Basic Stats

Name: Philip Patrick Sullivan
Age: ~46
Origin: United States
Talent: Unconfirmed Dreamer
Loyalty: Catholic Church
Occupation: Pope
Played By: Asc

The Bishop of Rome, Vicar of Jesus Christ, Successor of the Prince of the Apostles, Supreme Pontiff of the Universal Church, Primate of Italy, Archbishop and Metropolitan of the Roman Province, Sovereign of the State of Vatican City, Servant of the Servants of God, Patricus I.


A handsome man, with etched cheekbones, gray-flecked hair, pretty blue eyes, and a soft, round mouth. He is fully aware of his attractive appearance and often scorns others for pointing it out. 

He’s slender and although engages only in aerobic exercise, he eats quite sparse. He’s 5’10” and about 155lbs.

He’s a finicky and precise dresser, wanting only the best papal accoutrement history has to offer. He wears a beautifully tailored white cassock and short cape so recognizable of his office.The pectoral cross that is always pressed to his chest has a diamond encrusted at the center. Unlike other pope’s in recent history, he has taken to adorning himself in rich attire of medieval tradition, including velvet red shoes, antique rings of the fisherman, and ornate mantums.


He is irritable and vindictive. Philip has always had a prodigious memory. He will crack jokes, but typically only when the subject is an extremely offensive topic with the sole purpose of arousing shock from others. People treat him as though he is second only to God, something he himself believes fully, placing himself on equal footing with Christ himself.


Philip began acquiring college credits when he was a freshman in high school such that by the time he graduated at 17, he was over half-way done with completing his Bachelors. The pre-seminary degree was required studies in Philosophy and set him on the career in the priesthood.

He completed major seminary (a Masters degree) at 24 years of age, making him eligible to be ordained at 25, the minimum age for Priesthood. He always knew he would enter service in the church, even as a child.

He was appointed Bishop of the diocese of Baltimore at 35, also a minimum eligible age. Surprisingly, he was elected as pope when he was barely 40 years old. This was an unprecedented age and he was cleanly the youngest pope in modern history by 20 years.

His chosen Papal name is quite significant: Patricus I. Given that the first pope is identified as the Apostle Peter, and every subsequent pope is his heir, none have replicated the apostle’s name. Often the new pontiff’s choice of name upon being elected to the papacy is seen as a signal to the world of whom the new pope will emulate, what policies he will seek to enact, or even the length of his reign. Since Saint Peter was the first Pope; no Pope of Rome has chosen the name of Peter, Petrus, or even Patricus as a derivative. When asked, Philip alludes to the example of Saint Patrick rather than aligning himself as Peter II. Saint Patrick was said to have visions from God, one of which led to his freedom after being held captive by pirates for many years. Saint Patrick was a pious man with complete and utter faith in God. He feared nothing – not even death. Otherwise dismissed prophecy states that Pope Peter II, Peter the Roman, would be the last pope before the destruction of Rome and the church.

Vatican personnel

Cardinal Secretary of State (to be named) is the chief curial official and presides over the Secretariat. He is second in authority to the Pope. If all the Pope’s closest collaborators comprise the Roman Curia, then the Secretariat of State is the center of that circle.

Archbishop Jean-Guy Cheney, Second Section of the offices of the Secretariat of State primarily deals with the Holy See’s relationships with foreign governments. In his domain are diplomatic relations, political matters, and contacts with international organizations, particularly delicate situations that require negotiations with civil authorities. He is described as an overweight, balding Frenchman with a large mole on his face.

RP History



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