her self control and when the distraction finally overwhelms her senses she literally stumbles into two woman. After the initial shock of meeting, Aria meets Thalia and Rune. Coincidence would have it that Rune is going the same way she is. Aria notices a painting of a wolfkin on the wall and makes a note to come check it out later.
Rune and Aria head to the Blue Line
The Blue Line took the two women to The Red Square and from their they walked to the Baccarat Mansion where Aria met up with her father’s friend and her new ‘handler’. Father Stone did not have a nice reception for Aria. Aria left even more fried than she had been.
Aria opened the package her father had sent her and found the most disturbing words which made her day even worse. The man she thought was her father was not. Aria wondered about her parents and the reasons they were not around. Sadly there were no answers then. Aria had to make her way to the safe house.
At the safe house Aria finds Rune in a confrontation with their would be host. Aria is on the verge of a major breakdown and does not interfere. Aria eventually interrupts to take a much need bath and drown out the world to ease her control back into order.
After her bath, the grand tour proceeds and they end up in the real part of the safe house where Rune decides it’s a good idea to test if their host is a monster or not. When the test is negative Aria leaves them to their dispute and continues her research into the current monster hunt.
After the revelation that Rune is also Furia the real hunt begins deep in Moscow’s underbelly. Through the much and grime of the underground tunnels Aria, Rune and Mr. White find an old abandoned bath house, Bannik and all. Aria is saved by a mysterious man who could channel. The three unlikely team members find survivors, rather a survivor but before a dashing rescue can proceed they are pulled away to fight the molten lava of a fired up Bannik. With a dead bannik and a successful mission at their back, what is the rougarou really wanted for? Aria will probably never know.
Back at the Hidey Hole their little new friend is tied to the chair that looks mighty similar to something someone might torture someone else with. Aria leaves at the suggestion of Mr. White to clean up her hands. Unable to sleep and the fact that Rune hadn’t turned up yet concerned Aria, she heads back to the hidey hold only to find Rune and Mr. White at it again!
After the dreadful evening of nightmares and fights Aria was summoned to meet Father Stone again. The Regus had summoned her and Aria wondered why he would want to meet with her. But before she can speak with the Regus to find out an uncouth man burst into his office bringing the ire of The Regus down upon both of them. Thankfully the Regus only had eyes for the tome Father Dimitri had sent with her. Turns out it was much more than that. Now Aria is tasked with finding the emotions of the original author of the parchment. After several days of little sleep and staring at the paper Aria finally makes her self touch the ancient text and finds some answers to what the Regus is looking for.
After finishing the translation Aria stumbles upon a suspiciously convenient place to live.
Weeks later, Aria runs into the one person who she thought she’d never see again and for good reason. Both parties get some questions answered, but for Aria it raised many more questions about her brethren and the cause they lead.
Aria starts looking for a hacker to complete a project she has in mind to make live easier as a hunter. The responses begin to come in slower and Aria wanders down stairs to the shop and procures a new sword – or rather an old sword with a long history. They finally agree to meet at one place Aria had been itching to get back to again.
Aria and her hacker meet to discuss their new joint venture. Katya agrees to help Aria. Aria passes the land warriors over to Katya as step one. Hopefully it won’t take long to progress to the next step.
After a hectic few months, the woes of the worlds wreak havoc on Aria’s mental well-being, she sleeks solace at the Novodevichy Monastery. What should have been a peaceful outing turned into so much more. Not only did she run into an Ijiraq, a monster of old times who is half mist and half man, but also a man who could prove to be far more dangerous to her. Aria makes a connection with Dane, however much her instincts tell her not to she is drawn to him. She unknowingly used a hidden power which caused her to feel more than she should have for him. But only time will tell how bad this man could be for her.
After a not so restful night sleep, Aria goes looking for a way to kill an Irijaq Aria finds a way in the end, but it is is not useful to her specifically. The elements of fire and cold can incapacitate an Ijiraq making it easy to kill. But the only proven methods in her research was from those who wielded the power of the gods.
Unable to sleep at night because of her emotionally high neighbors Aria starts combing the grid for the Ijiraq she’s after. As the fates would she runs into not one but TWO men who can weild the power of the gods. Aria figures out who they attack and why? A third bystander helps out and starts to question what he sees.
Aria with the help of Jensen and Giovanni manages to kill the Ijiraq. Unable to destroy the creature alone she calls for a clean up crew and heads off through the subway with the three men to Jensen’s loft to clean up, where Connor finds ask some dangerous questions Aria is reluctant to give him.
With still no fool proof method to kill an Ijiraq, Aria heads to Vatican City to find the Journal of Elenora Martello, the last book on this list in Monsters from A-Z. Aria hopes to find what she is looking for, but in the end she learns more about her birth and what she actually is.
At headquarters Aria runs into the Regus, the last person she wanted knowing what she was, and what she had been up to while in Moscow. Instead of hunting her, the Regus turns her attentions back to the prophecies she’d helped uncover.
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