Elias Donovan

Kenab, Utah

Elias was born into the respectable Donovan family as the second son of five children. The Donovans raised their children as devout Latter Day Saints amongst the other congregations of Kanab, Utah, USA. Elias’s childhood was spent in pleasant obscurity and consisted mainly of church, arid desert highlands and a nurturing community.

Like all of the Donovan children, Eli was instilled with a great sense of family loyalty and charitable nature. However, while he loved his family his teenage years brought not only the trouble of puberty, but also of doubt and discord. Unlike his other siblings, he questioned the beliefs of his family and friends. He was met with caring concern and stern warning not to stray from the path of righteousness.

Elias’s natural obstinacy was greater than his fear of reprimand and he soon chafed under what he considered an increasingly questionable faith. He felt the weight of the reserved and isolated community of Kenab and in his high school years found himself shunned by his peers. Those who did not shun him merely irritated him with their condescending pity over his personal crises and considered him confused and confounded by the disillusions of the wider world.

Irritation soon turned to contempt and by sixteen he had almost completely removed himself from the wider Kenab society, no longer attending church or observing the precepts of his childhood faith. Much to the concern of his parents, his mood became sullen and introverted. He dressed in the dark colors of Gothic theme, let his hair grow long, and stretched lanky and pale as he aged.

He considered himself chained to the barren wasteland of Kenab and resentment grew steadily to a point where his parents despaired of ever reclaiming their child’s soul. To further complicate matters, he began to experience strange bouts of ill-health which was viewed with suspicion and even fear among the older residents. His body was rejecting the desert highlands in which he was raised. Literally drying out like leather left in the sun.

At the height of Elias’s rebellion, the family decided to take a vacation to the famed Salt Lake to give Eli (and themselves) some time away from the disapproving gaze of Kenab and inspire love for creation in their apathetic son. It was on this trip Elias first used his unique abilities.

When they arrived at the camp site, Elias sought peace through isolation and set out on his own to find a quiet cove where he could sit undisturbed by subtle prodding and gentle concern, and there he returned several days in a row. Finally, to coax some measure of excitement out of Eli, the family rented a boat and he happily agreed to the invitation of a ride, if only for a change of scenery.

The wind heaved their sailboat all afternoon, and for once, he enjoyed the sensation of the wind in his hair. Until an unexpected chop swung a loosened berth. It clipped his temple and he fell. Kenab had not afforded him any chance to learn how to swim and he floundered hopelessly in the water, struggling for consciousness and soon found himself on the edge of death. As his lungs strained for air, the surface of the salty water seemed forever out of reach. In that moment, the power opened itself to him. He grasped it with frantic eagerness and found himself propelled to the surface and floating toward shore.

New Zealand

From that day on Elias resolved to make his way out of Kenab with a new determination and a few months later was given his chance. His paternal uncle phoned Kenab with exciting news. A marine biologist, he was selected as a team member of an elite scientific body to investigate some unusual findings south of New Zealand.

Elias jumped at the chance and begged his uncle to take him. His parents were surprised at the fervor of his pleas and desire, approving of what seemed like a sincere wish to follow in the path of his uncle’s footsteps. The truth was somewhat different – Elias would have taken anything to escape the dismal prospects that he envisioned in Kenab, including biology.

So Elias traveled to Wellington, New Zealand and enrolled in Victoria University on the recommendation and mentorship of his uncle. He welcomed the change with renewed vigor, but he still remained somewhat of a recluse.

New Zealand did him well. Within the year, it seemed the vigor and life of the island scratched at the walls he’d built around his heart. All went well until his uncle and the collaborative team mysteriously disappeared. When Elias made inquiries into the disappearance, he was met with a suspicious wall of silence and guessed there was more to the story than a vessel lost at sea. Driven by the desire to find the uncle that had delivered him from his personal hell called Kenab, Elias’s search led him to the heart of the CCD: Moscow.

There, he discovered his uncle was collaborating with the Chancellor at Moscow State University.

Tracking the Water Guardians

While waiting on a meeting with yet another disappeared professor, Elias met Tony Soloyov. They quickly identified each other as channelers investigating the same mystery and together confronted MSU’s chancellor. After an interrogation that left the chancellor nearly brain-dead, Tony and Elias learn several mysterious details.

Their exploration of the Moscow River discovered a volatile creature waiting in the waters. It escaped when Elias attempted to capture it, and the trail disappeared down river. All clues were nearly lost when a story out of the South Pacific Ocean broke of a fantastical water creature attacking the Lir Shipping company. The tale was nearly identical to the circumstances surrounding his uncle’s disappearance, and Elias immediately contacted the survivors. Another man, Damien, was also investigating, and their paths crossed. Unfortunately, before they could learn any useful information, every survivor of the attack was mysteriously killed. The trail went cold again. Damien returned to Mexico but not before providing the resources (money) to enable Elias to continue the expedition.

That was when he met a man who went by “Alvis” (Sören), a north man with experience investigating such things. Elias paid him to find the trail of the escaped water creature from the river on the understanding that he would retrieve whatever it was hiding. Then together they would pursue whatever waited in the South Pacific Ocean.

He was at his wit’s end when his uncle’s scientific wallet suddenly came back online, and the energy signature he previously tracked pinged out of Siberia, in a body of water called Lake Baikal. He immediately contacted Alvis, and in the company of a sentient girl named Ashavari, they traveled to Siberia.

It was hotter than he expected. A nice spring bristled Moscow, but this felt more like Kenab, Utah than anywhere he’d been since leaving. Sweat almost immediately prickled his skin, but he left his coat on, though let the buttons fall open as he walked, duster sweeping behind his feet.



His powers are in their infancy. Control was taught by Tony after he arrived in Moscow. He bore witness to the creation of the Red Square arch of the Ascendancy, and was little impressed. He is selfish and hateful, with a raging temper and foul tongue. He is extremely protective of Ashavari and Tony, but rejects almost everyone he meets.

Elias dragged a trash can half way across the room before he stopped, called himself an idiot and seized the power. The chore of cleaning carried on at double pace as he practiced weaving tentacles around the kitchen. When the last beer bottle dropped, he was content to abandon the bulging bags at the back door. Their great leader, Tony could take them out himself, though he was more likely to set it on fire and trip the sprinkler system instead.

Elias would be the one to clean up a flood. None of the other guys could handle water for shit. A gleaming counter top told him the work was finished. For all his appearance, people usually assumed Elias a slob. Closer looks hinted the opposite though. His nails were carefully painted black. A lion’s mane of hair was clean although erratic. His bulky overcoat was dirtied at the hem, but only due to its length trailing his ankles. At present, it was hung in a closet and he cleaned up the guys’ fucking mess in skinny jeans and a mesh top. Black, but orderly and tucked in snug at the waist, at least he wasn’t in an apron.

“I’m not cleaning the bathroom again, assholes,” he called out when the door opened, expecting the guys.

No Destination

The reincarnated Greek god of the sea, Poseidon



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