Basic Stats

Age: 25
D.O.B: May 22nd, 2021
Origin: DVII, England
Current Location: Moscow
Height: 5’2”
Occupation: Freelance Artist
Reborn God: Lethe
Power Potential: 19
Talent: Dreamwalking/Dreaming
Alignment: True Neutral
Loyalty: Neutral
Played By: Thal

Freelance artist living in Moscow. Until recently she was oblivious of her channeling abilities, and had buried all memories of it — just as she tends to bury the other anomalies in her life. Likewise she is unaware of dreaming or dreamwalking, though effects from both creep into her artwork. Some pieces are prophetic.

Her dream self is an amalgamation of all her previous lives, unable to recall specific memories of her current incarnation. Jon Little Bird gave her the name Nimeda, which is how she identifies herself when in the Dreamworld. She has a studio in Arbatskaya, the rent paid by an anonymous patron, and she lives in Bazhenov Square, an apartment complex near Filevsky Park. Thalia’s art mixes stylised art nouveau with classical style realism.

Psychological description

Most would view Thalia as a friendly eccentric. She’s sensory, compelled by beauty and typically indulgent to her own whims. Intuition forms a greater part of her rationale, not that she’s incapable of logical thought so much as she’s learnt the value of trusting her instincts. For the most part she’s laid-back and adapts easily; quite content to watch things unfold naturally and to be swept alongside for the ride.

There are times when cracks mar the surface of the Thalia she recognises as herself; when it feels like a great big thumb presses down on her mind, and the pressure of it is crushing. In these moods she’s either unfathomably distant or grievously short-tempered, hardly like herself at all. Usually it’s the prelude to a project, to clear her head.

Even in her best moods it isn’t unusual for Thalia to spend great gaping breaches of time alone, lost in work or study, though she’s not a loner by nature. Her haunts are as varied as her fleeting interests, and she isn’t especially selective of her company – depending on the whim of the day. Her obsessions sometimes include people, though she tends to form no lasting attachments. It’s a big city, after all.

Physical description

Brown hair worn long to the waist, wavy and haloed with frizz. Porcelain pale and on the delicate side of plain. Naturally expressive with wide grey eyes. Fond of jewellery – fond of anything beautiful, really – though she tends to dress simply. A mural of tattoos decorate her back, the main feature of which is a woman in the art nouveau style, surrounded by poppies.

The palm of her right hand bears the following brand, an injury sustained in Luck (almost):


Her mother often declares she was born facing backwards; that she’s more concerned with antiquity than the brightness of the future. Such an odd child. Thalia remembers those words like a punctuation mark throughout her childhood, but with amusement rather than dismay. In her youth she adored drawing and reading, daydreaming and idling; queen of childhood castles and purveyor of fantastical stories. Her parents did not discourage her, exactly, but they did try to impress upon her the importance of education, of hard work, and of success. It wasn’t until years later that Thalia understood why they had been concerned. It isn’t something she admits to herself these days.

By the time she reached school, her interests grew to encompass both literature and history, which were academic enough subjects to satisfy her parents. Plus, she discovered buying her nose in a textbook left her less likely be disturbed than if she was found drawing. She did not grow out of it, exactly, so much as she learnt to slide herself within the ideals of her parents expectations. Study first, idle later. She kept reams of sketchbooks, but by the time she entered adolescence had stopped trying to garner approval for her scribblings anyway. Truthfully she was not interested in the attention – she did not do it to please an audience; it was a compulsion, an obsession. A necessity.

At university, much to her parents’ concealed disappointment, she chose to study history. It was something of a compromise, since she didn’t actually want to study for a degree at all. By then her sister Aylin was studying to become a psychiatrist at Moscow State, so it was natural for Thalia to fly the nest in that direction. But, despite a sometimes sharp mind, Thalia lacked the discipline to excel in academia. When months later she got sick, she never returned to her studies.

The majority of her sold work consists of paintings, though she still keeps piles of sketchbooks and sometimes does portrait commissions. She specialises in realism, at least in style. Plenty of her work features the abstract and fantastical, and much of it has an ethereal quality that has become her signature.

Notable Pieces

  • Her first major sale was the portrait of a woman surrounded by the ethereal glow of sunrise; except, in Thalia’s mind, it was not the sun at all, but the woman. It sold for a large amount and kick started Thalia’s career.
  • A neo-classical style portrait skewed with fantastical embellishments; the woman, her chin tilted defiantly, has burnished gold eyes and flowers for hair. It was a parting gift for the proprietor of Artskaf (and Thalia’s old boss) and is the only piece displayed not labelled for sale.

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