Human Wolf Pack

Calvin Johnson – Sierra doesn’t particularly like Calvin as he caused the death of her wolf friend Snow

Elyse Andersen – A kindred soul with whom she started a romantic relationship with only to leave shortly thereafter to go photograph wolves in Norway.

Marta – A child wolfkin with whom her and Elyse met

Tristan Úlfarsson – A man she met in Norway. She is currently guiding him through his quest to becoming a wolf brother. They’ve shared an intimate encounter in the dream but it has not progressed beyond that in the real world despite their close relationship.

Wolf Companions

Snow – a snow white wolf she found as a cub and raised until his death at the hands of poachers. Sierra vowed to find the poachers and enact justice upon them. (Full name: Drifting Snow)

Never – a newly acquired pup who was eager to accompany Long Eye into the human world (Full name: Never Give up against All Odds)

Instead Chase sent the runt of the litter with Sierra. He was small but feisty and his name was pretty much an image of him pressing forward against a tree that was immovable but it didn’t stop him from trying. It was meant as a joke amongst the other wolves but Sierra saw it as Never Give up against All Odds. And that’s why she called him Never.

New Challenges

Basic Stats

Age: 30
Origin: Bacelona, Spain, DVII
Current Location: Moscow
Height: 175cm
Weight: 59kg
Occupation: Freelance Photographer – national geographic quality – specializes in real animal snapshots – best known for her wolf culture photos
Wolf Name: Long Eye
Talent: Wolfkin
Played By: Nox



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