Michael Vellas

Basic Stats

Age: 23
D.O.B: September 3 2022.
Origin: London, Dominance VII
Current Location: The Garden, North of Moscow
Height: 180 cm (5’10)
Weight: 70 kg (154 lbs)
Occupation: Commander of the Rods of Dominion and The Garden.
Reborn God: Pallas (Titan)
Power: 40/41
Ability: Master
Talent: N/A.
Loyalty: Neutral
Played By: Michael Vellas

Psychological description

Michael is a man of contradictions. He is kind to a fault to those who he feels deserve kindness, and extremely harsh to those he deems unworthy. He is quick witted and observant but lazy.He is peaceful at heart but struggles with an inner rage and treachery that spans Ages.

Physical description

Pale Caucasian. Quite good looking, but his severe expression tarnishes his appeal. He has no style, wearing bulky layers of clothing under a coat to fend off the cold.


Michael Vellas never knew his birthplace. In fact, he never knew life in the CCD. Days after his birth his parents received a visit from an old friend, Daniel Thomspon. He had come to see the new born child, but started a journey that would last two years.

‘Betrayal awaits in the CCD’ were the words Thomspon uttered in a prophetic trance, the first he had had in almost 30 years.

Thompson’s skill was weak, a few words, a sentence, it was all he could manage at the best of times, but it was enough for Peter and Julia Vellas.

Thus their long journey began. They made their way across the CCD controlled empire, often times with little but a case of personal items and the barely enough food to survive.

Finally, in December 2024 the Vellas family arrived on the East Coast of Australia.

The remainder of Michael’s childhood passed peacefully. They did not live in luxury or poverty. It was as peaceful a life a child could expect to live in the turbulent times.

The threat of war was a distant but constant concept for Michael, one that he showed little interest in but great aptitude. He was fascinated with the distant past. The only battles that interested him were ones fought with steel blades. In particular he was drawn to the Ancient Greeks and Romans.
Despite his lack of interest in modern warfare, the Government saw his potential and he was enrolled in a military academy at the age of 17.

He learned war, and he hated it. It was not death that he hated – although he was never fond of killing – but the lack of skill and integrity in it. Any fool could kill with the press of a button. But he was good at it.
At 20, three years of resentment ended when he developed the “Sickness“. He showed all the signs of the epidemic the WHO described. He tried to hide it, but strange things began to happen. Culminating in the mysterious death of a young, healthy man. The man was harassing friends of Michael’s. Officially, he died of a heart attack, but Michael knew better. He knew there was something wrong with him.

Fortunately for him, the symptoms were recognised by a friend, Rachiel Elreeve. She had seen it happen before, and told him it was not a disease, but something more. She told him that the Indigenous Australians who sought solitude in the far reaches of the outback could help.

So Michael left everything behind and sought out the only people that could offer him help. They welcomed him in, they told him about a mysterious “Power” which had made men Gods once, but they did not know how to teach him.

He was forced to endure the “Sickness”, starting wildfires and drawing bolts of lightning in a storm, but finally he recovered, developing a strange block. He could not use his new power unless he intended to kill.

He spent a year with the Aboriginal people, who taught him all they knew about the power and returned home, having some measure of control, enough, at least, to prevent any accidents.
However, when he returned, he found himself hunted by a mysterious group of people claiming that he needed to die for the sake of humanity. He was forced to use his powers to kill, but mostly, he ran.
It was then he turned to the CCD, where he had found traces, rumours that there were others like him, people who could teach him. He arrived in Moscow – his hunters temporarily eluded – in 2044.
It was here he found Tony Soloyov, someone who could teach him. For income, Michael used his only other real talent, joining the military and establishing himself as Junior Strategic Operations Commander in the Custody of Defence.

His block was broken after 2 and a half years, thus he began his training under Tony. He showed promise, but struggled with anything that was not destructive.

Michael is driven by his desire to find out who he was, what his power was and why he was hunted by a group of people he didn’t even know.

Military Career

To earn money, Michael enlisted in the Custody’s military forces.


The First Age: Currently reincarnated as Michael Vellas.

The Second Age: Calias Moranen Vitiri

The Third Age: Baraim Nemredal

The Fourth Age: No known incarnations.

The Fifth Age: Born as Pallas at the end of the Age.

The Sixth Age: Dies as Pallas in the early stages of the Age.

The Seventh Age: No known incarnation.




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