Basic Stats

Age: 20
Origin: Lucknow, India
Current Location: Moscow
Height: 5’2”
Build: Petite
Occupation: Writer
Talent Sentient
Loyalty: Neutral
Played By: Thal

Psychological description

She is something of a cautious idealist; cautious because she is aware of humanity’s frailties, and idealist because she chooses to remain hopeful anyway. Curious by nature, and fearless in its pursuit. Her gifts lend her an empathic quality; she is uncannily perceptive of those around her, yet often too quick to trust. She likes to use touch to amplify her reading, but unexpected touch can still be overwhelming. In guilty compensation for her abilities, she’s usually quick to show emotion, and has a tendency to wear her heart of her sleeve. She adores the open road, and loves to drive for its own sake.

Physical description

Asha stands 5’2”, is of slim build and soft-featured. Wavy black hair, worn long, with liquid dark doe-eyes.


Ashavari had a nomadic upbringing in the care of a man she now suspects to be Atharim, but at the time called her uncle. Most of her childhood and early adolescence was spent travelling DIII, struggling to cope with and understand her empathic abilities. During this time she began to write of her experiences and travels, publishing them on a blog. Much of her writings centred on the supernatural. At eighteen Asha found herself alone in the world for the first time in her life. She chose to journey to Moscow because it is touted as the epicentre of the supernatural world, and ended up stranded there when her car and all her belongings were stolen.

Luck placed in the path of Nox Durante, who arranged for her to stay with Aria Piccolo – a fellow Sentient who was finally able to explain her abilities. She currently lives in Aria’s studio apartment alone.

RP History

:PPC :Sentient



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