Basic Stats

Age: 27
D.O.B: Jul 8, 2013
Origin:Isle of Mann off the coast of Ireland
Current Location: Moscow
Height: 5′ 11″
Occupation: Fleet Captain For a CCD sanctioned Private Navy
Reborn God: Manannan Mac Lir
Power: 40/40
Ability: Expert
Alignment: Neutral/Good
Loyalty: Civilian with CCD waiver for private Naval Fleet.
Played By: Manix/SynJyn

Psychological description

On the Boat he is all business, very Disciplined and expects the same from the crew. On Shore he is isolated, an introvert. Prone to disguises and walking the wharf. Among family and shipmates he transforms into a outgoing prankster known for practical jokes and throwing the best private parties. As his family before him he believes in the old Celtic Gods, worshiping Manannan Mac Lir, God of the Sea. His time on land is numbing his sense of humor as the true facts of his sister death and he lived though, weighs heavily on him.

Physical description

He is of medium size 5’11” with a muscular frame. He keeps well groomed, stylish hair and a neatly trimmed beard. He carries many Celtic Tattoo ruins, handed down for generations. Unless dressing for the occasion (disguised as beggar or to meet the Ascendancy) he’ll remain in dungarees and t-shirt.

Powers & supernatural powers

He has control over the wind, stronger control over the water. His time and situations, at sea, has allowed him to discover how to heal and form masks of power instead of the usual disguises used by the mundane. He used to be weaker when on land and for some reason he does not understand he had to be in contact with some type of water to do these magic gifts from his God. A fashioned water flask rest on his belt that carried the water of his home. This flask had been “warped” during a power burst. allowing him to be as strong on land as at sea. The flask is always with him even though he has broken his self imposed barrier. His time on land as well as research has improved his ability with 5 different types of power.



He was born in 2020 and as family tradition dictated he was born on the sea. From birth he was taught about the seas and about the Celtic Gods the family still worshiped. He was 6 years old when he first went out on the sea, but this amazing event was marred by his return to find out his 15 year old sister had died from the mysterious pandemic sweeping the world.
Growing up he learned all the back streets of almost every port in the Eastern world and was able to speak , dress and disguise to almost any culture. He also learned the fighting skills of each nation he visited, with and without weapons, as well as being an elite Viking (Lir’ Family Special Forces) He used this skill in his teen years to gather information for his father, which often meant using his new found fighting skills to help the family to come into the wealth and power they enjoy today. At the age of 16, off the Indian shore a sudden storm came up, a storm of the century. Every storm in his life he had rode it out on the bow of the ship soaking in rain and wind, this one was different. Fear struck him, he could hear a voice in the wind, he ran below deck but something drew him out. The ship heaved and start to list, throwing out his hands he screamed as loud as he could. He woke the next morning the storm had passed as quickly as it started. When they returned home a week later, he became very ill. Feverish with wild dreams his family feared the loss of another child. He survived, but he felt different. Something had changed.
It took many weeks before he realized he could “feel” the Sea, no matter where he was. He could feel the tides, the waves the storms and life flowing within the waters. The longer away from water he would feel sick, like that fist illness, so he made sure he kept close to the sea he loved. He began to use the “feel” of the sea to control its motion. tides and channels sped his fleets along, he learned how tame the waves, and to calm the wind, though he had less success with this. At 22 he saw for the first time the flow from his hands to the water and he could see the colors and what looked like weaves in rug. He practiced constantly, learning there was 5 “colors” he could control to one degree or another.
The next few years was spend working the colors and weaving different types of rugs. He found some colors were brighter than others, blue and red being his brightest. He began to associate the colors with elements and while on shore tied to master fire. On land he had no magic. At first he had to be in contact with some type of water, any water, but had to be on his person, he broke that barrier at age 26. This allowed him to use the magic anywhere, but was still weaker away from the sea. He carried a flask of sea water everywhere he went, even tho fresh water would allow him to work magic as well. He learned the blending of colors did different magic, water tempered fire and allowed precise control.
His greatest discovery was at sea. He was using the magic to calm the swells that threatened to sink his fishing vessel, when a deck hand was knock over striking his head. While keeping his magic focused on the waves he sent a second wave of magic to the sailor. He could feel the water in his body, the heat in his blood, and the earth in his bones, water was building in the brain of the sailor crushing the brain, dissipating the water he calmed the heart and drew the blood from the brain back to the veins, there was a crack in the skull he mended, then withdrew. He was exhausted but still had the magic going to the waves, on his knees he passed out. Later when he woke, he was on a strange ship, when he passed out the sea attacked the fishing vessel and sank it. The deck hand who with him was completely healed, but 7 souls was lost. Bed Ridden for 7 days he learned that though he could do much there was limits and consequences to the magic. he continues to learn his healing arts, he would heal the most minor cuts to the worst of broken bones. Learning to wield the power inside the body with exact precision.
He experimented carefully, knowing now the magic nearly burned him alive, more than once, he focused on mastering what he had already learned. He could control the seas, he could heal, he could use the wind to hear at long distances what others say, he could also use that wind as a shield. He knew how to use the offensive magic, fire to burn, wind to push or bind, and worst of all how to boil the living water inside a body, but the more magic he used the more rest he needed after words. Now at 27 he continues to use his disguises and knowledge of many cultures to gain information and he has once again began to learn new magic and has made it his mission to find the reason his sister died and he lived. All his ill gotten information leads to one point, he needs to go to Moscow, to follow the rumors of other magic users, but first he must find more of the old Celtic lore. All he and his family, for generations had collected he had learned inside and out and he knew he was missing something in his magic. He was able to use the 5 elements but he found an odd reference to a 6th element used in magic. the Answers had to lie in Moscow.



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