Played by: Thal


  • Somnium
  • Mara
  • Luck (almost)
  • Wanderlust

Aylin Milton is Thalia‘s sister, also living in Moscow. She works in the psychiatric unit of the Guardian, and is something of a touchstone for Thalia. The two are very close.

Whereas Thalia is flighty and disorganised, Aylin is neat and practical. She has a soft demeanour, sensitive to the needs of her patients – and occasionally toeing the line of becoming too invested. Her work encompasses her life. Boyfriends come and go. She lives not far away from the Guardian complex, with her fat black cat, Beans.

Desc: The sibling resemblance is obvious. Aylin’s brown hair is worn short in a tidy bob, and her eyes are large and grey in a delicate face. She wears minimal make-up, and is usually dressed smartly. She favours neutral colours. Is of slender build, standing 5’4”. Born 2017 (currently 29)



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