Basic Stats

Age: 30
Origin: Bacelona, Spain, DVII
Current Location: Moscow
Height: 175cm
Weight: 59kg
Occupation: Freelance Photographer – national geographic quality – specializes in real animal snapshots – best known for her wolf culture photos
Talent: Wolfkin
Played By: Aria

Psychological description

Sierra prefers to be with the animals, but she’s fully capable of having a human to human interaction. She is highly creative and can see things that most other people cannot in terms of her photography, she understands the animals and you can see it in her work. Family is very important to Sierra, but sometimes the wolves blur that line and are more important.

Physical description

Sierra has long brown hair, 175 cm tall, weight approximately 59kg. (5’9″, 131lbs), her eyes have turned the classic golden color of her brethren, they were once naturally a light brown, she hides the color of her eyes with a dark brown colored contact lenses. Sierra tends to wear whatever is needed for the environment she’s in. She prefers simple yet flattering clothes, even while in the middle of the woods with a group of wolves. She tends to wear neutral colors. She has one scar on her left leg from a time her brother bit her after his mental faculties left him.


Sierra was born the oldest twin of Angelica and Esteban Lupita in Barcelona Spain. Life before 2020 had been drastically different for the Luptia family. Sierra didn’t remember it, not much. She vaguely remembered the bedroom she had, the pink butterflies floating around the ceiling on strings, the mural on the wall of flowers and their winged friends. Her brother’s room was decked out in trains. All sorts of cute and humanized vehicles scattered across the floor.
But her memories where just that, they were almost dream like. Her room in the compound was a cement wall with doodles in charcoal. You could tell her earliest drawings from those of her teenage years. The thin lights of lanterns were scattered through out the compound. They had lived in the bunker since the world broke out in turmoil. What electricity they had was from the generator Esteban had pulled through the mountains. It didn’t run off of a traditional fuel, it was something special her father had concocted. Sierra didn’t understand, didn’t really care.
Sierra and Aaron had heard the terror of the natural disasters since they could remember, the tell-tell tales of the worlds end was coming and the Lupita family was going to ride it out.
Thankfully Angelica was a teacher and the children were allowed an education. Sierra’s favorite from nearly the moment her mother handed her an Art history book was photography. For her 13th birthday her mother and father sold enough trinkets at market to buy her a camera. It wasn’t much but she loved it.
When she was 17 things started to get weird. Her and Aaron would be out in the woods playing hide n seek, and voices would appear in her head. Not voices so much as pictures that spoke to her. Aaron confided in her that he too was hearing the same thing.
Sierra started taking photos with the camera her mother had given her, and sold them at market. The few times they went, Sierra found people were buying her photos because of their nature. She didn’t know it at the time, but they were being put into magazines for minor publications. It wasn’t until she found a national geographic magazine sitting thrown away on the side of the market stall, that Sierra realized that she could do that. Take those pictures.
Sierra spent the next three years in the woods taking pictures of things, and earning enough money to buy a high class camera. And then the money started rolling in, she even got the nerve up to send a few to National Geographic, she didn’t hear anything back, but she kept trying.
At the age of 20 something extraordinary happened. Sierra actually spoke to a wolf, it was left for dead by some hunters who had killed the mother. Sierra had waited until she was sure the pack wasn’t going to come for it before she nursed it back to health. They spoke mind to mind. And in doing so she learned about what she was and what been happening to her. Wolves were apparently granted a good portion of hereditary knowledge, that and they communicated with each other telepathically. He was her constant companion, Drifting Snow. The imagery present in his name was beautiful, she understood the concept, she called him Snow.
It wasn’t until a year later that Sierra started watching the wolves more closely, taking pictures of them in action. She became one of them. Her brother, fell into with them, but his direction went south fast. He became more wolf like the more he had contact with the wolves. He lost his humanity. His parents were worried about him, so they tried to catch him, but he bit Sierra in their attempt to catch him.
Their father had found a specialist in town when they were at market. The man was traveling from Moscow, looking for weird things. He was subtle in his questions he seemed liked a good man, but he caught and killed Aaron in cold blood. And he tried to kill Sierra and her friends. The wolves helped protect Sierra, but her family didn’t survive the attack. He was fearsome but the only thing Sierra remembered was the snake tattoo on his left arm.
Sierra moved on, but the day always bothered her. The pictures of the wolf pack she’d taken she sold to National Geographic for a tidy sum. It was her first 15 minutes of fame, she hoped for more.
A few years later, in 2045, Sierra went to Moscow looking for answers. With her long time companion along as a so-called pet, she found herself in a city for the first time in a very long time with a large snow white wolf at her side.



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